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18 Dollars an Hour is How Much a year: Can You live Off it?

18 Dollars an Hour is How Much a year

Just to provide a plain answer 18 Dollars an hour equates to 157,680 dollars and 158,112 dollars in a leap year thanks to the extra calendar day in the month of February. The question of whether you can live of it is rather dependent on more than Just 18 Dollars per hour. Based on the … Read more

Find a Clean, Safe and Cheap Laundromat Near Me

Find a Clean, Safe and Cheap Laundromat Near Me

If you have spent countless hours trying to find  “a laundromat near me” then you have come to the right place. In this blog post you will learn where and how to find  a “Clean, Safe and Cheap Laundromat Near Me” Laundromats are use by the public as DIY (Do it yourself) service for laundry cleaning. … Read more

12 Best Credit Cards For Students According to Reddit

best credit cards for students according to reddit

In this post you are going to learn the best credit cards for students according to Reddit users. A credit card is a small plastic card issued by a bank, building society, etc., allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Student credit cards are essentially starter cards meant specifically for those enrolled … Read more

How Much to Charge For Cupcakes?

how much to charge for cupcakes

In this post you are going to learn how much to charge for cupcakes. So about a decade ago, while I was fresh at college, our church had a short financial course that I enrolled for and found enlightening. My mom owned a retail shop and it run for over 24 years. The problem is … Read more

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have? – (Reddit)

how many credit cards should i have

This morning, I went to open up an account with a certain bank. During the procedure, I was asked “how many credit cards do you have?” I wondered why I was being asked such a question. Is this really necessary? So due to curiosity, I confidently asked why they needed to know. All she said … Read more

Rocktomic Review – Is it Legit?


Are you looking for a honest Rocktomic review? Well you have come to the right place. So I met a friend the other day for coffee. We had a lot of things to discuss regarding health and fitness. The exchange of words went on for almost two hours but the main point of the conversation … Read more

Kevin David Review 2022 – Is Kevin David Legit?


What is Kevin David about? Is Kevin David a scam? If you have been asking these questions for some time well you are in luck because today you will find all the answers to all these questions in this in-depth Kevin David review. As thrilling as entrepreneurship can be, it is not so much fun … Read more

How to Make Money On Fiverr Without Skills

how to make money on fiverr without any skills

Wondering how to make money on Fiverr without skills? Well then this blog post is for you. Remote work has become the new norm of the digital age. With the pandemic, people have had to search for online gigs to make some extra cash. When you go online, there are many ways you can get … Read more

Society6 Review – Is it Safe and Legit?

society6 review

Is Society6 good for artists? Is it Safe and legit? If you are looking for answers to some of these questions then you should read this honest Society6 review to the end. From my childhood, I had a great passion and love for the creative arts especially pictures. I would practice my skills during my … Read more