How To Legally Protect Your Blog With The Legal Bundle Value Pack

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Wondering how to legally protect your blog?

Well in this article you will learn how to legally protect your blog with the Legal Bundle Value Pack.

Blogging is one of the best ways for you to earn money on the internet.

By now, you should know that every piece of information you find online has been written by someone after they have conducted some form of research.

Now, most of this information is posted on sites or blogs that have been created by someone.

People create these blogs to reach out to readers and also earn extra money from them.

There can be over a million sites covering different niche categories like art and design, food blogs, literature, technology, phone accessories, laptops and computers and many other niches.

At times, it might be hard for the content displayed on one website to be different as compared to that on others. Maybe an example of earnings is used to show you the feasibility of a project.

Maybe you want to monetize your website. These issues can expose the owner of the website to legal disputes.

Either way, you need to have some kind of legal protection to monetize your website and protect yourself from legal liability.

In this article, we shall explore the kinds of legal documents that you need to protect your blog and make money from it.

You shall also get to know about the best place to find legal advice for bloggers.


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Legal documents one needs to protect their blog.

Just like articles and memoranda of association for companies, blogs need these legal pages to protect against legal liability.

The ones below are the most critical ones with all blog pages on the internet.

They include;

1. Privacy policy.

This page tells of you about the procedures that should be followed while handling users’ information.


2. Terms and conditions.

This page gives you guidelines on how you are expected to use the website as a visitor.


3. Disclaimers.

This page gives you an accurate account of what to use the information on the site for.

They are usually found on sites with literature based on research carried out online.


4. Disclosures.

This is most common in websites that give earnings estimates. This page basically tells you not to rely on numbers found on them since they do not give an accurate measure of what to expect in the real world.

If you want to learn more about why you need to legally protect your blog I would definitely recommend enrolling in this FREE legal course.

The course talks about protecting your work, legal pages, taxes, and all that boring (but incredibly important! ) stuff.


What is the legal bundle value pack?

The legal bundle value pack is an awesome package of already created legal templates that help you create legal pages for your blogs.

This pack is designed for all bloggers and online entrepreneurs with a lot of resources including done for you templates and legal pages. We shall explore more about this later.

You should know that the pack was created by an international lawyer with GDPR+FTC+CCPA compliance pages.

legal bundle package

The features of the course are;

  • 5 courses and templates for all your legal pages for your blog
  • Top quality CCPA, FTC and GDPR complaint pages
  • Access for bloggers around the world including The United States of America, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, New Zealand among others.
  • Pages designed for you in English
  • Access to future updates and revised templates at no extra cost
  • Access to a private Facebook blogging group with over 36,000 bloggers
  • License to use all the templates across multiple websites.
  • Private membership area

This is a course I have personally taken and recommend to all my readers.

legally blogs certificate


Who created the legal bundle value pack?

The legal bundle value pack was created by experienced lawyer Lucrezia Iapichino.

Lucrezia Iapichino is an experienced lawyer turned blogger and entrepreneur.

Lucrezia Iapichino comes from Italy but is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

lucrezia bio

Along with her sister Marina, they created the legal bundle value pack to help their clients deal with legal aspects of blogging.

You can find them on their site here.


How to legally protect your blog with the legal bundle value pack?

THUMBNAIL - Legal Bundle Value Pack (Best Selling)

The legal bundle value pack clearly outlines the pages you must have to protect yourself from any legal liability arising from your blogging exploits.

You do not have to write a single word of legal jargons to get the documents. According to the course, you must have 5 critical legal pages.

They include;

1. Privacy policy.

The bundle includes a privacy policy template that has already been made for you by a professional lawyer in Lucrezia Iapichino.


2. Terms and conditions.

A terms and conditions template has been designed for you.

You can fill in the sections in the template to match the rules you want to put in place on your website.

You are able to set clear expectations for users of your information.

It also helps you to be protected from any form of legal disputes and lawsuits.


3. Disclaimers.

The bundle also has a disclaimer’s template that has already been designed for you by the in-house lawyers.

The disclaimer helps you to clearly state the purpose of the information you provide and to also provide you with immunity against legal liability.

