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GPLPlus Review (Is it Safe?)-Should You Buy From Them

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Looking for a honest and authentic GPLPlus review? Well you have come to the right place.

How would you love to have your own website? The idea is so tempting.

With all the tools available online, it has become increasingly easy for you to own a website.

For now, I have been leaning towards WordPress. They have an option for running a free website.

However, with time my priorities changed. I needed more visitors to my site.

I had to improve on how it looked in order to attract more views.

Most of the people I connected with advised me to monetize the website.

With my free first time website, I didn’t have the necessary tools that would drive traffic towards my website.

The only way to upgrade was to pay for a better service from WordPress.

Their plans were a bit expensive so I turned to GPLPlus.


What is GPLPlus?

GPLPlus is a platform that aims to assist small developers or website owners who have adequate experience and knowledge of WordPress by providing them with the best WordPress plugins, themes, JavaScript and PHP-scripts.

These are for individuals who are mostly running low on budget and need to purchase the plugins for their projects as well as that of their clients.



At times, the plugins these developers need for the website of a client can cost a lot of funds. Some developing nations may not even have this amount on their entire budget.

This is where GPLPlus comes in. It aims to assist knowledgeable individuals who don’t require automatic updates or support to save cash.


What GPLPlus offers.

The company specializes in selling the software you need to develop websites.

These include WordPress plugins, themes, JavaScript and PHP-scripts

The project was launched in 2016 and GPLPlus has risen to be one of the most renowned sites that offer the leading digital products for designing websites on the market.

GPLPlus aims to offer users with the chance to get a feel of leading products at reasonable prices.

They sell majorly open source software. Many individuals understand the term ‘’Open Source’.

It means a piece of code or software that is free to utilize.

Users can copy, use, study, enhance, redistribute or make changes to this software as they desire.

They have put together recent versions of the top WordPress plugins and templates.

Also, the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

To understand what a site like GPLPlus is, you first need to know at least the barest minimum of what the GPL is and allows you to do (and what it doesn’t include).


Deep dive into GPL PLUS

GPL stands for Gnu Public License and it is the license under which WordPress and most WordPress plugins and themes are released.

There are two rights the GPL grants you that are important to understand with regards to a site like this.


  1. You have the right to do whatever you want with the code. Basically, as far as the license is concerned, however you got a copy of the GPL code is the right way…even if it came from a somewhat shady site. This is equivalent to something like The Pirate Bay being 100% legal to download the latest movie torrents.


However, so long as you release the code with a changelog and the license (or compatible derivative license) you also have the freedom to change the code however you want.

There’s no compulsion to even change the name of the software in the process.


  1. The GPL does not guarantee any form of support or even that the code is By using GPL software, you are acknowledging that all responsibility for using the software and making sure it works is entirely yours and yours alone.


In the world of premium WordPress plugins and themes, it is universally understood that what is being sold is not the software.

What you pay for when you buy premium WordPress plugins and themes is support and a guarantee that you will have access to updates when they are available for as long as your license is valid.

Now let’s look back at something like GPL plugins.

They are not the original developers, and they have no intention of supporting the software.

What they are doing is absolutely legal and it may be fine if you never need support.

Whether or not a site like this is “safe” really depends on the site.

I have seen sites that do change the original source code, but it may not be in their best interest to manipulate the software in such a way that leads to issues (or they might not care since they don’t have an obligation to provide support or even an email address to direct questions or hate mail to).

What I can say is “you get what you pay for” and I certainly wouldn’t risk my site and my data by getting open source software from somewhere other than the original developer.


 Pricing options


Just like most websites doing business online, they offer their services at a certain price.

When you go to their home website, you find the pricing options as you scroll down to the end of the page.

They have a monthly plan, a yearly plan and a six-month plan for getting premium access to their website.


1. Monthly plan

This is the most basic plan for users on the website. I recommend this if you want to get some improvements to your personal website.

You get access to all themes and plugins available on the website.

However, you are only allowed 5 downloads a day and you might have to pay for the ones downloaded after the limit is reached.

You also have access to new releases, direct download links for everything they have, unlimited domain usage and standard support for any inquiries or issues you might encounter with the product.


monthly plan


2. Yearly plan

This is the highest subscription for users on the website. You get access to all themes and plugins available on the website.

You are only allowed 10 downloads a day and you might have to pay for the ones downloaded after the limit is reached.

You also have access to new releases, direct download links for everything they have, unlimited domain usage and priority support for any inquiries or issues you might encounter with the product.

yearly plan


3. Six months plan

This is the second plan offered to users on the website. You get access to all themes and plugins available on the website.

However, you are only allowed 5 downloads a day and you might have to pay for the ones downloaded after the limit is reached.

You also have access to new releases, direct download links for everything they have, unlimited domain usage and standard support for any inquiries or issues you might encounter with the product.

6 months plan


 Refund policy

The platform offers you a 30 day money back guarantee for any of the plans you pay for that is to say; Yearly plan, six months plan and the monthly plan.

