8 Famous Models With Knock Knees

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Are knock knees attractive? Does your favorite model have knock knees?

If you are looking for answers to any of the above questions then you are at the right place.

We shall look at some of the world’s famous models with knock knees.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Knock knees is a knee alignment condition where legs curve inwards at the knee such that they are almost touching or seemingly so for slightly knock kneed legs, and the ankles do not touch at all.

It is medically or scientifically known as genu valgum.

The condition is common among 3 to 6 year olds, can extend up to 7 years till adolescence and if there is an underlying condition for the extreme case, it follows up till adult hood.

Slight knock knees usually follow up to adult hood and it is not normally something that should worry anyone unless issues start developing due to the condition such as walking difficulties, arthritis, knee pains or a limp.

It is more common in girls and less common compared to bow legs.


Famous Models With Knock Knees

1. Karolina Kurková

pose one

The Czech model, Karolina Kurková was born in the year 1984 on the 28th of February, both a citizen of the Czech Republic and United States.

Modelling has been her whole life, having worked under many agencies and earning the title of being one of the highest paid models at some point.

In 2007, Vogue editor called the next supermodel and Karolina Kurková did not surely fail to earn the title.

In November 2008, she was voted as one of the sexiest women alive alongside others by E! Entertainment.


Other than being a world wide known model, especially for being part of the legendary and best American retailer of lingerie, clothing and beauty; Victoria Secrets, she is an actress.

Karolina Kurková was signed as a model by the fashion model Miuccia Prada at the age of 15, landed jobs with Vogue and has since been the face of high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent and so forth.

Her slight knock knees are evidently seen when she walks, or rather in her cat walks.


2. Philomena Esinam Afi Antonio

main 02

Philomena Esinam Afi Antonio is a Goodwill ambassador, founder, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, media personality and a model who hails from Ghana.

She was born of a father who was a soldier and a trader mum on the 5th of March. Apart from all that she does, being a Jack of all trades, she runs the Afi Antonio Foundation that caters to the less privileged in the whole of Ghana, in terms of health and education, including women empowerment. Philomena has also produced her show called Celebrity Delivery TV show which so far has aired three wonderful seasons and opened doors for her being a presenter in a few other profitable TV shows.

award now

She is a pretty popular personality, and even more, a famous model who has extended the modeling aspect of it to other people: she offered to help children with autism to become amazing and successful photo models through her Afi Antonio Foundation.

People living with autism run and battle every year for the crowns Mr. and Miss Autism Ghana.

The event has so far pushed winners to get more modeling contracts and encouraged the inclusion of more people with special needs.


3. Anna Kendrick

AnnaKendrick09TIFF cropped

Anna Cooke Kendrick was born in the year 1985, on the 9th of August. She rose to fame as a Broadway kid and is currently a movie star.

Her acting role as Jessica, Bella Swan’s friend in twilight which was a very popular sequel to date, made her name known to the world and in the film industry.

Her major occupation is acting but her love for fashion still lingers.

Anna Kendrick is also a fashion model whose catwalk is to die for and she starred in Kate Spade New York’s holiday collection featured in the company’s advertising campaign.

Anna Kendrick by Gage Skidmore 2 scaled

She is one of those celebrities who have received such harsh criticism over their features.

They are all opinions though so some think her knock knees look cute and some tend to disagree with that notion.

Anna Kendrick however, is not one to be brought be down by such, especially with the fact that she knows it and has owned it.

“So over this “thigh gap” thing. Not to brag, but I’m knock knee’d so I have “ankle gap”  #Meoooow.” This was a statement she posted on twitter a while ago.


4. Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim 1.jpg

Juliet Ibrahim is a Lebanese – Ghanaian who was born in the year 1986 on the 3rd of March in Accra, Ghana, to a Lebanese father Hussein Ibrahim and Liberian – Ghanaian mother, Sarah Elizabeth Ibrahim. She started her modeling journey as a teenager which made her break in the entrainment industry and got her name known nation wide, joined TV shows and has since been a media personality both in the film industry and entertainment industry with her acting skills.