The templates have been made for content related to fitness, health, medical, mental health, legal and financial matters.


4. Disclosures.

The bundle also includes a disclosure template to design this legal page.

It is designed in a way to help you build trust with your audience, improve transparency and limit SEO (search engine optimization) penalties from Google and other search engines.

It also helps you to comply with the FTC guidelines and other regulations.


5. Copyright notice template.

This is the last crucial page designed for you by the bundle.

This helps you to create your content safely, warn off visitors and deter them from copying and stealing your content and to also use it on your own websites.

In addition to the legal pages above, you also get fill-in-the-blank templates like;

  • GDPR + CCPA complaint privacy policy template
  • Terms and conditions template
  • FTC complaint disclosures template
  • Disclaimers template
  • Copyright notice template


Other bonuses that come with the course include;

1. Copyright 101 module.

This module teaches you about everything to do with a copyright.

You also get to learn how to protect your content and prevent people from copying or stealing it.


2. GDPR requirements module.

The course shows you how to set up everything on your website the right way in compliance with the GDPR legal requirements.


3. Refund and return policy template.

This template is crucial to ecommerce sites especially those dealing in selling products and services.

You get to learn how to draft a policy with clear guidelines for users to follow when returning goods or products and how to process refunds.

The one for a service provider may be a little bit challenging but I trust in the experience of Lucrezia Iapichino as a lawyer.


4. Amazon associates special requirements module.

This template was created for Amazon associates. It clearly outlines the guidelines for you to follow so that you can keep in line with Amazon’s operating agreement.

The guidelines have been presented to you in a checklist format where you mark something off if you do not do it.


5. GDPR + CCPA complaint cookie policy template.

According to the website, this template helps you to complete your legal pages with a detailed and easy to read cookie policy.

This goes a long way in helping you design a unique cookie policy for your website.


6. Sponsored / no follow links module.

This module helps you as a blogger to set up your backlinks the correct way so that you can rank well on Google and avoid SEO penalties.


7. Privacy policy workshop.

In this workshop, Lucrezia Iapichino teaches you all you need to know about a privacy policy.

It includes what a privacy policy is, why you must have a privacy policy, how to make your policy CCPA complaint and where you can place it on your website to maximize efficiency.


8. Mandatory arbitration clause and class action waiver.

This clause stipulates the conditions for arbitration in the case of legal action against you.

In most cases, the clause advocates for an arbitrator as opposed to going to court.

This could help save you from legal costs that arise from going to court.


9. Cease and desist letter template.

This template helps you design a cease and desist letter. This letter helps you when another person uses your content without your consent.

You can send a letter to them indicating your willingness to sue if they do not stop using your content.


10. Future updates at no extra cost.

When you buy the bundle at this time for $197, you will continuously pay this amount for your whole time using the bundle.

Even when there are updates, you have access to them at no extra cost.

In case of a significant change in legislation, you will get access to the revised templates free of charge.


11. License for all websites.

You will be able to use all the templates you get on more than one website.

This means that they are not limited to just one website.

The requirement is that you have to either fully own or co-own the website you are to use the template on.


12. Priority access to private Facebook group.

With this, you have a community of bloggers with experience that might be of help to you.

It provides you with the opportunity to grow your blog and social media following.

You have access to a support community of over 30, 000 bloggers.


13. Private membership area hosted on Teachable.

You can access this course and bonus templates across all your mobile devices.

This makes it accessible to you even if you lose your phone or laptop.


What is the cost of the legal bundle value pack?

At the time of writing, the legal bundle value pack costs $197.

You can pay it all up at once. However, there is an option of paying $234 for two months.


At the moment, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

So if you are not satisfied with the course in your first 30 days of payment, then you can request for your money.

You should also keep in mind that there are no upsells on this pack.

The only fee you pay is the periodical subscription fee.

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For those on a tight budget like I was when I just started out with blogging, I recommend you take her free legal course known as Legally Blogs.

legally blogs visual

It is currently open for enrollment for a limited time only. So you should take this opportunity to join the course before it is too late.

Enroll in the free legal course here!


Are legal documents necessary for your blog?