What I like most about this platform is they have put in place a system that enables them to correct any errors that may arise while using their products.

Before a refund is granted, the platform tries to help solve any problem you might have encountered while using their services.

There is a defined procedure to follow and as you read on, you will come across supporting arguments for this particular service.

The response is expected within 3 days at the latest and it is greatly determined by the type of plan you subscribe to.

For example, the yearly plan gives you priority standard support.

This means that when you have bought the yearly plan and you encounter a few issues, your support will arrive as soon as possible.

Nature of digital media (software) that can be downloaded instantly after a purchase has been made.

There is no “trial” or “grace period” after purchasing any product which means all sales are final.

Once you have purchased the software, there is no way to “return” it.

As such refunds cannot be provided.

We can do refund if the product you downloaded from the website was completely unusable.

Refunds will not be granted if you simply decide not to use the purchased products.

We stand behind our products and will assist you in solving any problem you have, but we also expect you to adequately understand what you are purchasing and why.

Some offers might include a non-refundable clause. In this case, it will be visible or linked from the offer page.


Refund Exceptions

No refunds are provided for:

GPLPlus VIP Membership Subscription as it is a complete set of products at a very convenient price for which you can cancel any time.

We discourage you from purchasing the VIP Membership for testing purposes.

I actually decided to pay for one of the memberships prior to writing this GPLPlus review so I can write a genuine review of the site.




I went ahead and actually bought one of my favourite themes from StudioPress known as Authority Pro.

Now I did look through the code and didn’t detect any malicious code or malware.

It is safe to say that the themes and plugins on the site are actually clean.



It is however worth noting that sometimes creepy individuals are capable of adding almost undetectable malware into these Premium WordPress themes and plugins.

I will be honest with you though, I wouldn’t personally recommend buying premium themes and plugins from such sites.

It just isn’t worth the risk. If you are serious about your online business then you are better off paying for the actual theme or plugin from the original developer.

One of my niche sites once got hacked when I installed a theme I had bought from one of the GPL license sites.

I actually spent way more money and time recovering from it than it would have cost me to actually pay for the original product from the developer.

You can get cheap WordPress themes and Plugins from Envato Market or StudioPress.

StudioPress is my personal favourite for WordPress themes.

I use the Authority Pro theme on most of my niche sites except Making Sense Of Pennies.

They have some of the best and most SEO friendly WordPress themes on the market.

The only downside to StudioPress themes is the fact that they are ridiculously expensive with some of them going for as high as $200.

This can be way too much money for a beginner who is just getting started with blogging.

So if you are working on a tight budget then I recommend you check out Envato Market.

They also have great WordPress themes and plugins at a relatively low cost.

Some of their themes and plugins go for as low as $30.

For those that are obsessed with StudioPress themes like myself, then you can take advantage of their offer of getting over 10 Free StudioPress themes when you purchase any hosting plan with WP Engine.

Yes you read that right.

free themes

So you can sign up for their lowest hosing plan that goes for $26 per month and get access to their collection of over 10 WordPress themes.

And the best part is that you don’t need to pay for an annual hosting plan for the offer to be valid.

Even with a one month subscription for WP Engine hosting for any of their plans makes you eligible to get these awesome WordPress themes.

Sign up for a WP Engine plan and receive the Genesis Framework and select StudioPress Themes free!

Renewals are strictly non-refundable. Renewals for which you can cancel easily anytime the automatic payment at the deadline directly from your My Account page requesting a refund for the same product twice.

Offers and discounts are valid for future orders only and can’t be used to ask for refunds or partial refunds of existing purchases.

No returns/refunds will be offered for digital products except if the product you’ve purchased is completely non-functional and/or product main description was fully misleading.

And/or you didn’t download any or many files from our website then you do have the option to request a refund.

The platform also reserves the right to refuse a refund in following situations:

  • You have changed your mind about an item/subscription.
  • You bought an item by mistake and the product(s) was sent/already downloaded by you. Product was bought by your employee or inmate from your PayPal account which he/she had legal access.
  • You cannot install the downloaded product
  • The product is incompatible with your WordPress, plugins or web server settings The product does not function as you want
  • The product displays a message about the need to enter a license key or activation You broke your website when installing the product
  • You did not receive technical support on GPLPlus
  • You refused provide to our support staff access to your web-site to investigate our product you are having issue


Please also note that:

You may cancel your account at any time, however, there are no refunds for cancellation.

If you will get a refund you cannot use downloaded premium products any more.

If the product after update is still damaged, we may offset the amount of your refund by the diminished value of the product.

Refunds can take up to 14 days to reflect in your account.


Pros of using GPL plus

So many things I like about the website. I’ll try to list them all.

The original file of the theme will be found from the official site.

It provides original themes without malware, viruses and annoying ads.

Whatever the product maybe that you are looking to purchase like themes, plugins, HTML-5 templates etc.

All these are provided by the original direct link.

