Instafeet Review – Is it legit Or A Scam?

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Selling feet pictures is just one of the various ways to make money online. There has an increase in demand of such content from all over the world.

You can view these pictures for free on Instagram and Facebook. However, these pictures are not exclusive.

That is why buyers have to look for more exclusive options and that’s how feet selling platforms can come in.

There are various platforms that sell feet pictures and Instafeet is one of them.

The platform has been around for a really long time starting its business in the late 2000s.

In this article, we shall discuss whether the platform is a safe haven for creators.


What is Instafeet?


This is an application service that allows its users to upload photos and videos on their profiles for sale to other subscribers.

Who knew that you could make a sh*t load of money selling feet pics.

Just like most feet selling services, you have the ability to set a monthly subscription price and earn money from any paying subscribers to your profile.

The platform serves over 165,000+ creators and accommodates over 15,000 subscribers on their platform.


How Does Instafeet Work?

According to the platform, you can only become a creator with the platform if you are over 18 years of age.

The platform reserves the right to accept your application or deny it. To become a creator on the platform, you have to follow the steps below:

a) Create a profile.

The first step is to get registered with the platform. If you are visiting the website for the first time, you have to create a profile for either a creator or a subscriber (buyer).

You have to enter information like an email address, full name, location, username, password and a visual or text aide to describe you.

You also need to upload a picture to confirm your identity to the platform. As you finish your application, you also have to select between being a creator (seller of feet pictures) and a subscriber (buyer of feet pictures).



When all this is done, you have to confirm that you are not a robot and submit the application.

It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks for your application to be reviewed.

At times, you can’t sign up because there are too many applicants.

If all goes well, you shall receive an email and move on to the next step.


b) Post content.

With the acceptance, you can login to the portal using your assigned password and account.

The platform advises its creators to post at least 5 photos to your account for the start.

Since this business attracts customers basing on the content, it is advisable for you to keep adding picture to the platform.

You have the freedom to add as many pictures as you want.

There are some rules to what you have to post on the moment.


c) Set a price.

Most creators set a low price for the platform. Usually, the price is below $10. There are many creators and subscribers.

This means that there is a lot of competition from a lot of people for the available customers.

It is important for you to get as many people on to your platform.

And this is best done by setting a low price. This means that even with just five or ten customers you can get $50 or $100 regularly every month.


d) Get your own unique link.

With the account, you also get a unique link that people could use to quickly access your account. The link contains your username.


e) Share across your social media platforms.

With the link, you can start sharing across several social media platforms so that people can subscribe to your account.

These platforms include Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This helps to get more people on to your account.

You can also ask your friends to share to other groups so that you can get more people to the account.

Get Started With Instafeet


Instafeet Referral Program.

The platform pays users that refer Instafeet to other users. This program rewards you a 5% of all income earned by the referred user.

It is important to note that this 5% is deducted from the 10% deducted by Instafeet from its users from the revenue.

For example, if user A refers user B and user B makes $100, Instafeet deducts $10. From the $10, you get $5 for referring user B. Every creator can get access to this program.


Does Instafeet Charge Any Fees to its Users?

Yes. Instafeet has creators and subscribers. For creators, you have to pay 10% of your revenue to the platform. This is meant to pay for processing the credit card and maintenance for your account. For subscribers, they have to pay $20 to get access to downloadable and viewable images.


How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pictures on Instafeet?

The platform allows its users to price the pictures. This means that you do not have any limit to what you can make on the platform.

Keep in mind that you can set a low price and work with many subscribers or you can set a high price and work with few subscribers.

There are models that make over $1,000 per month selling feet pics.


Is it legal to Sell Feet Pictures on the Internet?

Yes, it is. Selling feet pictures is legal in Tier-1 countries like the USA, UK and Canada. The optimism does not necessarily cross to other countries.

The lack of regulation on such a business does not mean it is illegal. However, the platform advises all its users to join only when they meet the legal age requirements in their specific countries of origin.


Pros of Instafeet.

  • It’s free to join as seller or creator.
  • You can charge whatever price you want.
  • The site is private


Cons of Instafeet.

  • Long approval times.
  • Some applications might be removed.


Sign Up For Instafeet


When Does Instafeet Pay its Creators?

Instafeet pays its creators twice a month. The payments are received on the 15th and 30th of every month. They are processed through PayPal and the bank.


Who Buys Feet Pictures from Instafeet?

Feet pictures are sought after by a lot of people that include:

1. Feet lovers.

They are usually referred to as “people with feet fetishes”. Just like any person likes to watch movies, there are a lot of people that enjoy looking at people’s feet pictures.

These people are willing to pay for the pictures so that they can see their fantasies.

This is why there are so many categories of feet pictures on the platform.


2. Foot model agencies.

Model agencies usually have models to pose and take foot pictures. However, at times they visit such platforms so that they can get good looking feet images.

They also serve as the biggest clients for creators on Instafeet.


3. Magazines and newspapers.

Writing usually works hand in hand with photographs. Many adverts can be run using feet pictures for example sock adverts, shoe adverts and everything in between.

Instead of getting pictures from agencies, it is better to visit such a platform to get photos.

They also come in as big customers for the platform.


4. Bloggers and publishers. 

When they post articles about feet, they need to acquire good quality feet pictures to make the story better.

The bloggers have to get these pictures from somewhere. This is how they add their stake to the group of buyers of pictures from the platform.


5. Painters and tattoo artists.

This is a relatively new group of clients. Painters need a source of inspiration for their paintings. So, they need pictures that they can paint on their canvas.

Tattoo artists use these pictures to give their clients options when they want to get tattoos done.


6. Stock photography websites.

These sites keep an image library to post published photographs that customers can use for other commercial projects.

It is an industry norm for publishers to buy rights on images you submit so that you can be featured prominently across various pages with limited copyright infringement while they retain access for when they are needed later down the line.


How to Keep Your Instafeet Account?

Instafeet sets out a couple of rules one has to follow to retain their membership on the platform. They include:

  • Do not register more than one account.
  • Do not upload low quality photos or stock photographs.
  • Do not apply for two creators on one profile.
  • Do not impersonate or misrepresent the platform in anyway.
  • Do not falsify account registration information or use another’s registration information.
  • Do not violate another person’s copyright.
  • Do not promote or advertise any form of escort services.
  • Do not promote or advertise firearms, weapons, tobacco, drugs, any illegal activity or assist any unlawful act.
  • Do not promote your social media pages or any other form of communication between you and subscribers.


Get Started With Instafeet


Conclusion: Instafeet Review – Is it legit or a Scam?

Instafeet is legit and good to use. It gives a lot of value for its users especially the buyers.

There is a featured page that gives buyers the opportunity to purchase high quality pictures from the accounts with the best quality pictures.

Aside from the great service to buyers, creators can showcase pictures across various categories to make an extra buck.

Creators can take advantage of the referral program to put extra money into their pockets. Overall, the platform is a good way to sell feet pictures.

I hope you found this instafeet review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Are you going to join Instafeet as a buyer or seller?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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