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How to Make Extra Money As a teacher in UK

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Are you looking for ways to make extra money as a teacher in the UK?

In this post you are going to learn how to make extra money as a teacher in UK.

As much as teaching is referred as a noble profession, it usually starts off with low wages.

Outside this profession are side hustles you can choose from that are still in line with your line of work.

In other words, best suited for teachers since they require the expertise and skills they already have.


1. Online tutoring

There is a growing need for tutors following the pandemic and the need to widen ones scope of knowledge.

It is a great income supplement.

Being a teacher already, to be aware of the area that makes you stand out is not a problem.

Research on any unmet tutoring needs, pick one where you are exceptionally skilled in and zero-in on that.

Focusing on what age group you can best work with will also help narrow down the options a bit.

Specializing in exam preparations online is highly profitable compared to most and it lies in line with the online tutoring.


2. Selling your lesson plans

This is not tied directly to the hours you consume but the quality of your educational materials.

Most teachers are always eager to know about fellow teachers’ curriculum plans as it might act as an inspiration or a challenge when creating their own.

It will take time to organize and upload since everyone wants quality. Once uploaded on platforms like teacherpaysteachers, you will not only be making a side income but also engaging students too, therefore improving the quality of their education.

The educational materials/lessons you upload will be customized for various group of students i.e. teacherpaysteachers will present them as per subject, grade level etc.

People also prefer something interactive so while you upload the materials, you can attach a recording or a short film of you to explain the lesson plans.


3. Write an eBook

E-books have a lot of versatility which means they can be inclusive of graphs for illustrations, charts or links.

Popular platforms are as follows;

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Lulu
  • Apple iBooks Store
  • Barnes and Noble Press
  • KITABOO (one of the best eBook hosting platforms)


If you are sure to fill a book-length text concerning the subject you teach on, then you are good to go.

The idea will appeal to many teachers and for this to become a serious side hustle, introducing a free eBook to showcase your skills on the subject is crucial.

It will also help build up traffic or market your work/name.

Once that is cleared, upgrade to more advance subjects with your loyal clientele that will no doubt pay to learn more from you.

If you however don’t have the time to actually write an entire book due to a busy schedule, you can hire talented writers on Fiverr to write an awesome ebook for you.

Once the ebook is delivered, you take full ownership and authorship of the ebook.

All intellectual rights are transferred to you hence giving you full ownership.


4. Proofreading

Most teachers are likely to spot errors as a default setting when it comes to their students’ work.

Might as well earn while you do it since proofreading pays well.

Companies will really pay a lot to have you proofread and edit. Even under a contract.

The more you show quality in your work, the more you get paid.

Then you will eventually build a reputation from your quality work and take on editing and proofreading as full time.



You get to choose your own hours, where to work and it is relatively easy.

Do check websites concerning proofreading to know where to start.

You will need to have a good command of the English language, sharp eye for details and read fast.

Most literature teachers can attest it will only get easier and fun as it is second nature to teachers.


5. Exam invigilating

If you do not mind the extra hours, you can register with a few agencies that sign up teachers, for an extra pay check. Your own school might even be offering.

You will only deal with stressed students being exam time; which is something you already know so well, or new students depending on where the agency places you.

Look out for the exam periods and timelines that do not clash with your normal teaching schedule.

The invigilating might take up a few hours of your normal school schedule but some can run until a little later when you are out of school hours.

Fortunately enough, exams can fall outside the school period too, which is much more convenient for you.


6. Tutor locally

A good tutor is always on demand and since teaching is something you do for a living and may come off naturally, so will tutoring.

Tutoring online is one of the aforementioned side hustles but tutoring locally might be easier.

There will always be students in need of the extra learning hours or home-schooled students.

‘How do I spot/find them’ you might ask. Tutoring locally is an idea that had inspired local agencies that sign up teachers or anyone with the qualifications.

As long as you are qualified, sign up and start tutoring during these extra hours.


7. Translating

Speaking more than one language is a gift you can give the world! There are various people or even organizations that can benefit from this.

Language teachers e.g. French, German, etc. Can sign up on translation sites and wait for jobs. These sites have a flexible schedule and while we are at it, there are many sites you can use e.g.

  • com
  • Translate Base
  • Unlabel

Popular companies and their websites in UK are:

  • Lingo24
  • Speakt
  • Wolfestone
  • Language Connect

Speaking fluent English puts you at a greater advantage as English translators are always on high demand.


8. Blogging

Infropreneurship is a way of earning passive income by selling information products. It does not happen overnight. Blogging is an example.

It might take time to grow but it is the perfect side hustle for you as a teacher and anyone in general.

You can even choose to share your experiences as a teacher or literally anything you enjoy doing to take a break from the professional environment.

Once you have your own site, you can might even use it as a platform to sell your lessons or resources that you would have needed to sell on other websites.

