9 Best Free PLR EBooks Sites (With Giveaway Rights)

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Are you looking for free PLR downloads to grow your list or online business?

Well you have come to the right place.

In this post you are going to learn how to get the best selling PLR ebooks for free using 9 amazing free PLR sites.


What is PLR?

The term PLR is an acronym for Private Label Rights which are defined as the rights acquired after an author sells his intellectual property rights and is a term usually used in the internet marketing field.

In this information age where creating original content is becoming increasingly difficult, PLR websites allow content to be used and reworked according to the buyers preferences thereby saving them time and money.

Essentially, they allow for someone to recreate novel works as their own.

PLR eBooks sites are therefore those sites that market eBooks covered under the PLR label.

Like everything else good, quality PLR sites are difficult to come by and therefore the focus of this review is to offer the reader a list of the top 9 free PLR eBooks sites in the hope that it will save them precious time and effort by not having to drudge through the numerous poor quality sites.


1. PLRDatabase.net


The first website on our list should not come as a surprise.

PLRdatabase.net is known world over because of its quality PLR eBooks products.

Granted, this site requires membership and most of their products do require one to purchase premium membership but it’s still included on this list because it’s free PLR archive is filled with quality products.

It does however require one to register as a member in order to access their free catalogue.

Currently according to sources this website has over 1500 PLR material all of which is highly valued by their registered membership.

In this website one will find free quality PLR eBooks and not only that but their platforms user experience is excellent helping users navigate easily allowing their subscribers to find whatever content they are looking for with no difficulty.

In addition although most of its PLR content requires paid membership their fees are affordable and unlike most other paid PLR sites their paid catalogue is of premium quality.

Visit PLR Database


2. Resell Rights Weekly


Another quality free PLR eBook website is Resell Rights Weekly. This site has more than earned its place on the list.

Not only does it offer quality products for free but it goes on to help and advise their users on how one can utilize the eBooks they acquire in order to make money from them.



They are a site that prides themselves on their products ability to make you a tidy profit despite the manner you choose to develop or rebrand them.

However, they still require one to register with them for free membership in order to guarantee full access to their inventory.

Visit Resell Rights Weekly


2. PLR.me


Consistently ranked as one of the best PLR eBook site out there, this website needs no introduction.

Revered for their first class reputation this PLR eBooks website consists of works by specialists and professionals.

Their free eBooks catalogue is mainly material on the coaching industry.

They also dabble in the health and wellness industry. However, this website requires one to register as a member in order to access their free library.

For access to their full exceptional catalogue one requires paid membership.

This website comes recommended for those with an eye for quality PLR eBooks and those looking to divest further into paid PLR products would be advised to firstly consider the free PLR products on this site.

Unfortunately their free quality PLR products are usually obtained through the form of promotional coupons and other such offers, yet, if the offers are genuine then they guarantee one a quality product.

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The standard free account is just 2 credits/mo (no 10 credit bonus)… so it’s a much better deal for you.

Visit PLR.me


3. FreePLRdownloads.com


Although this website’s reputation is a bit murky due to low quality PLR products it makes up for it by providing some very good content for free.

Notably, their free digital eBook products cover a range of multidisciplinary areas such as medicine, law, advertising, health, outdoors etc.

This guarantees that depending on your interests one can find a lot of what they are looking for and despite flaws in their eBook products most of which is bad grammar and bad organization, they at the very least give PLR eBook enthusiasts a lot of quantity and general ideas on a lot of subject matter, provided one is prepared for heavy editing.


Crucially, one of the pros of this website is that it does not require one to register with them.

Users can simply download their products absolutely free without any membership.

Furthermore, the website, in my opinion, is somewhat well organized for a free site and has a friendly user interface allowing one to access their desired subject matter easily and comfortably.

The cons of this site, apart from scattered poor quality works, is that, they have a lot of pop up ads which makes ones navigation of the website treacherous.

Visit Free PLR Downloads




This website includes both paid membership premium content and also free digital products.

Luckily enough their free products mainly consist of quality PLR eBook content for free.

They feature other material like Graphic novels and software but most pundits find the material in e niches are a bit outdated.

One, however, is required to register in order to access their eBook products.

Despite this, their free PLR eBooks section comes highly recommended although to be fair their premium paid content is much better.

Their website is easily navigable and they are clear about what they offer and try to distinguish themselves from their more popular and contemporary competitors by offering a user interface platform that is a blend of both modern and traditional.

Visit PLR Mines


5. PLR free Online


This website markets itself as a free PLR site because most of their content is free, from eBooks to software to videos.

One of the more distinguishing features of this website is its visually striking aesthetic platform which gives the user a feel for premium quality content and based on the free PLR eBooks on the website, they deliver.

In addition, the website has well integrated, easy to understand, product descriptions that make the user’s time on the website seamless.

They also rate their products on a likeability score based on their customers’ inclinations therefore allowing other users to have a fair idea of worthwhile PLR eBook products before they download.

Furthermore, this site does not require registration to download their remarkable catalog.

Visit PLR Free Online


6. InDigitalWorks


Like most websites on this list, InDigitalWorks is mostly a paid membership website.

Though, they also have free digital products on offer, their website states that at as limited to around 200 free products.

Membership in this website is in the tens of thousands which serves as a testament as to the trustworthiness and reliability of the website.

Visit InDigitalWorks


7. BuyQualityPLR.com


This website offers a lot of PLR products for free. Founded in 2014 they pride themselves in the progress they have made since then, and looking at their free digital products it is easy to see why.

Their digital eBook PLR products are written by experts and professionals and so one is almost always assured of quality.

Admittedly though, most of their free products might not be as great.

Despite this their website gives PLR eBook users a tacit assurance that their free eBook content will only get better.

Their website however needs some work, there is a lot of material crammed in its platform and it gives the user an impression of shoddy PLR content.

Visit BuyQualityPLR


8. PLRebooksforfree.com


The last website on our list is this fairly new PLR eBooks website, only launched in February 2021.

Despite their very recent foray into the industry, one should not be fooled by the novelty of this up and comer.

Their free PLR eBooks are arguably some of the best quality out there and most of them have the advantage of being the latest in their various niche fields.

In addition, at the time of writing this, their website did not require any registration or subscription of any kind in order to download any of their impressive catalog.



However, if one wants to keep up to date with their various digital products in the form of newsletters, one is encouraged to subscribe.

Their website also has a very modern feel that most other websites on this list don’t have.

There is however one major limitation, the PLR eBooks in their catalog are restricted to those released in 2021, at least for now.

Meaning, one should not expect a lot of digital products or products written earlier than 2021.

However, users need not worry because the books they do have are of good quality.

Visit PLREbooksForFree


Conclusion: 9 Top Free PLR eBooks Sites (With Giveaway Rights)

As a caveat, despite free PLR eBooks sites offering hundreds of free PLR eBooks content it is still important to understand that most of these free memberships usually comes with strings attached in the form of user personal data.

However, for discerning and shrewd internet marketers or those simply interested in PLR eBooks, the free PLR eBooks sites listed on this article are potential gold mines.

It is not unheard of to hear PLR eBooks or rebrandable books making their users adequate gains.

And although most websites on this list require paid membership they still have quality free PLR eBook content.

So despite a ton of free PLR ebook sites out there the reader would be advised that most of them lack the necessary quality and it would be more prudent to first use the PLR eBooks websites on this list.



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