12 Famous Bow Legged Athletes

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Are you looking for famous bow legged Athletes?

Do you ever wonder whether there are athletes who have bow legs? Well, the answer you are looking for is yes and here, we’ve listed a number of bow legged Athletes some of whom you may not have thought are part of the list.

Ever heard of perceptions people have about bow legs?

For those who do not know what bow legs are, bow legs are those which will curve outwards when you put your feet together leaving your knees a distance apart.

Gone are the days when little kids who thought they had a future in football often cared about the shape of their leg formation.

Some thought that the most talented athletes, especially footballers, had to somehow have bow legs. This is partly because footballers with bow legs have an advantage of dribbling past opponents with ease since bow legs suit that capability.

Whether right or wrong, the perception still stands. Nonetheless, it’s not only in soccer that you will find athletes with bow legs.

There’s lots of other men and women athletes that have them too. Some of these are marathon or lap racers, basket ballers, tennis players and so on.

There are more questions than answers as to why people develop or bear bow shaped legs.

Let’s have a look at twelve athletes with bow legs.


12 Famous Bow Legged Athletes

1. Norman Powell

First and foremost is the athlete, Norman Powell. He is one of the famous bow legged athletes.

Powell is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, a massive basketball team which competes in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Most people have a belief that most National Basketball Association athletes are bow legged. If that is so then Norman Powell definitely makes the list.

Do realize though that unlike in soccer where feet are used to play with the ball, in basketball, it’s the hands which are used.

Nonetheless, if a basket baller is termed as electric or fast, his legs or feet movement play a high percentage to it. That’s exactly what makes Norman Powell really good.


2. Isco

02 1

Another athlete, this time a soccer player with bow legs, is Isco.

He is widely known for his football career at Real Madrid and was an attacking midfielder there. Isco is one of the best natural dribblers you will ever find.

He has the ability to dodge and ran past opponents even in tight spaces.

His midfield style of play makes it difficult for players to dispossess him without fouling him.


To paint a clear picture, a footballer who is able to dribble past a fleet of legs or a number of opponents other than one versus one situation is often regarded as naturally gifted.


Unlike the skills you may watch in video compilations, clips and skill practice sessions like side stepping which is great in one-on-one situations, Isco seems to do all this naturally.

All who watch the games he plays are treated to the melody of his dancing feet in amazement.

This also explains his triumph in both the La Liga or Spanish league as well as the UEFA champion’s league with Real Madrid. His midfield play was a little bit different.

Modern midfielders are known for their passing ability but Isco spices it up a little bit more with his dribbling skills.


3. Lebron James

Talk about high level basketball, talk about Lebron James. Bearded and fierce, Lebron James is one of the most talented and famous basket ballers in the world. His current team is Los Angeles Lakers.

James also happens to be one of the most celebrated and famous bow legged basketball players.

Talk about the greatest basket ballers of all time, and Lebron’s name will surface.  He is also easily identified by his bow shaped legs.

For a basket baller who has won four National Basketball Association titles, not leaving out his four National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player awards, he is indeed perfectly decorated to be termed as the greatest.

He also adds to his name two Olympic gold medals as well as four National Basketball Association finals Most Valuable Player (MVP).

To shed some more light, the Most Valuable Player award is often given to the stand-out player with utmost excellence to his team and the game.


4. Sergio Kun Aguero

This one was an Argentine athlete, footballer who played for Manchester City and the Argentina National Football team.

He is widely known for his bow-like legs, his stable and firm nature that gave his opponents hard time dispossessing him.

This allowed him to score over one hundred goals for Manchester City, winning golden boots and trophies in the process.

The world witnessed a striker who was energetic, short and firm with a suitable pace for the position which he was playing.

Despite having all the support in terms of intelligent midfielders like David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Yaya Touré among others, there were moments when Sergio Aguero displayed his energetic ability to go past defenders with ease.

Some believe that his bow legs gave him higher percentages of stamina. Here is a man who could score against big or strong teams, not like most strikers who shy away when they face strong teams but shine when they face weak teams.

Sadly, Sergio Aguero retired prematurely shortly after signing for the Spanish side, FC Barcelona.


