What is the Best PLR Membership Site?

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Want to jump right into the answer? Well PLR.me is the best PLR membership site on the internet right now.

More and more of the world is getting digitized every passing day.

Every sector you can think of is online,; from food, nutrition, all sorts of coaching, mental health, politics, literature, history, sports, gardening, economics and so many more down to the smallest subsection or category there is.

However, being online requires one to be creative, innovative and authentic in order to produce great content to avail to its audience and attract clients; a way of marketing.

PLR is one of the easiest, affordable and available marketing tools that have made it easier for people and organizations to package their content in alluring ways that will draw their audience in and make more sales of their products and services.

PLR stands for PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS. Private label rights is a license obtained from an author who sells most or all of their intellectual property rights to their works.

These works might include; software, articles, educational courses, audios, videos, ebooks, graphics, magazines, podcasts, emails, webinars, life events etc.

Pretty much anything that will make your content creation a whole load easier, giving you a sort of template to then tailor/personalize to your interests/values/products/services etc, to make that complete product your own.

Also, some companies will get the PLRs, alter them and then resell them (depending on the terms on which they were acquired, they will either resell the PLR exclusively or non-exclusively, retaining the rights).

PLR might sometimes take on different other names like White Label Content, Brandable or Re-brandable, Done-for-you, Ready-to-go, Ready-to-publish, Non-Exclusive Licensed, to mention but a few.

PLR are sold on sites and one can be a member to a PLR site to obtain great deals of different PLR content/products.

PLR membership sites are the authors that are selling licenses to allow the buyer use the available products as their own to the extent that the license permits, though most times the buyer is given all rights to do with the product as one pleases.

Except for a few PLR that might have some limitations listed in their terms, hence the need to thoroughly read and understand the terms before purchasing a PLR.

Using PLR has ups and downs that might come with using them and we will briefly look at them below:


The UPS:

1. PLRs will help you SAVE TIME.

The products sold to you will only require you to customize them to your brand or style or business and you wouldn’t have to start from scratch.


2. PLRs will also help you SAVE MONEY.

Alternatively, you would have to hire a writer to do the content writing for you or another expert to do some particular work for you.

However, with PLRs, you only need to customize for yourself the products (articles or videos or blogs or graphics) to fit your brand for a few dimes, saving you the higher payment for a writer or so, making it cost efficient.


3. PLRs also allow you to CUSTOMIZE your product to fit your brand and add value to the same content many other companies that purchased the same PLR might have, too.

It is vital to Customize/tailor the product to your brand/personality/ style and PLRs have room for you to do so.


4. PLRs can be used to EXTRACT IDEAS for blogging or content marketing especially for businesses that might not have the expert knowledge of certain aspects of their work.


5. PLRs give you OWNERSHIP/AUTHORSHIP to the content you customize.

The rights give you permission to edit and sell or give freely as your own.

However, some PLRs might have some restrictions as hinted on earlier.

Be sure to read into the details to avoid mishaps.



Since the product is already filled with content, all you have to do is tailor it to your brand/personality and it will be a great supplement to the content you already had as a business, giving it a fuller and more informed look and value.




1. PLR content is feared to be DUPLICATED since it is sold to hundreds and thousands of people/companies.

PLR websites do not have a limit on how many sales can be made of a given product, not will they keep count and make it available for buyers to see.

So, unless one puts so much time in alternating/editing the content in the products, ones posts or content is bound to come off as not so creative and catchy and eventually few clients or audience.


2. PLR content is made to allow editing or changing, the CONTENT MIGHT NOT CARRY SO MUCH VALUE.

Others might even say it is vague. Therefore, one must do a lot of altering of information/content which ultimately takes a lot of time and requires great creativity, which might keep you wondering if it would have been a better idea to hire a writer in the first place.



Plagiarism is defined as stealing and passing off content or ideas that belong to someone else as your own, without crediting that person.

Should you get PLR from uncredited websites, you stand a chance of getting plagiarized content which could get you into legal trouble or you might have to put down that information from your website when found out.

So, it is of the essence that you get PLR from credible websites.


4. Some PLR MIGHT HAVE CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS on how it can be put to use.

Say, some PLR will allow you to resell the content but not the rights.

