Where are Skechers Made?

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Skechers headquarters are located in Manhattan Beach in California. The company was established in 1992. Skechers are made in factories most of which are found in Vietnam and China. Much as Skechers is an American company, there is no Skecher factory in the United States.

The shoes sold by the company in the United States are outsourced from factories in countries outside the U.S mainly China and Vietnam.

From its origin in California, Skechers has grown to take over market all over the world.

Skecher shoes are shipped and exported to almost every country in the world.


The Rise of a Brand

The Skecher brand has over the past few years grown at a rate faster than many athletic shoe brands in the U.S.

Within the period of thirty years that the company has been in existence, it has grown to attain a large market share in both America and countries all over the world to which Skechers are exported.


Skecher shoes are popular for their athletic and classy qualities that make them a must-have for runners and fashionistas.

You can run in an athletic pair of Sketchers and the next day wear it to a party, of course after washing it.


The More, the Merrier

Skechers offers a wide range of shoes. Skechers has a version of almost all the shoe types available on market.

This has given it competitive edge in the shoe industry making it one of the top brands.

Skechers are sold in most shoe outlets all over America because they are in high demand. The diversity the brand offers has made its shoes a common occurrence on as many occasions as the shoe types in the collection.

The tone of style associated with Skecher shoes has made the brand popular with teens and youths.

The athletic Skecher gives one a prestigious feeling of one being sporty and/or trendy (even when they’re not, giggles.)


The Crocs-Nike Hybrid.

A devoted Skecher lover’s description of his experience in Skecher shoes is that they feel like a combination of comfy Crocs and athletic Nikes.

I’ll leave you to try out Skechers on your own so you can test the validity of this statement. Nonetheless, all those that have tried out Skechers cannot deny the comfort in the shoes. Original Skechers are durable because they are made with tough material.


However, if you happen to land on a duplicate Skecher, you may be forced to discard it with tomorrow’s trash when the shoe develops tensional forces that cause it to break apart like how the current continents separated.

A great tip when you’re buying Skechers is to make sure that you’re buying from a trusted outlet. The price in most cases correlates with durability.

Skechers can go for as high as 100 dollars as more. Therefore if someone is selling you Skechers for 2 dollars, you can be sure to smell something fishy.


Be Critical Enough Not to Settle For What is Not.

It is not uncommon to find phantom brands that try to mimic the main brand.

If you don’t take enough care when you’re buying Skechers, you may get something close, but not them. The Skechers logo is present on every shoe made by Skechers.

You will have to make sure that the shoes being sold to you have the right spelling.

There is a brand called 8kcehcrs which produces similar shoes. The design of the athletic shoe and art in the logo is similar to those of Skechers.

Therefore you need to be careful not to mistake the two brands. Maybe you want to buy 8kcehcrs. Be critical enough so that you are not given Skechers instead.

The advantage of buying from a trusted outlet is that however much you may be in a hurry, you will always be given the particular product you have asked for.


From Astronomy to Shoes: The Adoption Of a Technology.

Skechers shoes for walking and running made are with memory foam technology in the midsoles.

Memory foam is a material sensitive to both pressure and temperature. The aim of this sensitivity is to allow remolding of the material with respect to pressure and temperature for increased comfort when you’re walking and running in the shoes.

The memory foam in the midsoles remoulds itself depending on your foot’s pressure and temperature to keep you comfortable and when the two are removed, the memory foam structure reverts back to its original shape.

Over time, the structure of this material adapts to keep in shape with your foot shape and orientation while walking and/or running.

This is where the ‘memory’ connotation comes from in the term.


The Chemistry Behind the Comfort.

As you walk in the shoes, the form of the shoe ensures that your foot is kept comfortable. Skechers are high-performance shoes with the hyper burst midsole.

The material that is used in making the midsole is called EVA or foam rubber. The acronym EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate.

The EVA foam structure is highly cross-linked which gives it rigidity and toughness and the copolymers that make up the structure form a uniform cell structure.

This highly tough material would be expected to ultimately form a heavy structure that would compromise mobility.

However, this is bypassed in a way that instead of being chemically blown on, the EVA foam is mechanically blown on the midsole.

This process yields a lightweight structure that is both strong due to the many cross linkages between the polymers and light due to the spaces in the structure.

The EVA form structure is built on memory foam technology. This technology was first developed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to produce material for cushioning in astronomic crafts.

Skechers adapted this technology to the manufacturing of extremely comfortable shoes with mechanical strength. If the technology could work among the stars, then definitely it can work in shoes.


The Wide Collection Designed for Your Selection

Skechers has an array of shoe varieties. The technology employed in making these shoes aims at ensuring comfort.

A new release is Skechers slip ins which you can put on ‘hands-free’. You don’t need to bend down and use your hands to put your foot inside the shoe.

The closed shoe itself is shaped in a way that your foot can easily and comfortably slip in without you needing to use your hands to aid in putting on the shoe.

The Skechers Massage fit shoe is another type which is designed to massage your foot with every walk.

This shoe is a great choice when you have a mild foot injury that requires massaging of the foot. Considerate efforts are invested into product development by Skechers Company so as to develop shoes for specific purposes, while releasing novel inventions.

The dual-density Hyper Burst cushioning with the firmer wave section in the middle of the outsole delivers a comfortable foot massage experience.

The Skechers collection includes but is not limited to sports shoes. There is a variety of other shoes in the collection like Modern Comfort, Athletic Sneakers, Casual Sneakers, Boots, Sandals Flats and many more.

The Sketch-Air Extreme V.2 is a stylish shoe with characteristic enduring leather and a textile that allows air to pass through.

The shoe is made with a waterproof grease and stain-resistant finish which gives it a water-resistant property.

The midsole is made with lightweight and shock-absorbing foam which facilitates mobility while ensuring a high level of comfort during walking and running.

The airbag at the heel provides cushion during walking so that your foot is kept comfortable and safeguarded from injury.

The heel of the shoe has rubber on it which provides protection to the shoe from wear.

The roundness of the heel helps you make a steady stride and the textured rubber on the outsole ensures stability while walking and running.


A Shoe Pair For Everyone

Skechers are an amazing collection. They come in all forms, sizes and colours. The brand is versatile and aims at creating shoes of all occasions, while continuously creating shoe technology that offers comfort and is at the same time classic.

The Skechers brand has shoes for men, women, girls and boys. Various shoe types in the Skecher collection are both cross-generational and can be worn by either sex.

Fundamentally, the Skecher shoe brand produces sports shoes that offer both comfort and class.

If you have never seen a classy sports shoe, you should check out one from Skechers. Skecher shoes are not limited to hiking and running on the sports field or jogging around.

Fashion trends have changed over the years. Gone are the days when wearing sports shoes in public would be frowned upon and attract giggles.

Brands like Skechers have created shoes that you will be comfortable to wear on a date out with your ex-girlfriend or whoever it is.

Skechers can be worn to parties with friends or to almost anywhere. There are shoes in the collection that you can wear to office, too.

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