Someone Filmed A Video Inside A Saudi-Owned LIV Golf Private Jet… And It Defies Imagination

liv golf league

There has been a video making rounds on social media. This video was allegedly filmed in a private jet owned exclusively by the LIV golf association. In the video, you can see a number of golf players like Pat Perez, Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson.   Background If you are a Golf fan, then you … Read more

12 Real Estate Tips For First Time Home Buyers in London

real estate tips for first time home buyers in london

Are you planning on buying a home in London anytime soon? Well here are some real estate tips for first time home buyers in London. More and more people are moving in London every year, being that it is a popular destination and a very culturally diverse city. Undeterred by the widespread misinterpretation of first … Read more

Kanye West Net Worth 2022

kanye west networth

Are you wondering what Kanye West’s net worth is? Well you are at the right place.   Kanye West Net Worth 2022 Kanye West has an estimated net worth of 6.6 billion US dollars. What is Kanye West’s net worth? Is Kanye West a billionaire? You’ll definitely have the right answer served to you after … Read more

How to Refinance Your Student Loans

student loans

Are you still worried and wondering how to refinance your student loans? Well you just landed on the right blog post. You may have loved college, but no one loves student loans. Refinancing is when you take out a new loan to replace old debts, and you can refinance your student loans just like you … Read more

10 Stocks To Keep Your Eye On in 2022

stocks to keep your eye on

Over the past few years, the stock market has gone through a lot, and unforeseeable circumstances have proven many experts wrong. Entering 2022, strategists were optimistic as we entered the economic recovery. However, the stock market continues to suffer this year, and inflation and loans are only making things worse.  When choosing which stocks to … Read more

What are 10 Uses for a Stapler besides Stapling?

 What are 10 Uses for a Stapler besides stapling

A stapler is a small mechanical hand-operated device that fastens together two or more sheets of paper by inserting thin metal staples through the sheets, binding them together. Paper staplers come in two kinds; the manual kind that needs to be hand-held or can be used while set up on a desk or table, and … Read more

17 Famous Bow Legged Celebrities

Famous Bow Legged Celebrities

Is your favorite celebrity bow legged? Here is a list of 17 famous bow legged celebrities. A bow leg is a leg that curves outward at the knee, even when the feet and ankles remain held together. There is an obvious space in between the lower part of the legs and the knees. The bowing … Read more

Top 10 Legit Online Data Entry Jobs Sites 2022

legit online data entry job sites

Are you looking for legit online data entry jobs sites? Well you just landed on the right blog post. There are many different sites for online data entry jobs, but there are a few standouts. All of these are extremely rewarding.   Top 10 Legit Online Data Entry Jobs Sites 1. UpWork Upwork is an … Read more

What Is Megan Fox Doing Right Now?

megan fox photoshoot

Megan Denise Fox is currently focused on her acting career. This year alone, she has starred in the movies “Big Gold Brick” as Grace, in “Taurus” as Mae, in Good mourning as Kennedy. She is also scheduled to be casted in the movies are Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphins as Princess Leilani(voice) as well … Read more