Is Megan Fox Filipino?

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Surfacing on bill-boards as one of the sexiest women this planet as ever had! Megan Denise Fox is an actress and model best known for her vampy, stylish looks and has made multiple appearances in a queue of magazines and on major film franchises.

She is best known for her roles in action movies such as “transformers” and “teenage mutant Ninja turtles”.

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Megan Fox was born on 16th May, 1986 in Oak Ridged, Tennessee. Her parents Gloria Darlene and Franklin Thomas Fox divorced when she was three and her mother later remarried a man named Tony Tonachio.

Megan and her elder sister Kristi Branim Fox were then raised by their mother and step dad as Pentecostals under strict supervision; Megan remarks that she was never allowed to have a boyfriend and invite her friends over to the house and that was it.

She attended a catholic school for 12 years despite her strong Pentecostal background.


Megan started taking dance and drama classes when she was five and she was also part of a local youth swim team in Tennessee.

Her family moved to St. Petersburg when she was 10 and she started her modeling career at 13. In 1999, she won multiple awards at the American modeling and talent convention in Hilton Head South Carolina.

She completed her high school at 17 through correspondence courses after having been ridiculed by her classmates at the Christian high school for her ambition of becoming actress and she later moved to Los Angeles.


Is she really Filipino?

Megan Fox is not Filipino.For the record, Gloria Darlene, Megan’s mom was born in Tennessee, USA and she is purely an American by nationality.

Her dad Thomas Fox is a British descent and American by nationality who too was born in Tennessee, so what really makes Megan a Filipino?


Her career

Fox’s first notable play-role was in 2001 where she acted as an antagonist in the movie “Holiday in the sun”, in the following years, she guest starred in “what I like about you”, “Two and a half men” and also in “Bad boys II” in 2003. After getting quite an experience in the career, she made a big screen debut when she appeared as “Lindsay Lohan” in the movie “confessions of a teenage drama queen”.

In 2004, Megan got involved in seasons two and three of the television sitcom “Hope and Faith” until 2007 when she received a big break in the blockbuster hit “transformers” which grossed about $709.7 million worldwide, she returned for the 2009 “transformers” sequel which was yet another record-breaking box office hit surpassing its the original at $835.2 million.

She also starred as the title character and lead in Academy Award winning writer Diablo Cody’s tongue in cheek horror known as “Jennifer’s body”


Personal life

In 2004 when she was 18 on the set of “Hope and faith”, Fox met 30 year old Brian Austin Green; a former “Beverly Hills star”.

They got engaged in 2006 and later broke off their engagement in 2009. In June 2010, the love birds re-engaged and married a few weeks later. Fox filed for divorce in 2015 and they again got back together at the start of 2016, she filled to dismiss the divorce in 2019 but unfortunately the two broke up in 2020 again with three sons and she began dating Machine Gun Kelly in the same year.

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You should take note that Brian Austin Green is an American born in Los Angeles, California and her current fiancé George Kelly Barnes commonly known as machine gun Kelly is also an American from Memphis-Tennessee.


How on earth then is she Filipino?

The “Filipino Megan’ tweets have been quite too many for one to just ignore and have left many of her followers puzzled on whether she’d been civilization, adopted or even hidden her identity from the public.

How was that even possible? Well, given her background, Fox does not have any traces of being Filipino however much the hash tag “MeganFoxIsFilipino” has been trending on Twitter.


Why is the hash tag trending anyways?

As far as we all know, Megan Fox is not a Filipino but it is the Filipino twitter users who are impetuously using the hashtag (meganfoxisfilipino) as if ‘a Filipino Megan Fox’ ever existed, most of the tweets look and sound so believable as they are accompanied by fake photoshoped photos of Megan wearing the cultural attire of the Filipinos and videos of her speaking ‘Tagalog’; a widely known Filipino language, leaving amateurs in complete satisfaction that she really is a Filipino.

One of the tweets read, “Am so happy to see someone like me being represented in the media”.

Many people have been requesting for explanations as to why the hash tag is trending, only to be replied with more confusing literature, pictured and videos or even jokes.


Conclusion: Is Megan Fox Filipino?

This is not the first time the social media goes crazy over false statements; Fox is actually a lucky brat because some celebrities have unthinkably been rather cyber bullied out of the internet hoaxes going viral.

Take an instance of Jaden Smith and Rowan Sebastian Atkinson who were reported dead over media and yet they were alive, some of the victims have been declared criminals over internet and this cost them a decline in their fun-base.

Internet users should therefore on a serious note always be vigilant on the information they receive; not everything that is posted on social media is correct and the malicious people behind these hoaxes usually target moments of crisis knowing that people are desperate and eager to get updated on the situation at hand, a clear example is of hoaxes about events in the Russian invasion being quite a thing as the war continues.

False information really travels so fast and with the increasing rate of digitalization, may cause mayhem……..

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