Every day new new product updates are hot too in low price Available product at 95% discount price from original price.


Simplified pricing.

You can buy your favorite themes or plugins at low cost.

All single items are available from $1 only with a year of updates, monthly membership from

$24.99 only, 1 Year membership for $199 only.

With these membership subscriptions, you get a few downloads per day and at an extremely low cost.


Legal downloads

The services & all files available on are perfectly legal.

Available files are licensed under the GPL License. 100% Original Plugins/Themes

All plugins and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.


Regular updates

They provide regular & latest updates for items available.

They also provide 365 days of free updates for single and collections files.

Members with active subscription will get regular updates for all listed plugins, themes & extensions.


Serious discounts.

Single products are priced at $1 (365 days) & club membership begins at

$24.99 per month. Save more with our 1 year plan at $199 only.

This also includes 10 downloads per day and reduced product prices.

Safe & secure payments. For payments the platform uses PayPal, one of the world’s most secure ways of payments online.

They also accept payments via credit or debit card or PayPal balance.


Possible cons of using GPLPlus.

I do not like everything about the platform and my reasons can be summarized below.

I do not appreciate how they categorize the support you receive basing on your payment plan.

Priority is given to the yearly subscribers as opposed to the monthly and six-month subscribers.

My issue here is that when you get access to the products, the quality does not differ across the payment plans.

What I mean is the yearly subscribers get the same products a monthly subscriber gets.

Therefore, issues faced by all the platform users are the same.

If a WordPress plugin doesn’t work for a “yearly” subscriber, it is highly probable that it will not work for a monthly subscriber.

If GPL licensed product is used in any commercial product then the entire product has to be released as open source. Most of the companies set a ban to use GPL product.

As per the clause “the derivative work should also be released as open source”, If your project contains a component that contains a component that contains a component that is under the GPL then your entire project has to be released under open source.

There is no guarantee that they would provide software updates when they are available or that the upgrade process would be seamless and easy.

Software updates are often for security issues which could mean putting your site and data at risk by using software that was not licensed from the original developers.

Additionally, if you did have questions or ran into problems somewhere along the way, you would have no way to get (official) support from the developers of the software.

In the world of ICT, software that can be changed by anyone (open source) raises eyebrows for all its users.

This is because when you encounter a few issues with the software, you cannot call for support from the original developers to fix that issue.

This presents as a challenge to the various users out there.

However, I trust the services offered by GPLPlus and I would encourage you to do the same.

The software you would be buying is software that has been edited by the GPLPlus team and there have been no cases for any form of malware when dealing with their product.


 Reviews from Trustpilot

Most of these reviews reflect experience when dealing with a product you have made research about.

review 1

review two

review 3

review 4

I have taken the liberty to include good and bad reviews. When you read through the review in the last image, you’ll find that the disgruntled customer didn’t read through the information provided at the end of the GPLPlus  home page.

They give you a certain time frame in which all of your issues are to be handled.

That’s why you will find satisfied customers like the one in the third image.

This customer read through the policy of the company and waited for the necessary time for his issue to be worked on.

Be like this customer. Understand how the service provider operates and you’ll not be so disgruntled.

This could also give you an unbiased opinion about how the service works before you decide to buy or not.

My advice to you would be to read through all the necessary information so that you understand the product you are buying.


 Reviews from Reddit

reddit 1

reddit 2

I have only positive reviews from this site because I got some feedback from the users that posted them.

They continue to back the services and products offered by GPLPlus.

However if you come across negative reviews on GPLPlus from the same forum, you will quickly ignore their claims as they cannot answer follow up questions regarding the program they slander.

They will not give you reasons as to why they call it a scam. They may just be naysayers.


 Reviews from other platforms

The internet is a library of information. I cannot fit all the reviews that exist into this article.

However if you’re still reading this, you should know there are positive and negative reviews of anything even Google itself.

Take in the positive reviews and interact with the owner of the review.

They can give you an in-depth understanding of why they continue to use the product.

When you come across negative reviews, you’ll soon find that most of the reviews are based on timing of payments and the use of the software that was bought.

Be wiser than them. Read through the refund policy that is available on the homepage of the site.

The refund policy will not mislead you if you understand it.

Take time to analyze and get into the nitty gritty details of every possible thing.

This will help you determine whether the website will be good for you or not.



GNU GPL is a license under which most WordPress themes and plugins are sold.

GPLPlus is a platform that helps you get access to these licenses at a lower cost.

You can alter the coding to your liking and improve it in a way that benefits you the most.

The platforms offers you free updates as they roll in and they have a favorable and adoptable refund policy.


 Final verdict- GPLPlus Review (Is it legit)

With all the information available and customer testimonies, I vouch for the site.

This is not a scam and if you follow the necessary steps and policies the website runs on, then you will not have a lot of issues when using it.

GPLPLUS might have its flaws but the benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

Therefore, if you are in need of plugins and tools for your websites then GPLPlus is your go-to provider.

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