Review 2022 – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Are you thinking of purchasing PLR products from but can’t seem to find a honest and comprehensive review online? Is worth it?

Well you have come to the right place since this is not one of those ordinary reviews online.

In this honest review of you are going to learn everything there is to know about the PLR website before you purchase any of their PLR products.

PLR products are becoming the go-to products for content creators these days.

I personally had objected to the aspect of buying plagiarized work from other users.

So I stubbornly refused to use work that was not created by me.



However, after some time I came to realize the usefulness of these products.

The big issue still remained originality.

As I looked for ways to get my hands on quality content, I came across a well presented site.

The website had a modern look and the functionality seemed okay.



The first product I looked at was good. It gave me the feeling that there was a PLR platform that focused more on the quality other than the quantity of work they had.

I did not understand a lot of things on the site at first, but now is the platform I use for PLR products.

First, I would like to give you an insight into PLR products in general, how they work, their pros and cons.


What’s PLR and how does it work?  A detailed analysis.

PLR stands for private label rights. In the world of online business, this is a common term.

Most ecommerce stores have used some of these products to improve on their websites and also generate unique products that can be altered to fit the unique attributes of your own products.

Private label rights, commonly known as PLR, involves purchasing the rights to use something that’s already been created and can be used as is, but to have the option to dress it up as your very own and package it in a way that makes sense for your audience or customer.

It extends to eBooks and articles. You can obtain PLR licenses for articles, eBooks, software, video, audio, and graphics. Or you can buy PLR eBooks, rewrite them, and sell them to make extra money.



Private label rights (PLR) help you save time in creating content by buying rights so that you can modify and in most cases claim ownership of materials.

They allow, and indeed require, the buyer to take a generic piece of content and customize it, at which point the buyer has all the rights to it and can use it however they please.

PLR is a subcategory of master resell rights (MRR). Master resell rights, which are themselves a subcategory of resell rights, allow a buyer to resell the product as well as the rights to that product.

Resell rights simply let the buyer resell a product without altering it.

The difference between private label rights and master resell rights is that with master resell rights content the buyer can’t change the product, and the product must be sold, not given for free.

Although articles are the most common type of PLR content available, nearly any type of content can be sold with PLR rights, including eBooks, software, educational courses, video, audio, and graphics.


Pros and Cons of PLR

PLR Advantages

Mega PLR Mega Bundle
Mega PLR Mega Bundle

Private label rights’ main advantages are the flexibility and time savings that come from using prewritten content.

Since this type of content sits on the scale between custom written content and reposting, it allows for the best of both worlds.


1. Time savings.

When used correctly, PLR content frees a company from the more time-consuming business of creating content from scratch, offering a shortcut.

This works on a larger scale too; if a company gets several PLR articles on a specific topic, they are then able to plan out a structure of additional articles to fill in topic gaps in the purchased content.

At the same time, the PLR content may cover areas marketers would not have thought to include otherwise.


2. Additional expertise.

PLR content can be especially helpful for companies that want to offer content outside their main area of expertise, which could involve lots of research or potential mistakes in the finished article otherwise.

For example, a commercial cleaning services company may know all about cleaning large offices thoroughly and efficiently, but not about the ingredients of its cleaning agents or how they’re manufactured, which is where PLR products would come in.


3. Inexpensive.

Commonly PLR content is purchased for a few cents per article in packages online.

Even with the additional time to customize it, PLR content is less expensive than hiring someone to write content from scratch.


4. Customized.

Since PLR content allows the buyer to change it however they want, it’s a great way to customize it to fit the company that bought it.

It allows the purchaser to add their own company name, calls to action, and company-specific information and examples. You can change it to suit your needs in every occasion you want to.

One PLR article can be edited as much as you want especially if it remains in the same niche that you have to write about.


5. Ownership.

As mentioned before, PLR allows the purchaser to sell, edit, remix, and combine content, or give it away for free.

Once it has been changed, the purchaser has the same rights to it as if they had created it themselves, because it has already been made into custom content by the purchaser themselves.


PLR Disadvantages

However, PLR content is not a magic bullet. There are some downsides to not creating your own unique content, including PLR’s products’ general lack of quality and the fact that original PLR content is sold to multiple buyers.

1. Low quality.

Since PLR content is inexpensive and made to be altered, it’s often vague, low quality writing. Posting PLR products without many alterations can make for content that brings little value to readers, who may choose more in-depth or useful articles on other websites to read instead.


