How to Make Money Selling Feet Pictures on Instagram

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Did you know that you can actually make money selling feet pictures on Instagram?

So in case you are wondering, yes, you can make good money just by selling feet pictures online.

Chances are, you are probably hearing it for the first time but thinking out of the box can never have walls to limit how far your ideas can go.

After all, it is outside the box. And have we not seen major shifts in the fashion, modeling and marketing world? Anything goes; as long as it is properly presented.

You can turn selling feet pictures online into a side hustle.

For those who like remaining anonymous on business ventures, this is actually ideal for you.

It is cheap to get started, as long as you have your feet, good lighting equipment, and a plan on where to promote your new business venture.

People and even organizations like;

  • Production companies
  • Modeling agencies
  • Artists
  • Flooring bloggers
  • Shoe bloggers
  • Feet lovers (fetish related) are always on the lookout for these pictures.

They will use the pictures in the form of stock images to market and promote their products or content.

You have definitely seen gorgeous posters of feet and toes and nails on salons that offer pedicures and manicures, or on a poster marketing foot scrub products, nail polish, and so forth.

Then it is clear just how much it can earn you and even become a full time business if you want.

You can earn as much as a full time job which is determined by how serious you are with this venture.

Now the platform does matter too and there are obviously a lot of those nowadays.

But in this article, we look at steps you can take to be successful at it on Instagram.

And it does not take much to get started.

Instagram is a social media platform where you can share images every day and the rest of the users can see them and like, comment or share.

It is therefore a visual platform hence very convenient for this picture business.

Here is the ultimate guide to learning how to grow your feet pictures niche by posting on Instagram.


1. Create an account

The account is entirely dedicated to the business so make it a business account since it comes with additional features that will guide you to growing your account following.

A huge following is most likely going to give you more clients.

More clients mean different interests like feet pictures with shoes, food, tied, or on various backgrounds.

This helps you get experience and expertise as you grow.

A business account will offer an analytics feature on all your posts and stories to see which one performs best, insights on your followers and how they might be interacting with your content and contact information to make it easier for anyone interested in your products to reach you.

It also has a shopping feature that enables you to add a picture and then add a tag that lets the client see the price once they click it.

Along with the additional information, it will take them to your shopping page on Instagram.

Your business made easier.


2. Gain a following

The additional features will help you manage your business easily but you need a following to keep the business on its feet.

Connect with other accounts that sell feet pictures online, especially on the same Instagram and bond over the shared business.

Whether they take you as competition or not, get to know how they operate their own business. Some might offer to collaborate /partner with you on much bigger projects, sponsorships, promos and that will market your business to their clients.

So get to know the people who follow these accounts too and make it known that you are in the feet business too and you might be offering something different.

Other ways to gain more followers especially when it comes to a business account are:

  • Paying for sponsored posts and product reviews
  • Monitor your page activities and followers
  • Using Instagram lives
  • Take advantage of trends
  • Using the right hashtags


3. Use hashtags

This is one way to grow your following. And while it works, it also engages your audience and the ones who do not know about your account since your content will appear in feeds of people who do not follow you yet.

It enables people to find your page or your products using specific terms.

The terms can be or not be related to your feet pictures because your goal is to reach more people. So use popular hashtags that will also get your products discovered.

You can still find relevant tags that apply to your products. There are tools like webstagram that will help discover popular hashtags at the time and yet related to your products.

Some of the popular feet hashtags are:

  • #softfeet – 514,537 posts
  • #instafeetlove – 500,268 posts
  • #girlsfeet – 494,591 posts
  • #bigfeet – 482,445 posts
  • #feetlover – 473,703 posts
  • #feetslave – 427,654 posts

Instagram will only allow a maximum of thirty hashtags per post but that is pretty much all you need while you also keep with the trends to keep finding out which hashtags are popular at that time.

Consider creating a branded tag for each of your promos and campaigns that will be associated with your brand/business and in turn have followers using them.

Then their own connections will see them and follow your account if they are interested in what you are offering.

Have your branded tag printed on your other products and ads to let people know of them.

Every time you upload a feet photo on Instagram, tag it with several tags and users will view your photo just by searching the tags used.

Get descriptive and fun with the hashtags.


4. Use professional images

People are visual beings. If they like what they see, they take it. Some do not even know they want something until they see it.

Therefore the quality of the images you post matters a lot.

You might post the same image in different qualities and they will receive different reactions.

This is because quality is a crucial thing to consider. Use proper lighting equipment and try different angles.

The item or product in the picture needs to look presentable.

It also determines how the picture comes out.

If you are selling your feet, let their condition always be at its best.

Professionals go to great lengths to protect what they are selling.

So should you, if you mean the business to grow.

Do not Photoshop your feet pictures since companies, brands and other clients want your feet to look natural.

This is a strategy used in every other marketing company to connect with the buyers more.

Invest in good photography equipment instead.

This one might just be your market breakthrough.


5. Be consistent

To be consistent is sticking to the frequency you have chosen to show up over a period of time. You are loyal to the timelines set.

While content and the quality of the content is a major aspect of growing online, it does not matter that much if there is no consistency.

Your followers eventually get bored or forget about your products if there is no effort.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Consistency is what your makes your content relevant and remembered.

Audit your time and set timelines that work for you considering social media is not your only responsibility.



