WebSpaceKit Review – Is It The Best Web Hosting Service In India

Looking for an honest WebSpaceKit review? Wondering whether it is the best hosting service for your online business?

Finding a web host for your website is not easy. You would have to consider a lot of factors that could potentially make or break your website.

In some cases, you can find that a lot of companies are offering you services at tempting prices.

I faced this challenge on numerous occasions. If you have tried looking for a hosting service for your website, then you know how hard it is to trust someone with your information.

Sometime back, I came across a YouTube channel called Website learners.

This channel helped me when it came to looking for a website hosting service.

As an ardent blogger, I had a website that was hosted on WordPress.

They usually give you a free website if you are a new member.

As the website grew, I started looking into possible web hosting services.

Amidst all the discounts and lower starter plans, I looked to my guide in “Website learners” to find out the best kind of hosting service for me.

The channel provided me with an in depth insight into web hosting and all its various forms.

I came to the conclusion that managed WordPress hosting would do for me since I was interested in starting up another blog.

Around the same time, the website learners’ people had started selling web hosting services.

The hosting service is called the WebSpaceKit which is aimed at offering web hosting services for WordPress sites.


In this article, we shall go through everything related to web hosting and the WebSpaceKit.


What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service offered by companies that run and maintain physical servers that all websites live on.

Websites are a collection of a lot of files that need to be stored somewhere.

This is where web hosting companies come in.

They build and maintain the physical infrastructure that keeps websites running.


How does Web Hosting work?

As I mentioned above, websites need a place that can store all necessary files essential for a website to run smoothly.

A web hosting company uses its physical infrastructure to connect internet users.

When a visitor runs a search for something on the internet using any search engine such as Google, the websites with the information most relevant to the search appear.

For this to happen, websites must have their files ready to be accessed by users any time a query is run.

When you purchase hosting services, you are getting access to much needed physical space for your website.

Since the industry benchmark is 99.9% uptime, it means that your website will always be functioning when your users need it to be.

You have to consider a few factors when choosing a web hosting service and they include;

  • Security
  • Uptime
  • Customer support
  • File storage
  • Bandwidth needed to run your websites.
  • Budget
  • Loading speeds
  • The type of web hosting package best suited to you.

All web hosting companies worth their salt have to ensure that you get these features for any web hosting plan you buy.

Since you are working online, it is important to get the best out of your web hosting company so that your customers will be satisfied with the smooth running of your website.

Mega PLR Mega Bundle
Mega PLR Mega Bundle

Types of Web Hosting

The web hosting plans offered by different companies vary depending on how they set up their business.

When you try to search for web hosting service providers online, a lot of names will come up.

It is important for you to realize that despite how good the plans that are offered to you, you must have an idea of the general types of web hosting plans available across all companies.

The ones we discuss below are the main types of web hosting services offered by web hosting platforms online.

1. Shared hosting

This is where you have a single server hosting multiple sites. This is the most common web hosting service out there.

This means that a company splits a single server’s resources such as storage and bandwidth to accommodate multiple websites.

This is good since the cost of renting a single server is shared and it is very suitable for most websites on the internet.


2. Dedicated hosting

This is where you have a single server hosting a single website.

This form of web hosting is expensive as you pay for the server’s resources alone.

It is most suitable for large websites with a lot of traffic and bandwidth needs.

Since you are alone on the server, you have the full power of the server on your side.


3. Reseller hosting

This is web hosting done by third parties. In some cases, you may do extensive research about the web hosting plans best suited for you and still end up with more server space you need.

You can just sell the extra server resources you do not need to another website owner thus third party hosting.

The price you charge really depends on what you need from the third party.


4. Virtual private server hosting (VPS)

This is web hosting where you get a partition of the server space without actually sharing the server resources with other users. This is different from shared hosting.

With shared hosting, you are greatly affected by what others do with their server space.

In this case, you are only concerned by what you use your space for.

There is no way that failures caused by other websites will affect you even as you share the same server.


5. Managed WordPress hosting

This is web hosting that is suited for WordPress websites.

It is the best option for you if you own single or multiple WordPress websites.

It fully supports plugins and other features specific to websites.

You have the opportunity to manage several websites using a custom made control panel.


6. Cloud hosting

This is one of the best options for any website. You have the opportunity to host your websites on a digital server.

This allows you to have unmetered bandwidth for your traffic and considerable storage space.

It does not have the limitations of physical storage space and scalability is easy to accomplish.


What is WebSpaceKit hosting?

WebSpaceKit hosting is a web hosting platform that was developed by Website Learners on YouTube for WordPress hosting services.

The platform is best suited for WordPress as it offers managed WordPress hosting services to website owners.


How does WebSpaceKit hosting work?

The platform allows users to host their websites using the  .

They have a YouTube channel called Website Learners with a full video tutorial on how to set up a WordPress website using their kit.

In the video, you get to setup a website using WordPress in two parts.

The first part covers launching of a website. Here, you have to first choose a name for your website.

When you go to their official website, you will be shown a dialogue box in which to type a name of your choice.

If the name is available, then you have to get the domain name and hosting.

You have to purchase the domain name and hosting for your website basing on the plans available on the platform.

You can pay for the plans you use with the help of PayPal, credit cards and debit cards.

The video goes as far as explaining the details of designing your WordPress website to look professional after launching it.


What do you get when you subscribe?

Becoming a customer of this platform is good for you and your visitors.

The platform offers hosting services with;

  • Safe and secure-trust and security
  • Professional email
  • Instant migration
  • Automatic updates
  • Instant WordPress launch
  • Daily backups
  • Fast load times


All of the web hosting plans included on the platform have the following features:

  • SEO advantage
  • Live chat support that is available between 9am and 6pm
  • Scalability
  • SSL certificates
  • A domain manager
  • Resource protection


How much is web hosting with WebSpaceKit?

