The Lifestyle Medicine Summit Review 2022: Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an honest Lifestyle Medicine Summit review? Well you have come to the right place.

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, people have realized the importance of staying healthy and in peak condition.

During the various lockdowns imposed in different countries all over the world, many people resorted to home workouts to boost their health.

We got to learn that the best health plan is one with the right combination of workouts and meal plans.

This prompted the start-up of health based businesses aimed at improving people’s health during the pandemic.

However, this did not address the issues relating to the normal health complications faced by people around the world.

According to studies made by the World Health Organization, 71% of deaths worldwide are related to non-communicable diseases.

This translates to 41 million people per year. Non-communicable diseases also referred to as chronic diseases are diseases that cannot be passed from person to person.

Further studies show that more than 80% of non-communicable diseases can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle protocols.

It takes a lot of effort and research to design a comprehensive health protocol.

A host of health professionals came together to offer their expertise in designing the best health plan for everyone.

When these professionals came together, they formed the lifestyle medicine summit.

In this article, we shall discuss the structure of teaching, pricing and the importance of the Lifestyle Medicine Summit to wellness in humans.


What is the Lifestyle Medicine Summit all about?

The Lifestyle Medicine Summit brings together health professionals from different fields to prevent, treat and reverse common chronic diseases by applying healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

The first summit took place in December, 4-5, 2019. The goal was to define research priorities in the areas of lifestyle medicine for example nutrition, physical activities, addictions, sleep management and stress.

They wanted to find more information relating lifestyle behaviors to chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, inflammatory and immune related disorders amongst other conditions.


What do you get when you subscribe for the lifestyle medicine summit?

The basic things you get when you subscribe for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit include;

  • Access to 50+ live expert talks
  • Lifestyle medicine starter course
  • Prescribed lifestyle medicine worksheet
  • Optional premium access upgrade with live workshops, recordings, scholarships and bonus courses
  • Continuous education credits available.


How does the Lifestyle Medicine Summit help to improve your health?

the lifestyle medicine summit

The Lifestyle Medicine Summit has a lot of educational material created for the general improvement of your health.

The summit includes videos that help you explore different aspects of the health integrative programs. The professionals give you their advice regarding what they know about their fields of expertise.


Day 1: The science

On the first day, you explore the science of getting healthy. Here, you get to hear from a number of health professionals that include:

  • Johannes R. Fisslinger. This is the host of the Lifestyle Medicine Summit and founder of lifestyle Prescriptions University.

The lifestyle prescriptions university trains medical professionals to integrate root cause health coaching and lifestyle medicine through innovative and high quality global long distance programs. He shares his ideas on how to fix healthcare.


  • Dean Ornish MD. He is the founder of the preventive medicine research institute and a clinical professor of medicine UCSF. He shares his ideas on healthcare.


  • Dr. Mitra Ray. She is a nutrition researcher with a PHD from Stanford University. Dr. Mitra talks about how you can master the 3 neuro-emotional states of the brain for high performance.


  • David Katz MD. He is a founding director at Yale University’s prevention research center. He talks about all the possible alternatives to prevent and treat disease. The idea is that lifestyle medicine is the best medicine at the moment in preventing diseases.


  • Bruce Lipton PHD. He is a developmental biologist who talks about the power of belief, epigenetics and consciousness. He gives his insights about the shocking truth about healthcare.


  • Yezi Ruzgar. She is a MANA life purpose and wellness founder with credentials as a root cause health coach. She seeks to investigate the rules and principles of life purpose to deepen meaning-making, support authenticity and encourage living more purposefully.

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  • Dr. David Perlmutter. He is a board certified neurologist and five times New York times best-selling author. He talks about brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Dr. David also talks about how we can improve our brain health.


  • T. Colin Campbell PHD. He is a lecturer with Cornell University and participates in the China study project. He talks about nutrition reformation and renaissance as discovered in the China study.


  • Dr. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai. They are behavioral neurologists and neuroscientists from Loma Linda University. They discuss how to build health brains.


Day 2: Lifestyle medicine protocols

This session covers lifestyle medicine protocols. They give you an insight into what you are expected to follow as you prioritize lifestyle medicine.

The key speakers include:

  • Dr. Robert Pearl. He is a former Kaiser Permanente medical group CEO and professor at Stanford University School of medicine. He talks about the impact of your medicine culture on primary care and professional satisfaction.


  • Ocean Robbins. He is a co-founder of the food revolution network. He talks about the science of behavior change and how you can be influenced by a change in your diet.


  • Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. She is the founder of the endocrinology institute. She explores the most common causes of chronic diseases, obesity and hormone imbalance.


  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He is a board certified family physician and seven times New York tines best-selling author. In this section, he talks about autoimmune disease, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and heart disease.


