How To Make Your Small Business More Sustainable

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How To Make Your Small Business More Sustainable

Every small business is different in its own way, but every business is the same in that they each impact the environment in some manner. It’s important to be conscious of what your business is doing that could be negatively impacting the environment. If you’re interested in taking small steps to improve your environmental impact, then continue reading to learn how to make your small business more sustainable.

Switching to Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you’re a restaurant with to-go containers and plastic bags, or if you’re a local store, you go through so many different packages each day. When customers get home, they typically toss those containers in the trash, which then goes to a landfill. Find an affordable, eco-friendly packaging material that is recyclable and gives customers the opportunity to help the environment alongside your business.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Each business requires a substantial amount of energy to stay open and running. You can make changes to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, such as investing in energy-efficient appliances or unplugging electronics at night. Some of these changes may be difficult to implement right away for your small business. One easy idea is to use an LED neon sign.

Whether it’s an outdoor sign or a smaller indoor sign, LED neon signs are best for the environment. Glass neon signs are more harmful to the earth because they use more energy and have shorter life spans. Using LED neon signs will be the best alternative to create that bright, retro feeling for your business.

Implement Recycling Resources

No matter the business, waste is everywhere. As mentioned before, you can provide recyclable and compostable packaging materials. Another option is to place recycling bins inside or outside of your business. Accessible recycling bins will encourage customers and employees to bring materials they need to recycle and encourage everyone to participate in this great habit for the environment.

Customers will notice and appreciate these changes you’ve made to better the environment. Your actions may seem like they have little impact, but it’s important to remember that it’s the small steps of change that make the biggest difference. Learning how to make your small business more sustainable is the first step in creating a better world for yourself and the community.

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