This is laying the groundwork. Since you already know what you are going to post, schedule all the posts you already have then go back to the Instagram analytics to confirm which days are your audience most active.

This will ensure maximum engagement from your audience.

If it is not too much, you might even use a content calendar to get organized to easily execute your social media plan.

Last step is to realize everything starts with baby steps.

It makes it look absolutely doable because it actually is.

Starting small makes it more likely that you will stick to it.


6. Focus on demand

When you compare most of your posts on Instagram, you will notice there is one that has more reaction.

When you analyze your sales, there is one picture that sold the most.

My point is, analyze the style used, the theme applied to know what your clients actually prefer. This way, you get to satisfy them fully and focus on their needs.

I am not saying take shots of almost the same thing but try to replicate that style or theme and be innovative in making it look different from the picture on demand, but also the same.

You can try the same style with a different theme, in different styles or the same location that attracted the clients, in different styles.

Creating demand should have you focusing on scarcity to check out for something unique that others cannot offer, and constantly innovating.

Other times you just need to check your competitors and see what is selling the most then replicate that in your own style.

Whatever way you choose to do it, once demand exists, take the reins and focus on how to use it to grow your business.


7. Collaborate

I mentioned earlier how you would get your fellow competitors to collaborate with you or want to partner with you and how to connect with anyone in your niche.

As you engage your followers, engage your competitors too.

Generally speaking, engage your profile. Engage them by initiating conversations either commenting on their posts or messaging them.

React on their content occasionally.

You will find that most of them will do the same and their followers will be curious to know about you; especially since you are in the same or related business as them.

You can search for anyone in your niche by using the tags you use to see who uses the same tags too.

Fortunately enough, they do not have to be your competitors.

You can engage businesses and organizations doing something related to your line of work e.g.

  • Pedicure artists
  • Sock companies
  • Fashion designers


8. Update your bio

Most social media users’ bios are wild and not necessarily to promote anything but you need to introduce your business from your bio.

Include on your bio what you are all about, what your business does and update it when there is a need to.

Feed the information even before they get to main business and that helps to build trust with your clients.

And people buy from whom they trust. Trust equals sales.

While you are at it, do not just type anything.

You need to be creative with your words and style.

Everything needs to be creative in the business world: as well as something original.

Use your own words and come up with something catchy and attractive to get your clients interested.

You can do this by;

  • Use keywords relevant to your niche
  • Include your niche, your experience and interest in so few words and with a tough of humor
  • Include emojis
  • Use hashtags on your bio
  • Choose a catchy profile photo
  • Include a call to action


9. Set themes

That Instagram page is solely a tool to market and sell your feet pictures.

It should be customized to fit this whole niche and given a theme that matches your feet business.

It should also be appealing to your audience.

Do not even bother showing your face on that picture or something else not feet related.

Set themes for a certain period and post them as scheduled.

You can choose to make the theme to include your feet pictures with wearable stuff.

Like a sock theme which you can play around with and include a crazy sock theme, cute sock theme, lace sock theme.

You can even include shoes, or go barefoot.

Some people prefer natural so you set aside something for them and have your next theme with applied nail polish or wearing anklets.

Setting themes is a good idea to start with.

Also, sometime you will have people interested in videos too.

Do not restrict yourself to just taking feet pictures.

Videos are taking off. You can even get to share on other platforms like Tiktok accompanied by links leading viewers to your main feet Instagram page.

Better yet, you can charge a bit more for videos like $10 more for a short feet clip.


 10. Watermark

A watermark is an identifying image or pattern over a photograph or image, appearing in different shades when viewed in light.

It is placed over an image to identify the creator and protect his work, which is the said image.

I am sure you question the whole posting of your feet pictures on Instagram to sell them.

Posting the feet pictures is like making them freely and easily accessible.

The pictures you post on Instagram do not upload with high quality.

Nowhere near the quality of the pictures on sale. Not as original either.

You are using Instagram as a tool to market and grow your niche.

So when you post your feet pictures, you have to watermark them if you so wish.

It is a strategy you can use to make sure no one takes or uses your work for free.

Watermarking is simply a way to sign your work.

Your work will go around on the internet marketing you but anyone who sees it will eventually come back to your website for purchase.

It also markets your niche or business without the fear of someone stealing your work.

Put effort to the design of your watermark if the picture is to be sold with one.

You also want your watermark to be visible enough and sizable but not overwhelming.


Conclusion: How to Make Money Selling Feet Pictures on Instagram

In conclusion, Instagram is probably one of the largest social media platform out here and with the most following when it comes to feet pictures.

People have formed communities specifically about feet pictures and you deciding to be part of it can help to grow your side of the business a lot.

They make it feel safe and secure.

Let your work be of high quality, aesthetically pleasing, especially with this business and excellent marketing skills.

The feet here are the product and they are consumed as visual objects so get them to look enticing, lovely and flattering as possible

The venture is completely legal in most countries assuming you have a copyright of your own images and you have to be at least 18 years of age to get in the selling feet pictures business. Also do not take any images that might be deemed to violate laws on illicit content.

Some feet pictures have been deemed obscene.

If you are asked to customize your pictures, like add something extra to the feet pictures, you might as well charge extra money.

It only means you get to be more creative with your feet pictures which is something we mentioned earlier.

Treat your feet with utmost care if you wish to venture in this business because people want quality.

Take feet exercises, and keep them clean.

I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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