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12 Most Profitable YouTube Niches in 2022

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more info.

In this post, you are going to learn the most profitable YouTube niches that will allow you make crazy money online.

A niche is a theme, topic or subject content creators focus their content on.

The niche you choose and how you approach it is what makes you unique.

This requires anyone with a desire to start a YouTube channel to know what exactly they want to focus on and grow in.

You need to know your interests and consider basing your niche on that, have knowledge pertaining that particular genre, and be aware of the competition in it to choose the perfect niche for you.

There are however very popular and profitable niches in 2021 that only need you to learn about them and deliver.

It is like a decision is already made for you.

This can be called demand which is yet another factor to consider when looking for the right niche.

Finding the right niche for you is crucial if you wish to earn enough from it.

Some videos are CPM (cost per mille or thousand)  or CPC (cost per click) where you get paid if the viewer clicks on the ad on your video or watches for at least 30 seconds of it and half way for the short ones.

Earning from this is not dictated by the number of subscribers although they will also pay if you get to a certain number of viewers or subscribers.

Getting the Cost per Thousand impressions (CPM) is calculated by taking the cost of advertising and dividing it with the total number of impressions you get.

The total amount is multiplied by a thousand to get the final figure.

The following are some of the most profitable YouTube niches in 2021.

These niches have been proven to work with examples of successful YouTubers who have profited from them.


#1.Personal finance and investing

This niche covers a wide area including the popular affiliate marketing where you monetize your content by running ads on your videos, either before, during or both.

Your content will be accompanied with affiliate links that will earn you commission when a viewer clicks on it.

You can include these links on the YouTube description of your video.

Amazon affiliate links are becoming quite the buzz when it comes to focusing on this niche.

Other topics included on personal finance and investing are making videos on making money online, credit and debit cards, basics of investing, budgets and how to meet them, and other financial skills.

These videos have become a big opportunity on financial institutions to market their services and brand.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage who founded the finance YouTube channel, the financial diet post other videos on lifestyle too.

They are however more famous for their finance videos.

Other highly recommended YouTubers on the personal finance and investing are Ryan Scribner, Graham Stephen, Nate O’brien and Marko Zlatic who owns the YouTube channel, WhiteBoard Finance.

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This is something you can do in almost any niche on YouTube.



Lifestyle is another quite successful niche, ideal and preferred because it can cover a variety of content successfully.

It does not limit you to one genre as long as you can make it unique and interesting.

YouTubers on this niche share personal information with the viewers like their morning routines, current occurrences in their day to day activities and even their interests and views.

Just like other niches, you need to have highly informative content but mostly interesting content when it comes to being a lifestyle vlogger.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Casey Neistat is a man who wears many hats which include being a filmmaker, a co-founder of a company, an actor, a vlogger among others .

This makes it more interesting and easier to find content.

Casey Neistat is an American with over 11.8 million subscribers.

He joined YouTube on the 25th of February, the year 2010 and now boasts of over 2.7 billion views on his videos.


#3.Tech channels

The tech side of YouTube content covers more than just computers and programming.

All other tech gadgets are involved too depending on what you are well versed in.

Unlike the lifestyle channel, this niche needs to be highly informative for people to be interested.

YouTubers in this niche give reviews on the limited and latest gadgets, applications.

They even arrange interviews with some of these brands.

The information they provide will help in the long run when you won’t have to buy a product you do not trust.

If you are handy, you can even make videos on how to fix some of these devices or building them from scratch.

You need to be highly informed in this area.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Unbox therapy channel presented by Lewis Hilsenteger with 17.9 million subscribers.

He unboxes brand new electronics in the videos for the first time such as smartphones or PCs.

He then gives his judgement and a bunch of reviews based on first impressions, talks about the specs, and will update you on the latest tech projects, products and deals.

Marques Brownlee, boasting of 13.8 million subscribers, is yet another highly recommended tech YouTuber.

Google VP once gave him the title, ‘one of the best technology reviewers on the planet right now.’

He also reviews tech gadgets, does Q&As and comedy skits based on technology. His humour keeps viewers glued.


#4.Beauty and make up

People think the beauty and make up niche is getting saturated and while it may be getting traffic, it is paying really well.

YouTubers in this niches get creative in all ways with their products and skin.

They will upload tutorials on a certain subject mostly on a subject a fan has chosen.

These tutorials can cover topics like hair care for example how to get your hair to grow fast or hacks like braiding your own hair, skin care, cosmetics among others.

Since it is in demand, they also upload videos giving unbiased product reviews on a product they like or they have used before or purely based on first impression.

They can then recommend safe and reliable beauty brands, how to use their products and the latest beauty hacks.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Jeffree star is an American beauty YouTuber famous for his cosmetics and controversies.

He is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star cosmetics.

From his YouTube endeavour alone, he has earned $18 million with over 2.4 billion YouTube views.


#5.Fashion and styling

For fashion lovers and aspiring stylists, this niche is the way to go.

You will need to informed and be up to date with the latest trends since they tend to change fast in this industry.

Other than that, you can choose to focus on DIYs where you will guide people on how to style their own outfits, make new clothes from old ones, and sewing.

To make this videos even more interesting, you can take your viewers to your shopping ventures to show them where you shop and what to shop. Especially when thrifting.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Bestdressed is a YouTube channel ran by Ashely, a 22 year old who has already broken borders in the fashion niche. She has a following of over 3.77 million.

She takes her viewers to her own shopping sprees while she records and with her charming personality, you cannot get bored.

Ashley combines the beauty and fashion niche in that she also does make up to complete the whole look when she is done styling.