2. Unknown quality.

Since most PLR content is sold in packs, there is no way for a buyer to see what they’re getting before they make the purchase. This is why it’s essential to buy from a reputable company.


3. Plagiarism potential.

Tying into the point above, some more unscrupulous companies will sometimes sell plagiarized content.

It can be challenging to discern when content is plagiarized, especially when it shows up repeatedly across multiple websites or is from material that hasn’t been published yet.

However, even the unknowing posting of it can lead to legal problems, or at least require you to take down the content.


4. Duplication.

The same PLR content is sold to multiple buyers, often without a cap on how many can purchase the same article or video.

This can negatively affect the PLR purchaser in two ways, depending on how often this content has already been posted.

Firstly, if the PLR content is put on a website after being posted elsewhere several times, search engines will see the duplication of the same content across multiple sites and rank the website lower in search results.

Secondly, if customers find that your content (especially content offered as an incentive or for sale) is the same as another company’s content, it could affect their perception of you.


How to Use Private Label Rights Products

The most important point to remember is that PLR must be altered.

PLR is made for the purchaser to put their own spin on it or add in unique insights.

Some go so far as to advise PLR content that should be used only for the backbone or as a source for an eBook, article or video series.

However, there is a tipping point where altering PLR takes so much work it becomes easier to simply write your own articles.

It’s important to find that balance. PLR products are commonly used in blog posts, emails, daily tips, eBooks, and similar applications, which can draw customers to a company’s website.



However, the revamped products are also commonly used to create sellable products or offered as incentives to get a customer’s foot in the door.

I prefer to use PLR products to create my own products that I sell for profit.

This has allowed me to make $6000 to $10,000 every month from selling PLR products.


Majority of these products were bought from and it is for this reason that I recommend them as the best PLR membership site.

A company can also provide a free PLR product to customers that sign up for an email list or who buy above a certain amount.

Companies also offer PLR content like an eBook as an add-on to online courses, which is especially useful when the PLR product compliments or supplements the main content being provided.

PLR content has also been used in article marketing, where the content of one company is published on another’s website.

For companies that are just getting started or that don’t have the resources to keep up a blog or email campaign from scratch, PLR products can be a big help.

For example here is a course I purchased on the PLR site in the weight loss niche.



Once I checked the course contents, this is what I found inside:



Once you rebrand the course and make it your own, here are few tips on how you can profitably use it:


Now that you have an insight into how PLR products work, we can start the discussion into how works. Review



When it comes to high-quality PLR products, is a real deal in the industry. is the product store, where you can pay for the products individually.

It offers over 15,000+ done-for-you products that you can edit, rebrand, resell, give away, and do almost everything you want.


How does it work?

The platform covers standard PLR product categories, such as articles, blog posts, ebooks, as well as some interesting and unique products, like action guides, affirmation reflections, fables, coaching workshops, and many more.

example has products in more than 60 niches that mostly belong to health and wellness topics.

It also offers plenty of helpful marketing tools, training, and efficient customer support with the live chat feature.

The quality on this site is incredible mostly because you have access to products that have been written or created by the in-house English team.

By this I mean that most of the products you will be buying are mostly original and have almost no plagiarism potential as they are received from the site.

As a blogger, it is imperative to get access to high quality PLR products and ensures that its clients gets access to high quality PLR products.

You should join this site mostly because quality content is a bit hard to find.

Below are some of the perks you can as a member of



You may watch this YouTube video to understand more about

Get A Special Offer And Instant Access Here


Is free?

If you want to test it, you can setup a free account for the start. This is good if you want to check it out.

You start with 2 free credits to spend on certain products.

This is very limited and that is why I think you have to upgrade to another package.

Unlike other platforms, you do not pay directly for the products.

You purchase what they call credits with which you can use to make some purchases on the site. There is a monthly plan, a 400 annual plan, an 800 annual plan and a 2500 annual plan. Pricing Pricing
  • The monthly plan. Here you pay $99 for 100 credits. This rounds up to $0.99 per credit. This is the second membership plan for the website.
  • The 400 annual plan. In this case, you purchase 400 credits for $379 – $0.95 per credits.
  • The 800 annual plan. Here, you have to pay $579 for 800 credits that costs around $0.72 per credit.
  • The 2500 annual plan. In this case, you pay $990 for 2500 credits which rounds up to $0.40 per credit. This is the most premium plan on the platform and it boasts a lower cost per credit.
  • There is also a pay as you go subscription where you pay for 10 credits at the start for a total of $22 – $2.2 per credit. This is a bit expensive compared to the per credit cost of the other plans.