In addition, she is a director, author owing to her book A toast to life and a producer.

She has modeled for brands like  B Exotic, Dark and Lovely, GTB Fabrics, Karim Isiaka and Ghana Royal Dennis, featured in profitable commercials and music videos as a model.

Lately, Juliet Ibrahim made it to the list of the few African women with Knock knees.

There was no official record, rather, remarks from people, fans and by the Nigerian Stand up comedian Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Alibaba. “K-Leg is better than none… be content with what you have. But hey while at it, no miniskirts please. Don’t push it. It’s like having pot belly and wearing body hug. Makawhy?”

This was the comment left by the comedian urging the likes of Juliet Ibrahim and Bonang Matheba referring to a few pictures of them that exposed their K-legs.

The comment made its fair amount of rounds on social media making the public very much aware of the condition than before.


5. Bonang Matheba

recent projects bonang

Born in the 1987, on the 25th of June, Dorothy Bonang Matheba is a South African media personality born in Mahikeng, North West.

Bonang is known for her signature voice and her striking presenting skills.

bonang 2

She has presented many shows and became the first African to be given the E! News Special Africa on E!



All in all, she is a television presenter and personality with her very own reality show called a very Bonang year, radio personality, actress, businesswoman with a few luxury brands of her own like House of BNG, Distraction by Bonang  (a lingerie line), Bonang’s World App, author of the book from a to b and a model.

bonang 1

Bonang Matheba is also a victim of comedian Alibaba’s insensitive comment on African women with K-legs or rather, knock knees.


6. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Marie Heigl was born in the year 1978, on the 24th of November in Washington DC, USA.

She started off as a child model and soon joined the film industry as an actress.

While making her appearances in these films, she has managed to model for numerous brands and appeared extensively as a cover model for some of the most popular publications such as Vanity Fair, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan.


Katherine Heigl’s knock knees are quite evident in her gait and her posture and have also been a source of criticism among other things.


7. Jennifer Lopez

jenni scaled
Jennifer Lopez sings “This Land Is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful” during the 59th Presidential Inauguration ceremony in Washington, Jan. 20, 2021. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took the oath of office on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol. (DOD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Carlos M. Vazquez II)

Jennifer Lynn Affleck Lopez was born in the year 1969, on the 24th of July.

She is a mainstream artist, business woman, model, actress and dancer.

Jennifer Lopez 12 2012 scaled

She got in the film industry at an early age and earned herself the title of the highest paid Hispanic actress in Hollywood, but established her name world wide as a pop, rnb, hip hop and Latin singer.

Jennifer also took modelling lessons at around the age of 15 or 17, which she owes to for her current modeling skills and poses.

Before getting her big break in music, she had had dozen magazine shoots.

She has delivered a bunch of amazing runway walks for example runways at Versace spring 2020 during Milan fashion week.

The same year, she landed major modeling contracts and has since been the face of fashion houses.


8. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes 01

Katie Holmes started of as a model before making her debut in the movie Dawson’s creek that gave her the big industrial break she wanted.

She even went to modelling school at the age of 14 and loved it but walked out after some time. Modelling was not part of her life anymore for she did not find it ‘challenging’ enough.

She is currently full time actress, and is also a producer and director, who has decided to go back to her modelling roots step by step.

Although she rarely does runways, she has been the cover face of celebrated magazines like InStyle, Marie Claire US, Allure, ELLE US, Glamour etc., appeared and posed for fashion campaigns.


Conclusion: 8 Famous Models With Knock Knees

Most of these celebrities have faced harsh criticism about their knees but always hold it to their dicta that it does not define them.

There is no official statement for some of them in reference to their knock knees and I wouldn’t wonder. Their accomplishments tend to blindside such. Most high-end models though have one thing in common, a thigh gap and knock knees which is quite a popular opinion.

Most have them naturally and some try to pose as if. So it can either be a flaw or a beauty standard depending on you.

I hope you found this article on famous models with knock knees interesting.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What are your thoughts on knock knees?

Do you think knock knees are attractive?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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