She mainly focuses on aesthetic look books which are apparently a thing in 2021 among youths and really good make overs that include both her and her house.


#6.Food vlogs

Here the food takes all the attention. If anything, you do not even need to show your face for those who do not like the idea.

YouTubers showcase these foods in the most creative of ways.

Viewers want detailed shots of the food so consider using close-ups during the whole video.

Make the step by step walk-throughs easy for the viewers to follow and let your explaining be clear and audible.

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You however do not need to be a chef to start on this niche.

You can focus on culture and their food, visit restaurants and food stalls to give recommendations and reviews to your viewers.

Give tips on some of the foods one should eat to promote healthy living, or snacks one can make when travelling and so forth.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Rosanna Pansino is a household name when it comes to the food and living niche.

She started a baking series on YouTube in 2010 called nerd nummies that did really well that the series led to publishing of books on the same and her own line of baking utensils.


#7.Travel vlogs

Travel blogs have sparked the interest of so many saying that they feel like they are travelling with the vloggers.

This makes YouTube a major source of travel inspiration.

To make your viewers feel like they are travelling with you, you need to engage them as you show them sceneries that they might find interesting, do not include everything and use the right video cameras and equipment to shoot.

Viewers also prefer shorter videos so once you are done filming, edit your videos excluding all the unnecessary stuff to make them shorter but very interesting.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

DevinSuperTramp is an American videographer who focuses on adventure and extreme sports.

He appears to take risks every now and then and challenges fear by doing stunts in different places in the world.

The charismatic vlogger has 6.15 million subscribers with over 1.5 billion views on YouTube.



Tutorial videos are also popularly referred as “how to’s”. They do not particularly focus on any specific genre or topic.

Just like the lifestyle niche, you can pick any niche to focus on when making a video and make another video focusing on something totally different.

The provision of ideas to help someone figure out how to do something is something that will never get old.

Literally timeless.

Popular tutorials on YouTube revolve around; make-up, cooking, crafty DIYs, technology, etc.

You can even make tutorials on how to use a certain product especially when you are a brand ambassador.

It is yet another way to market it and earn more.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Ranked as the 9th most subscribed channel on YouTube, 5-minute crafts is a DIY crafts channel that is owned by TheSoul publishing.

It showcases all kinds of crafts and how to’s, receiving criticism for some really dangerous crafts too.

Other crafts displayed are quite fun and doable making it the most subscribed ‘how to’ channel.

It has 73.9 million subscribers.



Gaming is a trendy but very competitive niche.

It is also a very engaging niche due to the highly vibrant environment and the connection in the gaming culture.

You can do gaming reviews, latest gaming news, game tutorials, game analysis, interviews with developers or live streaming video games.

Some even involve family and friends to react making it more vibrant and funny.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Pewdiedie is one of the highly paid YouTubers and is the most popular and most subscribed individual user or solo YouTuber.

His full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and he is Swedish.

He has 110 million subscribers and now stars in so many game apps.


#10. Healthy living

Health tips, nutrition, meditation and fitness and work out are some of the most discussed topics when it comes to the healthy living niche.

Fitness-focused videos should be tailored to fit your target audience.

Make it relatable especially the fitness and diet regimens while you also inspire them to start living healthily.

People with eating disorders have had to go on diets or turned vegetarians and have now made it their mission to help others.

While you share these healthy living regimens, share your story to make it look very doable and relatable.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Sadia has a health and wellness channel called pick up limes that has 3.62 million subscribers.

Her videos literally look peaceful but professional at the same time.

She is a registered dietician who has inspired many by giving nutrition tips and listing food challenges and how to deal with them.

In this job, she has one on ones with clients to know first hand challenges faced and addresses them.

This makes her videos reliable and relatable.


#11.Reaction videos

Reaction videos are a decade old. A YouTuber watches certain content on video and reacts to it with added commentary while he or she films it all.

They provoke discussions on the content in question among viewers but generally, they all appreciate the commentary especially if it is on a product.

This is because people need to know about a product before purchasing it.

Other times, these reactions videos are wildly humorous making people watch them just for the fun of it.

The reactions could be based on new songs, celebrities, developers and products, movies, viral videos or tweets among others.

So much goes on in the internet so there is never a lack of content that provokes discussions.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Tal Fishman is American YouTuber who runs Reaction Time channel to react on viral internet videos suggested by his fans.

He has gotten on top of the ladder in three years so much that he has overtaken these popular YouTubers with reaction channels; NoLifeShaq, Sssniperwolf , e.t.c. He has 15.1 million subscribers.


#12.Real estate

Real estate may have concepts that includes it in the finance and entrepreneurship niche but it has made it on YouTube on its own.

Flaunt your listings in the best lighting and quality to tell the story of your properties better than you could using your words.

Other than showing your listings, you can give some investing advice and latest or trending market news for other investors like you.

Explain real estate concepts that you think are helpful and informative.

Not only does this help your fellow realtors, but it also helps you get more clients online.


Top YouTuber in the niche:

Graham Stephan is a channel you might want to visit if you are thinking of getting in real estate business.

He shoots and explains his experiences in the real estate business, not forgetting to post his wins and fails too.

His real estate experience is nothing short of impressive.

He has over 3 million subscribers.


Conclusion: Most Profitable YouTube Niches

The amount you earn on YouTube will depend on:

  • Length of video
  • Content
  • Number of viewers
  • Quality
  • Niche etc.

Niche here is the topic of the video you upload.

Therefore if you want to earn as much, look for the right niche.

YouTube is growing by the minute, so pick your preferred niche and start your YouTube career today.


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