You should know that the credits do not expire regardless of how long it takes for you to use them.

Categories like checklists, affirmations, articles and wall papers may cost you only a credit. Categories like landing pages, reports and EBooks, coaching challenges might end up costing you over 5 credits depending on the product you want.

I encourage you to sign up for the monthly plan as you may take a while to use up all the credits available.

For freelancers, you gain more value by buying the 800 annual plan.

Fortunately for you, is offering 50% Bonus Credits for Making Sense Of Pennies readers.

This offer is exclusive to Making Sense Of Pennies readers and is not available publicly on the site anywhere.

For example…

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  • Sign up for 400 credits/yr and get 200 one-time bonus credits
    (Total of 600 credits today!)

…and so on.

Here’s how it stacks up: credits

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You can also download Up To 10 FREE Brandable Coaching Resources such as beautiful ready-to-use coaching handouts, products, marketing materials, and content for your coaching business.

The standard free account is just 2 credits/mo (no 10 credit bonus)… so it’s a much better deal for you.




How many credits do I need to buy each PLR product?

I have compiled a list of all the PLR products on the platform and a rough estimate of how many credits you will require to buy each PLR product.

1 Credit Articles, Affirmations, Wallpapers, Checklists and Worksheets
2 Credits Action Guides, Fables
5 Credits Facebook Ads
7+ Credits Meditative Audios
10 Credits Coaching challenges, Landing Pages, Slide deck presentations, Reports and ebooks.
10+ Credits Email Sequences
15 Credits Journals
50+ Credits Complete Courses
150 Credits Course Bundles
10 – 200 Credits Bundles



Pros of

The thing I love about them the most is that they mainly focus on PLR products.

Since they create their products in house, they do not focus on the other types of licenses available on other PLR websites.

They focus on the basics of PLR. Other advantages include:

1. High quality products.

If you have used other PLR sites, you will realize that they display a lot of products that have low quality and at times, they are also outdated.

When it comes to, you do not have to worry about any of that.

You can enjoy high quality content that is created by in-house writers.

This puts it significantly above the rest of the PLR sites as they prioritize quality over quantity.

This is backed up by their plethora of niches to choose from.

This makes it convenient to choose a product that works for you easily.


2. Amazing user experience.

It is well designed as a platform. This gives you the feel of the fully functional platform that it represents.

Some PLR sites look so outdated that they give you a negative feel on what to expect of the products that they offer.

The product descriptions are also on point in a way that you understand the product you are being offered.


3. Useful marketing tools.

The platform offers a few online courses and other educational material that are vital for anyone to learn how to market the products that have been sold to you.


4. Quality customer support.

The response from the customer care operators is timely. I have not had a situation where they fail to make contact and review any issues you might be having.

They also give you round the clock support to help you use their platform efficiently.


5. Reasonable prices.

On the site, I love how you have the option to purchase products using credits.

You basically have an asset that you can use at any time you deem fit.

The credits are also priced cheaply which gives you the opportunity to get good quality products for a fair price.

If you convert the cost of the products, you can see that some products cost as low as 40 cents off the dollar.



Cons of

I appreciate all the good things that come with this site. However, I acknowledge the fact that they are lacking in certain aspects.

1. Lacks some PLR categories.

This is probably what I dislike most about them. Most of the content available is made for health and wellness topics.

They have tried to increase their product offerings. However, they are still behind other platforms on this front.


2. Credit system.

The credit system allows you to buy credits using your own cash before you can spend the credits on your products.

This system is very tempting to use and it might end up causing you to spend more than you actually want to.


Is legit?

This site is legit. I admire the fact that has good quality content.

I am very conscious of quality and that is why it took me a while to accept the fact that a PLR site has good quality content.

If you are looking for good quality PLR, this is the place for you.



I strongly believe that you should check out the site and see for yourself.

The payment mode for products can be confusing at first but with time it will be clear that this site is just as good as I say.

The customer support is exceptional and the quality is embedded in how the sight works.



Conclusion: Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

I strongly recommend this website to the reader looking for quality PLR content.

The website stands out from other PLR platforms in this way. This is because when you talk about PLR, plagiarism and quality are thrown quickly into the discussion.

This platform provides solutions to problems that other sites do not seem to care about.

If you want to be ahead of the competition, is the way to go.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this review.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which product are you thinking of buying from

Or perhaps you still have some doubts about

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also share this review of with your friends and family.



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