3 Recommended Platforms for Generating Random Address

Are you looking for the best recommended platforms for generating random addresses? Well you are in luck since we have just what you are looking for.

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What is a random address generator? It is a tool that can be used to make a valid but fake address for another country or region.

There are many such tools online with various features available. Some only do the bare minimum and while others go above and beyond; going so far as to provide fake employment details as well.


Why do you Need to Use a Random Address?

There are some good reasons to use a random fake address. Let us assume you are a developer for a website. Your website provides some service that requires the correct address of your users.

For testing purposes, you can use a random address generator to make a valid but unreal address. You can feed this address into your site and you can check if the website is properly accepting correctly formatted valid addresses.


This is called form validation and this is where the random address generators come in handy.

Another really good reason would be ‘security’. With so many scams and hacks going on in the online world, users are rightfully afraid of using their real addresses to register anywhere.

With random addresses, you can sign up for whatever you want without fear of a scam.

However, this should not be done maliciously. Only if you are genuinely worried about using your actual address, should you resort to using a fake one. It should be remembered that using fake addresses in any official capacity is illegal…and it should be avoided.

Now that you know why a random address generator is useful, let us look into some great tools that generate random addresses.


3 Recommended Random Address Generators

1. Prepostseo.com

Prepostseo is more well known for its SEO tools such as its DA PA checker and plagiarism checker, but today we are checking out their random address generator.

image 1

This generator is very thorough. And I mean it when I say ‘thorough’. It starts innocently enough by asking you to choose a country.

image 2

There are a bunch of flags of various countries that you can choose from.

After selecting the country, just click the ‘Generate’ button.

image 3

The results will be shown to you in a few seconds, and there is a lot to unpack here. It will show you three categories: ‘Personal details’, ‘Internet details’, and ‘Employment details’.

Talk about over-delivering.

The personal details sections include:

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Gender.
  • Age.
  • Height.
  • Hair color.
  • Eye color.
  • Weight.
  • Birthday.
  • Complete address with zip code.

All of these are fake obviously, but they look legitimate. Moving on, in the information generated for internet details the email address, IP address, Mac address, and the details of the browser, Operating system in which you supposedly access the internet are given.

Going on to the next category we have ‘Employment details’ where we have the company name, company address, company phone number, your salary, position at the company, and a company email.

With information as thorough as this, testing/ form validation should go very smoothly.


  • Free, no account needed
  • Very thorough random information
  • 29 countries available


2. Cuteseotools.com

This is a website that offers many tools that can be used for SEO such as plagiarism checker, domain authority checker, article spinner etc.

One of these tools is a random address generator. It is quite a nifty tool and very easy to use.

image 4

To start the random address generation, you just have to choose a country from a list. The list shows both the country name and language spoken in that country side by side.

There are thirty countries to choose from. After you are done choosing, just click the ‘Generate’ button and the information will be created.

image 5

The fake information this site generates is the name of the individual, the phone number, the company name where they are employed, the street address, postcode, country, city name and credit card number.

This tool goes the extra mile by making the names of the individual, city, street address and company name in the native language of the country whose address was generated.


  • 30 countries
  • Native language used in names
  • No registration needed


3. Utilitiesonline.info

This is a website that offers tools related to some programming but it also offers a random address generator that can generate a random address. It is similar to the first platform in this list in how thorough the information it provides is.

The number of countries it can generate an address for is twenty-nine. The default option is the United States of America.

This tool provides a staggering amount of randomly generated information. The address details include not only the address, but also personal information about a fake person.

The name, age, height, weight, hair color and even something as obscure as eye color is given.

image 6

It provides the complete details of employment such as company name, salary, job title. In the internet field it provides information such as email, IP address and password.

It goes even farther and makes sure that the names of persons, cities, and companies are written in the native language of the chosen country instead of defaulting to English.

image 7

You can also refresh and change the information as many times as you want without having to refresh the webpage.


  • No registration needed
  • Fast results
  • Native language used for names



Random address generators can be used for a variety of different purposes. Contrary to what the name and nature of these tools might indicate, they are not only for sneaky and malicious purposes. You can also use them for some legitimate needs as well such as form validation.

They can also be used to protect your identity online and help you avoid scams. These tools can be used to great effect.

They are very thorough, providing a lot of great value for free. The information these tools generate looks legitimate and can be used for testing purposes or security purposes.

All three tools mentioned in the list above are excellent in their own regard. Prepostseo and Utilities-online.info are exceptionally good for detailed information whereas Cuteseotools.com is good for quick use.

I hope you found this blog post on the recommended platforms for generating random address helpful.

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