Oxford Club Review 2022- Is it A Scam?

Are you looking for an authentic and honest Oxford Club review? Wondering whether the Oxford Club is legit or a scam?

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One evening after work, I was heading home using public transport.

Waiting for the traffic jam to reduce, I logged on to my social media to see what went on during the day.

I came across an argument on twitter and a lot of questions had been posed in the comment section.

The thread began with the question, “What is the best financial research publisher?”. I asked myself why it had attracted this much attention and I joined in on the debate.

Having little knowledge on the matter, I tried to look for who the best financial research publisher is.

Therefore, I went further to read more about the post. I ended up finding out that the top ranked financial research publisher as per the replies is Oxford Club.

Never the less, another question came up. “Is the Oxford Club a Scam?”.  Since I was heading back home for the weekend, I took on this research like a small project.

So I wrote this Oxford Club review to help you make a decision as to whether it is worth joining.

Let’s get started.


What is Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is a private international independent financial research publisher made of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs.

Oxford Club was founded in the early 1970s by Gary Scott, an American who sold insurance and mutual funds in Hong Kong.

William Bonner who is also well known for being a founder of Agora, is part of the founding body of the Oxford club.

The Oxford club is a financial newsletter owned by Agora.

The club took its current name in 1991 to reflect combination of old-world sensibility and modern technology.




For over 30 years, Oxford Club has provided its members with timely strategies and recommendations to give them the shortest route to financial independence.

This makes it one of the longest running financial letters in the world.

The Oxford club provides its customers with global opportunities for market beating returns as well as strategies for achieving and preserving their wealth.

What’s unique about this financial research publisher is that Oxford Club takes their members beyond wealth to achieve a truly “rich life”.

A rich life is a term used by the Oxford Club and its definition is a combination of certain aspects that are termed as “Club keys” and these are: –

  • Monetary gain and financial freedom
  • Extra ordinary experiences
  • Personal achievements
  • Providing opportunities to give back
  • Strong relationship with successful open minded people

These keys not only help to gain the rich life aspect but they are keys to help grow your intellectual and social capital which go a long way in building and maintaining your financial capital.

The club members also have a common trait where they help each other that’s to say everyone wishes to help the other which is a good trait for them and for the new members.

Reaching such a goal needs a lot of steps to be taken for example research has to be carried out which they do every month to make sure they reach up to all the company goals.

Oxford was created with an aim of forming a private “financial club” of investors who shared an interest in identifying unique opportunities around the world and who agreed that the best opportunities to invest are usually found through personal connections, not the mainstream press.

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What is the $3 stock Oxford Club?

Mega PLR Mega Bundle
Mega PLR Mega Bundle

When you hear about $3 stock in oxford club, the name Alexander Green should ring a bell.

Well your right Alexander Green is the man behind this whole $3 stock idea in Oxford club.



He’s a chief investment strategist at the publishing company and runs several newsletter advisory services there, including The Oxford Communiqué that is being promoted through teasers.

In 2018, Alexander Green came up with this idea that he presented to the Oxford Club.

The $3 stock is categorized into multiple different presentations.

One of the commonly known presentation is the “the Single-Stock Retirement Plan”. These presentations are always improved often by the oxford club.

That is to say it sets a time period in which it always comes together and promotes these presentations.


Oxford Club membership fees

For someone to be in position become a member of the club, you have to pay the membership fees.

Therefore, you should subscribe to one of their three membership programs:

1. Basic membership for $49 per year

This is the most basic plan for the Oxford club. You have access to the digital subscription to the Oxford Communique.


2. Standard subscription for $129 per year

In addition to the digital subscription to the Oxford communique, you also get the print version of the Oxford communique which gives a more detailed account of the investment plans to follow.


3. Premium subscription for $249 per year

In addition to the amenities in the standard subscription, there are reports that are added to the Oxford Communique.

These reports usually include detailed analysis of stocks and all the information that was considered to come to a certain investment decision.

There is also a private membership called the Chairman’s club. It costs you over $7000 in order for you to gain access.


Pros of the Oxford club

  • The investment manager has enough experience for you to make some money off his ideas
  • The insights you get are worth the cost.