Yes, they are. As explained earlier on, the monetization process for bloggers can only benefit you if you have the required legal pages.

In fact, all monetization programs on the internet for websites require you to have legal protection.

These programs include but are not limited to;

1. Ad networks.

These are platforms that display ads on your website so that you can earn some money.

Ads are basically short forms of adverts and are common in most applications and websites that can be found online.

The most sought after program is the Google Adsense.


2. Sponsored work with major brands of all types.

When you have enough readers on your blog posts, you may be hired by big brands to promote their products.

This kind of monetization is common with niche websites.

For example, if your website is about technology, a company selling software can reach out and ask you to promote their software.


3. Affiliate marketing.

This is the best way to make money on the internet.

Basically, you display a product on your site with the intention to sell it to your readers in the form of better prices.

This is preferred to other programs since you make money off the sales you make.

You can find this on sites looking to sell to you the product at a discounted price.


4. In house affiliate marketing programs.

This is affiliate marketing done with sites on the same platform.

The best example is Amazon. Amazon promotes other products on the stores of sellers that have shops with them.

You just have to be a member of Amazon FBA for you to get this program.


What I like about the legal bundle value pack?

1. Saves you time when creating legal pages.

Like it or not, you must have legal pages if you want to monetize your blog.

The good thing about the bundle is that they give you access to pages that have already been designed for you.

All you need is to fill in the blanks and you can save a lot of time creating your legal pages from scratch.


2. Gives you value for money.

If you have read the article to this point, you realize that you get a lot of things for the combined total of $197.

There are templates for the 5 critical pages for any blog.

In addition, you get bonus templates that are useful to you in the long run.


3. Helps you get legal protection for your sites.


4. Cheap.

The course is cheap compared to getting a lawyer.

The cost is billed every month yet most lawyers operate on an hourly basis with fees reaching over $400 per hour.

This is a significant way to save money as compared to getting legal services from a lawyer.


5. Teaches you about blogging.

Blogging for New Blogger Fast Track Free Course Banner transparent background 2

In addition to the legal pages’ pack, there is a free course that teaches newbies about blogging.

You get to see how to set up a successful website from scratch.


6. Has a guaranteed money back period.

There is a 30-day money back period where you can get access to the pack and all its bonuses.

I advise you to use this time to check out the course and see the value it comes with.

This also shows their confidence in the services they offer to the clients.


7. Lifetime access.

With this, I mean that when you pay for the course at its current price, you continue with this price forever.

This also includes all updates and changes in legislation that you will have access to.

Enroll in the free legal course here!


What I do not like about the legal bundle value pack?

1. Does not help if your website is too complex.


2. Does not help if you apply super advanced e-commerce and marketing techniques and strategies.

With complex marketing strategies, you need to hire a lawyer with experience in drafting legal pages for large websites.

This is because the legal implications of the marketing strategies must always be considered.

Since the changes are frequent and vary with each area, you need a team of lawyers that can help you cover all those areas that could cause you some legal disputes.


3. Not for you if you have a simple blog with an easy setup. If you have a personal blog just for you, it may not be of any value to you.

How can you protect yourself from legal liability arising from matters that only affect you?


Who is the legal bundle value pack for?

The legal bundle value pack was designed to help all bloggers on the internet.

More so, it is of value to you if;

  • You want to make money blogging
  • You don’t want to risk getting fined
  • You care about the rights and privacy of your users.
  • You cannot afford the exorbitant legal fees charged by a lawyer.
  • You treat your blog as your business or your business as your blog
  • You want to be taken seriously by clients, brands, ad networks and affiliate programs
  • You do not want to leave yourself open to getting sued


Enroll in the free legal course here!


Conclusion: How to Legally Protect Your Blog

I recommend this pack to any blogger. If you have been on the scene for a while, you know how good it is to have some form of trusted mentorship behind you.

Even after you get a blogging mentor, someone has to guide you in the legal aspects of owning a blog.

Whenever you make strides to protect yourself from legal liability, you are becoming more appealing to all forms of monetization available for bloggers.

You can get a lot of value from this course whether you are experienced or a newbie.

Besides, you do not have to waste time creating them on your own.


I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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