Will Gen Z Ever be Able to Buy Property?

Will Gen Z Ever be Able to Buy Property

Home prices have significantly increased in the past few years, making it more difficult for younger generations to achieve their dreams of homeownership. The housing market is changing a lot, and a young family can no longer be able to afford a house for the cost of a single parent’s yearly salary. Today, homes are … Read more

Need Help Financing Your Mortgage?

Need Help Financing Your Mortgage

Mortgage payments can be expensive, but homeownership is a great investment in your future since your home will only increase in value as time goes by, helping to fight inflation. However, sometimes you might need a little extra help paying for your house. Whether your regular job isn’t cutting it or you’re looking for creative … Read more

Beginner’s Guide: 5 Ways To Establish First-Time Credit

Beginner’s Guide: 5 Ways To Establish First-Time Credit

You experience plenty of firsts throughout life: your first cell phone, your first home, and your first vehicle. While acquiring goods in your name can be fulfilling, they all have one aspect in common—you’ll want to establish a prior credit history before applying for any of these purchases. Credit history may also determine your eligibility … Read more

How to Use Credit Card Churning to Travel For Free


Credit cards are something that people often use with caution. They can bring on unnecessary debt if you lack the discipline, and generally, people carry around one to two cards personally. Credit card churning is a method of opening and closing many credit cards to obtain points and miles to travel for free. If you … Read more

Money Mistakes I Made in My Teens

money mistakes i made in my teens

Wondering what money mistakes to avoid in your 20s? Growing up is a journey of learning and unlearning. Our experiences with life and money always help shape our future personal financial policies. We all remember the ugly times our flawed financial decisions took a toll on our lives, and we never wish to fall back … Read more

The NFL and IOU: 10 Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football Players


Before Don Silvestri became president of Debt.com, he spent two decades as a senior executive overseeing marketing, sales, strategic planning, business and product development. His experience included website design, media buying, affiliate marketing, social networking, lead generation, and search engine marketing. But Don is best known for playing for NFL teams like the New York … Read more

How to Dispute a Credit Report Error

how to dispute a credit report error

If you’re trying to build your credit score, the responsible thing is to check your official credit report regularly. A mistake on your credit report can lead to bad credit, even if you’ve been a responsible spender. Keeping up with your credit report is vital. Mistakes are more common than you might think. A study … Read more

Your 5 Step Guide to Getting Debt Relief Fast

debt relief

Carrying balances on multiple credit cards is stressful and expensive, and paying them off quickly can be a challenge. That’s especially true if you are living paycheck-to-paycheck or dealing with other debts simultaneously, like student loans. But it is possible to get debt relief even with those challenges. This 5 Step guide can help you … Read more

Digging Out of Holiday Debt

digging out of debt

Could Gen Z be on the precipice of mirroring Millennials’ financial woes during the Great Recession? Now that the post-holiday bills have started creeping in, many people are quaking in their boots at the thought of hefty bills eating away at their bank account. The pandemic has been a harsh reminder of how fleeting financial … Read more

12 Best Credit Cards For Students According to Reddit

best credit cards for students according to reddit

In this post you are going to learn the best credit cards for students according to Reddit users. A credit card is a small plastic card issued by a bank, building society, etc., allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Student credit cards are essentially starter cards meant specifically for those enrolled … Read more