Earn money through the advertisements, your lessons, by being a speaker/writer or creating courses.

Having your own site is key.


9. Freelance bookkeeping

Most businesses, especially the small ones hate bookkeeping in as much as it is a crucial activity in business.

Services offered will include:

  • Filling Invoices
  • Keying in data in accounting software
  • Ensuring regular payments are made
  • Completing VAT returns
  • Scanning documentation
  • Preparing end of year accounts

If you are good with numbers and are familiar with clerical activities and balancing books, then it is an ideal side hustle for you.

Voted as UK’s friendliest software at the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers {ICB}, FreeAgent has all the crucial features that will make it easy for you to handle the whole bookkeeping process.

Choose your hours and you will find that the pay per hour is excellent.


10. Virtual assistant

This side gig will only utilize skills you already have and use as a teacher. It literally just needs you to use the skills you use in class, outside the classroom, i.e.

  • Writing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Planning skills
  • Creative skills
  • Researching skills
  • Sharp eye for details
  • Willing to help others

It is therefore very convenient and pays immediately. The payment however will depend on the number of hours you put on the hustle.

The tasks are mostly just the same and can be picked to fit your schedule.

Use your time management skills and have an excellent understanding of processes and policies.


11. Teaching English

Remember how we said understanding and speaking fluent English puts you at an advantage?

There are several platforms open for such and the clientele is mostly students from Korea, China, etc.

Mostly Asian countries.

You will never lack interested people who want to learn English as a second language throughout the world.

You will have processes to go through before you are qualified on some platforms but after that it gets pretty easy.

One does not need a teaching degree to qualify and if one platform does not work for you, you can always pick another.

Some of the popular platforms are:

  • EducationFirst {EF}
  • MagicEars
  • VIPKid

12. We Are Teachers

We Are Teachers is a very popular website for all teachers pertaining their school life and teaching experiences.

You present these experiences concerning school and education as well written articles to be published on their website for a pay. The blogs are between 500 to 700 words. Sometimes even less.

Read through the articles already published to understand their format and style.

You are at a bigger advantage if you are a teacher blogger and most of the times when your work is published on their page, they get to share a link leading to your website.

Think of it as a teachers’ meetup where all of you can share anything about lessons and humour, giveaways and videos.

They offer support and encouragement to anyone who is part of their community.


13. Direct sales consultant

Teachers get to teach students about anything and convince them that they will have to apply that knowledge on their day to day activities.

This is literally what direct sales entails. If anything, it is the same kind of interaction and teaching about products so you can convince consumers to buy them, outside the retail environment.

Online sales are very popular nowadays hence a high income if you commit. The pay might even be as high as your teaching income.

Choose products you probably love using or consume on the daily for promotion. Know your target market, find them and be persistent on your promotion.


14. Corporate training

This is a system designed to educate employees on a particular skillset or field for a professional progress.

Employees are the powerhouse behind the functioning of a company so providing skills and how they are presented for learning is crucial.

It is also needed to on-board new people awaiting employment once they can pass the training

It therefore needs educators with teaching experience. Having already acquired these teaching skills and dealing with people, this might be easy and ideal for you.

You might even like it and take a big leap in your career life by choosing to take corporate training full time.


15. Etsy

You might be one of those really creative teachers who like creating stuff like boards or literally anything to be used as learning visual aids such as bulletin boards or anything printable.

These can be advantageous to both teachers and students.

If you are a creative part time or artsy, this might be an opportune platform to explore that side of you while you mix it up a little bit with your teaching skills.

Being a teacher will give you something to set you apart from the rest of the people and their products.

Choose anything you think a student really needs or identify a niche in the teachers’ needs and make it available for sale on Etsy. Your own unique brand is what sells.

If you are too scared to make this big leap, talk to someone who has been down that road before or watch masterclasses regarding etsy programs.

It might feel like a big step forward because it is.

Opening an etsy shop is one of those side hustles that can a full time job and earn you a lot.


16. Childcare provider

If you love being around your children and can entertain them, this is side hustle that could work too.

It would not be hard starting it since parents would actually love the idea of having a teacher watching their children.

You can choose hours when parents can’t watch over their children like ‘parents’ night out’ or during summer holidays.

Sites like and are a few examples of platforms that could connect you to families in need of a part time or full time caregiver.

All these steps need consistent progress but apart from that, very ideal as side hustles for a teacher in the UK.

Teachers deserve a flexible hustle due to the teaching strain and long hours on the daily. No better place to find ideas on that, but here.


Conclusion: How to Make Extra Money As a teacher in UK

Making extra money on the side can really come in handy and help you meet all your financial obligations on time.

I believe you will be able to find something you can do as a side hustle to boost your income or salary as a teacher in the UK.

These side hustle ideas for teachers will allow you make an extra $2000 per month or even more to supplement your income.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What side hustles for teachers are you going to try out from this list?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also share this blog post with your friends and family.

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