5. Jack Wilshere


Fully known as Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere, he is an England National who played Arsenal Football team in England. He is now currently a soccer coach.

He is also known for his bow-like legs that enabled him dribble past players. These made him a swift dribbler allowing him to dominate the midfield in most games despite being a young footballer.

His best game could have come in an Arsenal encounter with Barcelona in the UEFA champions league where he dominated one of, if not the best midfield at the time that compromised of Xavi and Iniesta.


His career at Arsenal was overshadowed by injuries but on match days when he was fully fit, his magic was displayed on the pitch.

His technical ability can’t be left out with the ability to pick out strikers with killer passes. How confident was Jack Wilshere?

The young footballer who could dribble in between spaces of two opponents with ease and this explains the many tackles he received throughout his career which led to the injuries he suffered with.

His technical ability greatly surfaced with one of the greatest team plays that have ever graced the premier league, when Arsenal was playing against Norwich.

His movements were too swift to be neglected and finished off the move with a goal.


6. Robin Van Persie



Mention his name and the picture of who a perfect striker looks like is what will flash in your mind. This Dutch international, who played for both Arsenal and Manchester United football teams, is also known for his bow-like legs.

His almost perfect striking capabilities can be partly influenced by his bow legs. He commonly used his left foot while shooting.

Robin also happens to be one of the many popular bow legged football players.

When you take a closer look at his difficult angle strikes, his bow legs make it a perfect look. Consider it in a way that they enable him strike the ball just perfectly, even in tight angles.



He won golden boots in the two teams he played for in the Premier league, that is, Arsenal and Manchester United, also winning the premier league with Manchester United.

In addition, he is remembered for his flying header goal against Iker Casillas’s Spain which earned him the name “flying dutchman”.

A left foot that scores stunners like Robin Van Persie’s electric half volleys is hard to find with excellent athleticism, ball control and positioning.

This explains the difficulty goalkeepers faced when trying to stop the shots of the striker.


7. Jimmy Butler


NBA player Jimmy Butler who plays for the Miami Heat is another bow-legged athlete. How stable these guys can be is just perfectly witnessed on court.

His already athletic shaped body coupled with his strong feet give him balance to run into duels on court. For a basketball player who has an Olympic gold medal and is also a six-time National Basketball Association All-star, this shows you his level of excellence in the game.

For those new to the game, an All-Star is an exhibition basketball game where top ranked players from the Eastern conference take on top ranked players from the Western conference, which means that crème de la crème players are picked to participate in the game.


8. Neymar


Neymar Jr. is one of the most talented footballers that have ever graced the world of soccer.

He is also one of the most reknown famous bow – legged footballers of our time.

He is a Brazilian National Football team player who played for Santos, Barcelona and now currently PSG.

His career is mostly known by a combination of three strikers in two of the world’s best teams, that is, Barcelona and PSG where he has played in a 4-3-3 formation.

In Barcelona the three strikers included himself, Messi and Suarez with Neymar’s wing a nightmare for every opponent.

His bow-shaped legs enable him display the best 1v1 skills on the football field. Every wingback or number 3 would get a taste of his wrath as far as skills are concerned.

His legs give him a swift and bit of melodic movement with the ball which has enabled him to go past some the best defenders in football today.

At PSG he plays alongside Messi and Mbappe to complete a fierce striking partnership. Defenders don’t enjoy being Neymar’s opponents as no opposition seems difficult for him.

The greatest trophy in league football is undoubtedly the UEFA champion’s league and of course Neymar Jr. has won it before with FC Barcelona.


9. Garrincha


Brazil National Team and Bota Fogo football club are the teams that will come in mind when the name Garrincha is mentioned.

Fully known as Manuel Francisco Dos Santos, Garrincha was a Brazilian footballer who can be closely described as one of the greatest dribblers and arguably best player of all time.

He played on the right wing most of the time and his bow shaped legs were vividly noticed during the game.

Topping world football to some is definitely winning a word cup title. Garrincha didn’t just win one but two with the Brazil National Team.


To add icing on top of the cake, the same footballer went on to win the golden ball, commonly termed to represent the player of the tournament in the world cup stage.

Not seizing, Garrincha also managed to win the golden boot in the world cup tournament which greatly portrays his greatness in the world of football.