  • Jane Oelke ND, PHD. She is a renown naturopathic doctor and fibromyalgia specialist. She deals with issues concerning fibromyalgia, chronic pain, emotions and limiting beliefs.


  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan. He is a lecturer at the faculty institute for functional medicine and National University of health sciences. He gives his insights on how food choices determine your health returning to a better way of life.


  • Yasmine Farouk, M.A. she is a family counselor, parent educator and health coach. She talks about emotions and how they affect the body.


  • Louise Harris. She is the founder of coming alive, Children guts and brains. She mainly focuses on helping children with neurological disorders, anxiety, and sleep issues.


Day 3: Chronic disease solutions

Here, you hear from experts that will look to improve your chances of preventing chronic diseases.

The key speakers include;

  • Professor Ainhoa de Federico PhD. She is a professor at the University of Toulouse and the founder of the clear sight method. Her lectures address healing refractive errors, cataracts, and Glaucoma naturally. She mainly focuses on eye health.


  • Dr. Nicole Francis-Cotton. She is a master therapist, LPHC and holistic health coach. She talks about how healing a family and individual traumas heal communities.


  • Dr. Conor Hogan. He is a high performance neuro-socio psychologist. He gives you daily tips for your brain in what he terms as the modern rat race.


  • Annie Gedye, B.S. She is a root cause health coaching specialist and co-founder lifestyle medicine university foundation. She talks about the 9 points and phases of chronic symptoms and how the autonomic nervous system is involved.


  • Neal Barnard MD. He is an adjunct professor at the George Washington School of medicine. He discusses issues regarding hot flashes, thyroid, diabetes and how to use nutrition interventions to treat them.


  • Dr. Jessica Drummond. She works with the integrative women’s health institute. She covers women and the impact of the long COVID on their health. She gives you lessons from an integrative recovery experience.


  • Robert Schwarz, PSYD. He is a licensed psychologist and executive director at ACEP. He talks about using your energy psychology to maximize mind body healing.


  • Dr. Kim Knight. She is a kiwi health detective and root cause health coach. She explores stress and how to deal with it.


  • Dr. William Lee. He is a well-known physician, scientist, author and founder of Angiogenesis foundation. He talks about how one can eat to beat disease.


  • Bernie Siegel, MD. He is a pioneer in mind-body medicine and a best-selling author. He explores an imaginative aspect to healthcare.

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Day 4: Building a successful practice

This session is hosted by a number of professionals with private practices. A private practice is a clinic or hospital run and operated by a qualified doctor that is self-employed.

You get to hear about the basics of setting up a clinic of your own.

The key speakers include:

  • Dawson Church, PHD. He is an energy psychology researcher and best-selling author.


  • Leigh-Ann Webster. He is an executive director national board for wellness and health coaching.


  • Dr. Siva Poobalasingam. He is the president of the Malaysian society of lifestyle medicine.


  • Gita Jayakumar. She is a lifestyle prescriptions master trainer, EFT, BWRT and Yoga teacher.


  • Mohammed Yamani MD. He is an internal medicine specialist and an all care medical consultant.


  • Tamara Golden RN. She is a holistic registered nurse and NBC-HWC.


  • Dr. Kevin Chan. He is a lifestyle medicine fellow that runs the Longevity clinic.


  • Dr. Stephane Provencher. He is a founder of the Gainesville health center and a Master healer.


  • Nigora Normatova. She is part of the life prescriptions team and root cause health coach.


Day 5: Interactive stages

This is the final day of the summit. The videos are aimed at addressing new habits to be healthier, happier and long life.

The speakers’ presentations include;

1. Scenario in Spanish.

The session is hosted by Ainhoa De Federico PHD.

She talks about the natural solutions for chronic diseases. This section is in Spanish.


2. Scenario in Arabic.

The session is sponsored by Yasmine Farouk, LPHCS who talks about healing diabetes, auto immunity, relationships and stress.

This section is only available in Arabic thus Scenario in Arabic.


3. Caribbean health.

This session is hosted by Nicole and Roy Morton from St. Maarten located in the Netherlands.

They discuss issues relating to a healthy living and lifestyle medicine Caribbean style.


4. Neuro emotional health.

This session is hosted by Dr. Mitra Ray.

She gives an insight into the tools that everyone needs to resolve neuro emotional health issues.


5. Women’s health.

This session is hosted by Dr. Drummond. She talks about chronic diseases that affect women such as cancer and infertility.

Dr. Drummond also discusses issues to do with puberty, menopause and postpartum.


6. Energy psychology.

This session is hosted by ACEP. ACEP is an organization that educates and train physicians in emergency medicine to provide quality emergency care in hospitals.

They focus on weight loss, food cravings and mind body healing.


7. Root cause health coaching.

Hosted by lifestyle prescriptions university, the session covers ways to radically improves health outcomes with root cause analysis, organ mind brain anatomy and lifestyle prescriptions.


