How Anil Of BloggersPassion Makes Over $18,000 Per Month Blogging

This is an interview with the popular Indian blogger Anil Agarwal of BloggersPassion.Com. He is one of the best bloggers I know in the SEO and Indian blogging space. I have learnt a lot of what I know about SEO from him


1. Hey, Anil. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Hey Bruno, I’m Anil Agarwal from India.

I hold a master’s degree in computers and have been blogging since 2005.

Blogging was all started as a side project. But in 2018, I left my full-time job in the SEO domain to become a full-time blogger.


2. You run a very successful blog. Why and when did you start it?

Thanks a lot, Bruno. I sold one of my blogs via Flippa around 2010 as I was in need of funds.

Around the same time, one of my online friends offered to sell as he got a Government job and was unable to continue this blog.

I took over this blog and have been working on this blog since then.

Apart from BloggersPassion, I also own a web hosting blog at


3. What’s your professional background and how has it helped you in the blogging business?

I finished my master’s degree in Computers from an average colleague in 2004. Since I was not good at coding, I was looking for other career options.

Luckily I started my professional career in the SEO domain and never looked back.

Since the payout was very less during the initial days of the job, I started blogging on free blogging platforms. With time, I was able to make some money from free blogs as well.



Later I moved to self-hosted WordPress blogs once I understood the full potential of blogging.

The biggest benefit of blogging for me was that I was able to do lots of experiments, which I could have never done with the company websites I was working for.

It helped in improving my SEO skills as well. At the Job level, you cannot do everything on your own. You are just one part of the whole process.

When you own a blog, you have a better understanding of all the processes needed to make a successful blog.

So you end up learning how to create better content, how to give a professional look to your blog, how to drive more and more traffic to it, and most importantly how to monetize it. You end up learning a lot from your own mistakes.


4. As an accomplished blogger, what would you say are your best blogging tips?

Before giving any blogging advice, I want to convey one message. Blogging can give you even those rewards you never thought of if you become successful with your respective blogs.

  • Never focus on too many blogs at a time. Become successful with one blog before thinking of starting another. It’s very easy to start any number of blogs, but really difficult to manage them and make them successful.
  • Don’t cover too many categories on your blog if you are the only one who will be writing content for your blog. The trend for multi-niche blogs is out now. Pick one specific niche you are really passionate about and where you can show your expertise. If you don’t have the expertise around the chosen niche, build it.

5. How long did it take you to start earning from your blog?

It took a couple of years before I was able to hit $500 monthly revenue on average.

During those days, I was generating most of the revenue through paid link placements, paid reviews, and paid banner replacements. Affiliate marketing was not the major revenue source at that time.


6. How much are you earning from your blog and in what ways?

Bruno, we are able to earn $18,000 to $20,000 every month from our blog

Most of that revenue comes through the sales of affiliate products. We are promoting SEO-related Tools, Web Hosting Related products, WordPress Themes & Plugins, and AI writing software through our blog content.

A small portion of revenue comes through our eBooks Sales and brand mentions on relevant pages.


7. Can a blogger earn full-time without an email list? If so, what are your best tips?

Having an active email list could be a big revenue generator for your business.

But you can earn a decent full-time income without an email list as well.

Mega PLR Mega Bundle
Mega PLR Mega Bundle

We are working on building an active email list but that’s not contributing to our overall revenue so far.

We have a huge dependency on Google Search. Our blog generates over two lakh views a month and most of that traffic comes from Google and other search engines.

If you aim at driving more traffic from Google and other search engines, you need to learn the basics of SEO.

Spend more time improving the quality of your blog contents and at the same time, promote them as much as you can.

You cannot get traffic from search engines during the time you are not promoting your blog contents to your target audience through different platforms.


8. You currently offer Blog Consulting Services to various clients across the globe. What are the top 3 things your clients struggle with?

I found most of them are struggling with three things:

  • They are not able to generate traffic to their websites (Most common)
  • They are not able to monetize their contents properly
  • They don’t know how to create high-quality content and what should be their content marketing strategy.


9. What are some of the top mistakes you see bloggers make?

Sharing below some of the common blogging mistakes committed by the bloggers:

  • They focus only on content creation and forget about promotion. You cannot get good traffic from Google search by time you are not promoting your blog content to the right audience. Content promotion is really important if you want to take your blog’s traffic to the next level.
  • Most of the time, they skip the keyword research process. They just create content on the basis of ideas that come to their minds or what they see is being created by other websites. This is not an ideal approach. Keyword research should be done for every content that is being created.
  •  They don’t invest in their blog design and overall content formatting. Both of these things are really important if you want to make a serious business from your blogging efforts.


10. What do you think is the fastest way to drive traffic to a new blog?

If you are talking about Google search traffic, that’s going to take some time. You need to wait at least six months before expecting some serious traffic. Here, you need to first create high-quality contents, get them indexed and at the same time, spread words about them (Build some high quality backlinks).

Apart from search, you can try the kind of platform to get instant traffic to your blog contents. Reply to some relevant questions and add your content links wherever they add value.

You can also try YouTube videos. Traffic that you get from YouTube videos will also be really high quality and most converting.


11. Do you think bloggers can succeed without social media?

For sure, social media sites will help you spread more and more words about yourself and your brand.

But you can skip those websites whose contents are not indexed by Google bots.

As time allows, become active on one platform at a time and create a strong presence there.

Don’t make the mistake of being everywhere in one go. You will not be able to get the best results from those platforms with that approach.


12. What are some mentors, books or programs that have helped you grow and get better at business?

I follow a lot of online marketing gurus, their blogs, social media handles and their YouTube channels. I end up learning a lot from them.


13. What’s next for you and your business? Any big plans for 2022?

Bruno, I have no plans to start any new business anytime soon. For now, I want to focus more on taking BloggersPassion blog to the next level. I want to make it the best resource for blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing related topics.

And we are working in that direction. We are spending lots of our time on improving the quality of our blog content and at the same time, trying to make them visually appealing.


I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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