To understand the pricing of WebSpaceKit, you must first know about their plans.

Each plan has a unique set of features available to potential users.

webspacekit pricing

There are four web hosting plans at the moment which include;

1. Starter plan

This is the first plan offered on this platform.

It is the most basic plan for users on this platform and it is more suited towards small WordPress personal blogs.

The plan costs $5 per month. Here, you get the following features;

  • I WordPress site
  • 10,000 visits
  • 5GB disk space
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Free domain


2. Pro plan

This is the second plan offered on the WebSpaceKit platform.

The plan costs $8 per month. Here, you get the following;

  • 3 WordPress sites
  • 25,000 visits
  • 15GB disk space
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free domain


3. Business plan.

Business plan currently costs $13 per month. Here, you get access to the following features:

  • 5 WordPress sites
  • 50,000 visits
  • 30GB disk space
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free domain


4. Geek plan

This is the last web hosting plan available on this platform.

You have to pay $24 per month to get access to his platform.

When you subscribe, you get the following features;

  • 10 WordPress sites
  • 100,000 visits
  • 60GB disk space
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free domain


Is WebSpaceKit hosting available worldwide?

As I write this article, you can only find reviews from customers located in India and Singapore.

The company has servers located in these two countries so the reviews are expected.

This means that you have to be in these two areas to get the best out of WebSpaceKit.

Traditionally, servers should be in or around areas that websites should run in.

This makes it a bit easy for the websites to load the information as soon as it is needed by a visitor.

At the moment, the company only has two servers located in Singapore and India.

So this is the best platform you can use if you are in India and Singapore.

View WebSpaceKit Plans


What I like about the WebSpaceKit platform?

WebSpaceKit has a lot of things that put it above all its competitors.

You can expect the best out of them with reference to their web hosting services.

However, these are some of the things that set it completely above its competitors.

1. 30-day money back guarantee.

Most web hosting companies are trying to give their customers a trial run with their products.

In this case, you have a guarantee to get your money back in case you do not appreciate the services offered by WebSpaceKit.

This move should give you confidence in what they are offering to site owners. The 30 days can be your trial period.


2. Best customer support.

They have a dedicated customer friendly support team to answer your queries.

They have a frequently asked questions section on their website to offer you with quick answers to common questions. You can interact with a customer care agent between 9am – 6pm.


3. Instant setup following purchases.

Most of WebSpaceKit users have had their websites setup as soon as the payments have been processed.

Unlike some web hosting companies where you have to wait, WebSpaceKit starts serving you as soon as possible.

All you have to do is go to through the plans offered so you can find one that is suitable to you. This makes web hosting on the platform seamless.


4. Free migration from another host.

When you are tired of using web hosting from another company, you can switch to WebSpaceKit as soon as you select a web hosting plan.

You do not incur the extra cost of migrating your website information from one web host to this one.

That service is offered to you freely once you become a paying customer.


5. Suitable for WordPress sites especially those that are in Singapore and India.

For any website, the best web hosting platform is one whose servers are in the area your website primarily operates.

For WebSpaceKit, the servers are located in Singapore and India.

This comes to serve website owners with the best web hosting services in the area.

If you are own a WordPress site in this area, this is the best web hosting plan for you.

They fully integrate WordPress plugins and templates to make your website look better for your visitors.


6. No surprise changes in the renewal price.

If you come across the prices on this platform, they may seem to be high when compared to other web hosting companies.

The thing is they try to find customers by offering discounts at the beginning for every one new.

You then have to pay the renewal price which is often higher compared to the discounted price.

Here, you are given an accurate reflection of the prices you should expect even at renewal.

You can budget well since the prices have been clear from the start.


7. User friendly control panel.

The company offers you a control panel to manage your WordPress website.

It is more commonly referred to as Managed WordPress.

This makes it easier for them to host over 10 websites for you since you have a control panel to manage them on your own for the best results.


8. Fast servers.

This is probably the most loved attribute of WebSpaceKit.

It has an average load time of 1.68 seconds.

webspacekit load times

This means that you get your information available to your website visitors in a moment’s notice.

This is good for you since your website can be accessed quickly and it plays a big role in reducing the click through rate on your website.


In addition to these pros, you get these features if you are a paying subscriber:

  • SEO advantage
  • Live chat support that is available between 9am and 6pm
  • Scalability
  • Free SSL certificates
  • A domain manager
  • Security features to protect your data
  • Control panel


Here are some reviews from their customers.

customer review 1customer review 1


customer review 2

What I do not like about the platform?

Not everything on the platform is all good.

There are a few things that users have suggested for improvement.

1. No discounts offered at the start.

This is probably just the way they price their services.

Other web hosting platforms offer discounts for new customers.

This lowers the starting price for you if you are a new user.

This may not be as urgent but it is an area in which they are losing.


2. There are changes in the renewal price of the starter plan.

When it comes to the renewal prices, there is an indication that the starter plan is subject to adjustments depending on what you want from the platform.

You just have to be clear about your web hosting requirements from the beginning.


3. Not good for websites located outside India and Singapore.

The server location matters a lot for websites. The closer you are to a web hosting server, the faster it is for your website to load for your visitors.

With just two servers, the platform is not ideal if you are located in the States or Africa.

Load time is significantly affected.

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Conclusion: WebSpaceKit Hosting Review

I recommend this platform for India and Singapore website owners.

It has great support for WordPress websites. The company makes it easy to integrate the WordPress plugins you need to support your website.

This means you do not have to worry about paying some more money for the platform to integrate your plugins.

It is also suitable for you if run a number of WordPress websites.

The company is good for Managed WordPress hosting with a customized control panel to manage all of them at once.




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