Again, one ought to be keen when reading the terms.

Ultimately, Private Label Rights Content is best used as a “resource” rather than a ‘source”, meaning that users should revise/edit/alter and improve existing private label content before distributing it as their own brand/style.

Often there is confusion between PLRs and Ghost-writing, Resell Rights, and Master Reseller Rights.

The table below is going to highlight the differences so that you can tell what kind of license you are looking into getting so that you have a clear understanding.


Factors/License PLR Ghost writing Resell rights Master resell rights
Cost Affordable Expensive Affordable Affordable
Copyright ownership -You can sell resell rights to someone else

-You can claim authorship

-You CANNOT claim copyright/ownership

-Depends on your terms with the writer but ideally, you should own the copyright -You cannot claim copyright but you can only have permission to sell product to the end user to make a profit but cannot sell the rights to the buyer to resell product as well.

-You cannot claim authorship

-You cannot claim copyright but you can sell the resell rights to the buyer allowing them to sell the product too to the end user.

-You cannot claim authorship

Customization -You can customize Everything except for if your seller restricts you on something in the terms. -Every piece of information is taken from your style/personality/ brand of the business. -Cannot be altered/edited or customized at all. Must be resold as initially bought and sometimes there is a price restriction too. -Cannot be altered/edited or customized at all. Must be resold as initially bought and sometimes there is a price restriction too.



Even though, generally, PLR gives you autonomy to do with the product as you please, some PLR will have some limitations as to what you can and cannot do with the product.

This should be indicated in the terms at purchase. I cannot stress this enough, be keen when reading through these terms so that you are aware of your freedoms and limitations.

It is not enough to read through the terms.

When you have decided to use PLR content, there is some more you can do to lessen the risks of using that content;

1. Do a plagiarism check.

There are many plagiarism checkers online that you can choose from.

Not every PLR site is out there to help you get creative content that will be a great supplement to your own content.

Doing a check will give you perspective of how much alteration you probably need to do on the PLR content you have.


2. Look at PLR content as resources, not ultimate content for your product.

Let it give you ideas or stretch your ideas or give you a template, a visual of what your product content should flow like.

Let it be the starting point and then, add more personalized information to that to make it exceptionally yours.


3. Only buy your PLR content from Credible PLR websites/sellers.

Research on the website/seller, then make an informed decision based on quality of works they have available and also consider the available testimonials in regards to the PLR website/seller.


What is the Best PLR Membership Site?

That said, below are the top three PLRs recommended for great quality content /products as per various testimonies in the recent past of businesses and individuals that have brought tremendous traffic to their websites and social media platforms and have ultimately made plenty profits for them and great reviews;

  1. PLR.me
  2. PLR database
  3. IDPLR.com


Now I personally vouch for PLR.me as the best PLR membership site since I always purchase all my PLR products from them.

Their products are of high quality and they have a great support team in place to help you out with any issues.

You can see my review of PLR.me here.

PLR Database is also a great PLR site for anyone looking for quality PLR products.

I have however only purchased from them twice and based on my experience the PLR products I bought were of high quality and I can say I got value for my money.

IDPLR is also one of the best PLR sites you can find online.

I wrote a review of IDPLR that you can read here.

I have however stopped buying from them recently since their products are continually deteriorating in quality.

I recently bought an eBook from them that I intended to use for building my email list and once analysed its contents it was a total waste of my money.

The eBook had typos all over and I literally had to redo the entire eBook to make it usable.

Now my experience hasn’t always been this way when using IDPLR but of late this seems to be the trend so I have decided to do all my PLR product shopping on either PLR.me or PLR Database.

I now do all my PLR product shopping from PLR.me and only opt for PLR Database once I fail to find what am looking for at PLR.me.

That being said, I would still opt for IDPLR instead of buying from any other PLR site that is not among the 3 I have mentioned above.

PLR products are a great source for content for your products online, especially if you are just starting out. There is also a lot of risk involved.

PLRs shouldn’t be looked at as the lazy route, they should be seen as a great starter, a booster.

Once you have the PLR content, fill it with as much of your brand/style and as possible and it will be a great supplement to your product.

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