Cons of the Oxford club

  • It offers VIP trading services like the Chairman’s club which are pretty expensive.
  • It is not an independent organization which could give rise to the use of unethical and misleading tactics that could cost its members
  • The level of capital required to start investing with these clubs is high.
  • Just like most advisory services, there is no guarantee that you will make money using the information given to you.
  • A lot of the investment advice is given on microcap stocks which can be easily manipulated by big market moves.


Oxford Club track record

Since its inception in 1990, The Oxford Club has been one of the most financially successful newsletter publishing organizations in our industry.
The Club has had many Investment Directors over the years, including Steve Sjuggerud and Karim Rahemtulla.

Our current and longest-serving Investment Director is Alexander Green, who is now referred to as our Chief Investment Strategist.

The Hulbert Financial Digest, an independent organization that tracks investment advisory newsletters, consistently ranked Alex Green’s Oxford Communique as one of the top-performing, risk-adjusted investment letters in the nation for more than a decade.


Portfolio Top Oxford Club Winners for the Past 12 Months
The Oxford Trading Portfolio Sotheby’s 53%, ServiceNow 24%, Ventas 15%
Gone Fishin’ Portfolio *VG Small-Cap 505%, *VG Emerging Markets 399%,

*VG Total Stock Market 392%

The Oxford All-Star Portfolio *Temp. Dragon 473%, *Berkshire Hathaway 408%,

*Equity Residential Properties Trust 368%

Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Portfolio *Glaukos 97%, *Proofpoint 70%, *NeoGenomics 47%
Compound Income Portfolio W.P. Carey Inc. 93%, Flowers Foods 23%, LyondellBasell 18%
Instant Income Portfolio *Digital Realty Trust Inc. 211%, W.P. Carey 74%,

Brizmor Property Group 40%

High Yield Portfolio *Crown Castle International 127%, *New Mountain Finance 54%,

Annaly Capital Management 23%

Oxford Resource Explorer Portfolio *Microsoft 83%, *Arsted A/S 80%, TransMontaigne Partners L.P. 18%
Fessler’s Flash Profits BYND $105 Calls 555%, VEEV $140 Calls 351%, SWKS $72.5 Calls 327%
Closing Bell Profits VXX $19.5 Puts 130%, VXX $17 Puts 53%, VXX $14.5 Puts 46%
Trailblazer Pro RCM $10 Calls 274%, Purple Innovation 96%, R1 RCM 43%
The Insider Alert ABBV $80 Calls 710%, WMS $40 Calls 500%, MDT $105 Calls 432%
Lightning Trend Trader EHTH $80 Calls 129%, NVRO $45 Calls 124%, IMGN $4 Calls 119%
The Momentum Alert VEEV $105 Calls 649%, KL $25 Calls 515%, PDD $39 Calls 364%
Dynamic Fortunes DXCM $140 Calls 279%, FIVE $110 Calls 224%, RUTH $20 Calls 192%
Marc Lichtenfeld’s Stock Sequence Trader PLNT $52.5 Calls 326%, SKX $25 Calls 256%, CHTR $430 Calls 230%
Oxford Microcap Trader KODK $5 Calls 210%, Eastman Kodak 30%, Gannett Co. 2%
The VIPER Alert EHTH $75 Calls 827%, MLNX $105 Calls 326%, KRNT $30 Calls 230%
Oxford Wealth Accelerator Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF 38%,

Gold Miners Index Bull3X Shares 35%, Greyscale Bitcoin Trust 30%

Oxford Bond Advantage ** Income Collected: Nationstar Mortgage: $3,602

Credit Acceptance Corp: $3,116, Ichan Enterprises: $2,817




There is no information to suggest that this club is a scam.

The only conceivable way for you to make money using the Oxford club is investing in the market using the information they offer to you.

However, the services they offer to you give no guarantee to earn back money.

They should offer some form of training if they are to maximize the earnings of their users.

The investment record of the Oxford club users is phenomenal if looked at in relative terms not absolute terms.

The fees are only justified because of the large amount of startup capital required for you to become a member.

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Conclusion: Is the Oxford Club a Scam?

The Oxford club is not a scam. However, I do not recommend you to join them.

They do not favor small time investors and there is no experience you are gaining by becoming a member of their club. In my opinion, if an opportunity does not teach you how to make money, then it is not worth the money you are spending.

Besides, if you learn how to spot opportunities in the financial markets on your own, it will be easier for you to make money because you can be sure about what you are doing.

The club only offers advice and then you would have to go through the entire process of making the investments.




I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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