How Dale Started a Successful Online Business While in College

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This is an interview with Dale from Blogging Her Way.


Hey, Dale. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Hello! My name is Dale and I’m the founder of Blogging Her Way.

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I teach aspiring bloggers how to start and grow profitable blogs.

I’ve been blogging for over four years now, and took it from college side hustle to six-figure business in that time.


What was life like before being your own boss?

Before I became a full-time blogger, I was working in a corporate job I hated during the day, and working on my own business whenever I had the chance.


Why did you choose to become self-employed? Why Blogging?

I originally started blogging when I was still a college student.

My goal was just to make $1,000 a month so I could quit my part-time student job.

I would have never imagined my blogging business would grow to be my full-time job!

Blogging drew my interest because I read so many success stories and income reports from bloggers who were making over $10,000 a month. I figured that if they could do it, I could too.

Reading about the success of other bloggers is what inspired me to start my own blogs.


What’s your niche and how did you know it’s the right one for you?

I have started and sold blogs in different niches including travel, lifestyle, and college.

In my opinion, choosing the right niche is all about picking a topic you’re passionate about (or at least somewhat interested in) because otherwise you’ll get burnt out.

When choosing a niche, ask yourself if you can see yourself writing about this topic for years to come. And of course, it’s also important to make sure your chosen niche is profitable.

Are there successful blogs in your intended niche? How are they making money? These are important questions to ask when looking for the right niche.

On Blogging Her Way, my niche is blogging and online business. This is a topic I’ve been passionate about for years, so I have no trouble creating new content for my audience.


What would you say is the biggest secret to growing a successful blog?

Consistency and having a plan.

Most new bloggers give up within the first year, but blogging is a long-term game.

It’s also important to do your research and have a plan for content and monetization from the start.


How do you monetize your blogs, and how much do you earn from them monthly?

I monetize Blogging Her Way through selling my own digital products (such as ebooks and online courses) and affiliate marketing.

For my other blogs, I have focused on display ads, affiliate marketing, and working with brands on sponsored content.


Many newbie bloggers struggle with getting traffic to their blogs especially in the early days? What are some of the ways you drive traffic to your blog?

The top two ways I drive traffic to my blogs are Pinterest and SEO.

Pinterest is definitely quicker and works for most blogging niches.

Many people consider Pinterest to be a form of social media, but Pinterest is actually a visual search engine people use to search for ideas, tips, and inspiration.

So this can be a great way for new bloggers to get traffic within the first few months.

SEO takes longer to start working (anywhere from twelve to eighteen months to really start seeing results) but organic search traffic can be more consistent long-term.


How long did it take you to go full-time with your business?

I started blogging in September 2017 and while I was earning what I would consider a full-time income by 2019, I did not quit my job to blog full-time until the end of 2020.


Can you describe your typical day as a full time blogger?

One of the great things about blogging is there is no typical day.

I rarely work more than four hours a day, and I can take off as much time as I want because my blogs earn passively.



Typically, the tasks that I focus on on a day-to-day basis are writing new blog posts, updating old blog posts, writing newsletters to my email list, and creating new Pinterest graphics to promote my content on Pinterest.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out with blogging, what would it be?

My top piece of advice would be to think strategically and don’t give up.

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of new bloggers give up within their first year if they aren’t getting the results they hoped for.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, and it takes patience, dedication, and a strategic plan in order to be successful.


What’s next for you and your business?

My main focus is Blogging Her Way, and I plan to continue creating helpful resources for bloggers to help them be successful.

After selling several blogs this year, I am also planning to start new sites and continue to grow my portfolio!

I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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