8. Yoga and mindfulness.

The session is hosted by Iyat and Buttafly. It covers stress management, mindfulness and yoga therapy protocols and skills.


9. Science of spirit.

The session is hosted by has a team that transforms by giving inspiration and energy.

The session covers gratitude, forgiveness, self-love and healing body.


Lifestyle Medicine Summit addresses the root causes of the non-communicable diseases.

According to the course, having these 6 factors working together puts you on the path to achieving the very best health lifestyle program.

1. Nutrition.

The summit helps you interact with dieticians and food professionals that help you discover a common sense approach to nutrition.

You will be able to design a meal plan that fits your needs.


2. Exercise.

You have access to materials that help you improve your body and organ fitness.

You have access to top notch research that could push you to achieve your body weight goals.


3. Stress management.

Stress affects every single person in the world. It has become the norm in the fast paced world where you have to balance a lot of things in the shortest possible time.

With the summit, you learn how to manage your stress.

This can help to raise mindfulness and emotional-mental focus so you can support physical health.


4. Sleep.

You have access to professionals conducting sleep studies.

They can help you understand the importance of healthy sleep to regenerate our physical batteries and reload our brains.


5. Psychosocial stress.

This type of stress arises from psychological and social aspects of behavior.

Here, you can discover tools to resolve the specific psychosocial stressors affecting your organ tissue symptoms.


6. Love and support.

You need to have healthy relationships that are big on support and love.

With the summit, you get to learn habit change skills to build empowering relationships and resilience.

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How much does it cost for you to register for the lifestyle medicine summit?

At the very beginning, the registration is free. It is upgraded to a premium access page when you make a donation of $13 per month.

This amount can be billed each month or you can save $2 per month if you opt to pay $132 per year.

The payments can be processed using credit cards and a PayPal account.

Since the summit is designed to help people, the collections made from paying members are used to support the lifestyle medicine leadership education fund.

The fund provides health scholarships for health professionals in underserved communities.

With the subscription, you get

  • Monthly lifestyle medicine leadership master classes available on the first Thursday of each month.
  • A passionate and supportive lifestyle medicine professional community
  • Lifestyle medicine book with 30+ summit talk transcripts.
  • Partner bonuses
  • 60 CE/CPD credits
  • New clients’ automation workshop
  • Write lifestyle prescriptions course.
  • Organ mind brain anatomy chart
  • Actionable protocols and worksheets
  • 16 workshop recordings
  • 90+ summit talk recordings


You have the option to cancel your membership anytime with Lifestyle medicine summit.

They give you a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

For annual subscribers, you can also make a claim for your money if you process a refund before the 12-month membership period expires.

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Who is the Lifestyle Medicine Summit for?

The Lifestyle Medicine Summit is available to all willing to subscribe to it.

Since it tackles issues relating to chronic diseases, it is available to everyone out there reading this.

I mean you are as vulnerable as the next guy reading this article.

On the outset, this summit is more suitable for you if you are:

1. A health lover.

This can be just any guy out there. Everyone wants to be healthy to increase your chances of living a longer life.

2. A functional integrative professional.

This defines anyone in the medical field interested in health care. Since most doctors specialize in a specific field like eye health, heart health, there are doctors that practice general health.

They tend to find ways to improve all parts of the body so that they work as a system.

3. Health care coaches and other practitioners.

These are people that design meal plans for clients interested in maintaining their bodies.

They often work with gym instructors and other health care professionals to find the perfect routines for different work out programs and results.


What I like about the lifestyle medicine summit?

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Helps to get your health in check
  • Helps to design a meal plan for you.
  • Introduces you to the 4 pillars of lifestyle medicine
  • Nutrition strategies.
  • The science of habit change.
  • Root cause analysis discussions.
  • Benefits the underserved communities through the lifestyle medicine education fund.
  • Can be used to boost your scores for medical related studies.
  • You can interact with these professionals as they teach.


What I do not like about the lifestyle medicine summit?

  • Can be complicated if you do not understand medical jargons.
  • The professionals are only available every first Thursday of the month.
  • Presentations are made in many languages for example English, Spanish and Arabic which may prevent some subscribers from getting full value out of the course because of the language barrier.

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Conclusion: The Lifestyle Medicine Summit Review

I think you should join the lifestyle medicine summit. There is a great opportunity for you to learn how to live healthily.

As we discussed earlier, you have the opportunity to learn from the best experts in the field.

You get to learn how to live the healthy way using a combination of meals and physical activities.

The best thing about the summit is that it is organized in such a way that no profit is gained from it.

Any excess monies received over the expenses is used to pay for full time scholarships for students pursuing health studies from under privileged areas.

This means that you get to educate a doctor that will be useful in the areas they come from.


I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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