For a player who shared the same pitch and team with Pele, one of the greatest footballers, it shows his sublime potential and might.

As already mentioned, regarding Garrincha’s dribbling ability, he was of close acquittance with the ball. When we talk of football made from Brazil, Garrincha’s name stands out.

For a player who dribbled with ease, effortlessly and with exquisite skills coupled with goals, it’s right to say he was somewhat in a league of his own.

Few players combine skills, passing ability, dribbling, technique and goal scoring. Most footballers naturally specialize in excellence and are many a time weak in the other.

For instance, a player may have passing abilities with less scoring abilities. Nevertheless, here comes a player who combines all styles of play.

Garrincha was good at bending free kicks as well as corner kicks. You know a player is technically gifted when he successfully and brilliantly uses the outside of his foot. Garrincha was the man.


10. Rivaldo

Such a name drives any soccer fan’s mind crazy. It will remind you about the list of the greatest-of- all-time footballers.

We are talking about a footballer with a natural instinct of the game. His footwork and body shape portrayed who this man was on the pitch.

Rivaldo was a versatile player who could play as a winger as well as a striker. His ability to display all sorts of different skills including bicycle kicks made him a unique and standout player.

Great men are known for winning trophies and Rivaldo wasn’t any different having been able to win the champions league and many other trophies with Brazil too.

He is remembered for his spells at Barcelona and AC Milan. Rivaldo won La Liga titles with Barcelona, and notably of all, he won the World cup with Brazil, the most prestigious trophy on world level. He also went ahead to win the FIFA club would club with Brazil.

For a player who played with Kluivert and Ronaldinho, you’ll definitely know the magical player we are talking about.

His bow shaped legs probably gave him the balance to display various football skills ranging from body feints, where you make the opponent get lost with the sense of direction of the ball movement by moving your body or faking movement of your body in one direction while taking the ball to the other leaving your opponent in a wrong direction, to scoring bending free kicks.

Do you think bow legged legs have a say in the type of free kicks a footballer takes, we say yes and to some extent, rolling a ball from the free kick spot to the top corner can greatly be influenced by the standing position of the free kick taker, especially with the position of the dormant foot that rests near the ball.

This partly explains Rivaldo’s efficiency while bending his free kicks. He is also known for his great shot power thus the ability to shoot from both close and long range.

Volleys to some extents are evident to players with bow shaped legs, having the ability to swing both legs in the air and perform the acrobatic movement.


11. Douglas Costa

costa 11

Brazil is considered as the origin of soccer and indeed it is. Douglas Costa is a Brazilian National Football team player whose main career was spent at Bayern Munich in Germany.

Playing for MLS team LA Galaxy as a right winger, despite being left footed, Douglas Costa’s bow shaped legs cannot be undermined.

You will enjoy watching him display pieces of skill while maneuvering through his right wing. His legs are so fast for defenders and these quick feet enable him perform one on one skills.

Douglas Costa2013 11

Being deployed on the right wing while left footed makes it difficult for any defender or left wing back to win any ground duels as he dribbles while cutting inside onto his preferred left foot.

He was part of the famous Bayern side which defeated many teams in champion’s league after the departure of the likes of Arjen Robben.

A stand out is when they faced Arsenal and drove ten goals past them in the Champions league with five in each leg.

Douglas Costa was a night mare especially with Hector Bellerin being the one left to mark him.

A player with dribbling ability and one versus one skill has to possess the most confidence on the field as losing the ball means a counter attack on their team.

Douglas Costa has the tempo and skills to go past defenders with ease.


12. Danny Green

Another professional athlete on the list is an American basketball player, Danny Green. He plays for Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association and his current position is small forward.

Small forwards are basically talented and crucial to basketball team’s victories and triumph and boy has he been superb at it.


Conclusion: Famous Bow Legged Athletes

Bow legs in most cases are developed by Athletes not because of disabilities or sickness but they at times grow naturally or through the consistent workouts their bodies are subjected to.

The list goes on and on but we decided to pick the top 12 athletes with bow legs.

Hopefully this will answer any lingering questions you may have about bow-legged athletes.

It is not a limitation to them, as they are have gone on to be among the greatest and most dominant in their respective fields of sport.

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