Who Owns Ahrefs?

who owns ahrefs

Ahrefs is owned by its founder and current chief executive officer (CEO) Dmitry Gerasimenko. According to the platform’s website, he authored the idea of Ahrefs as early as 2010. The website’s crawler processes over 8 billion pages a day. This is significantly higher than Google bot. Its headquarters are found in Marina One East Tower, … Read more

5 Tools That Will Help You in Your Blog Writing

blogging tools

Blog writing is a very lucrative venture when it comes to content marketing. It is a great tool for marketing owing to its long-term benefits and relatively low investment costs. However, precisely because of those reasons, it is very popular. This popularity has resulted in tense competition. This means that blog writers are always on … Read more

Kanye West Net Worth 2022

kanye west networth

Are you wondering what Kanye West’s net worth is? Well you are at the right place.   Kanye West Net Worth 2022 Kanye West has an estimated net worth of 6.6 billion US dollars. What is Kanye West’s net worth? Is Kanye West a billionaire? You’ll definitely have the right answer served to you after … Read more

60 Best YouTube Challenges And YouTube Challenge Ideas

Best YouTube Challenges And YouTube Challenge Ideas

YouTube challenges are a genre of videos where the players record themselves or with others, executing an action or a dare, mostly enacting a challenge that has been going viral. Most of these challenges however, can be dangerous in as much as they are fun to do. They range from a very passive challenge while … Read more

What Does The Green Arrow Mean On Snapchat?

What Does The Green Arrow Mean On Snapchat?

What does the green arrow mean on Snapchat?  Continue reading to find out. Snapchat is a photo, video, text, and drawing-based mobile messaging application. The app is free to download, and sending messages with it is also free. It has exploded in popularity in a short period of time, particularly among young people. Snapchat differs … Read more

What Does a Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube?

What Does a Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube

Are you wondering what a YouTube Highlighted Comment means? Well you are in the right place. As technology evolves, applications are continually upgraded to different and better versions. These normally come with new features that are aimed at making the app users’ experience better. Even so, some users tend to be left out when such … Read more

What Does Sent as Text Message Mean?

What Does Sent as Text Message Mean

According to the app monitoring firm, App Annie, the world is spending an average of 4.8 hours in a day, on their mobile phones. The same people literally spend a third of their waking time scrolling on phones. It, therefore, makes it safe to deduce that we can rely mobile phone communication and being able … Read more

How Many YouTube Views Do You Need To Make Money?

How Many YouTube Views Do You Need To Make Money

YouTube is ranked the world’s second most visited website with an estimate of two billion people using it on a monthly basis and this accounts for nearly a third of all the internet users. Considering the current industry standards, YouTubers can only make $1000 per half million views on their channels and this of course … Read more

Is WhatsApp Considered Social Media?

is whatsapp considered social media

So, what exactly is social media? What are its characteristics? Is WhatsApp considered social media? And is it addictive? Let’s find out. This article will explain the definition of social media and discuss its characteristics. So can WhatsApp be considered social media? The answer is  No, WhatsApp is not considered social media. We will also … Read more