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Are you thinking of purchasing PLR products from but can’t seem to find a honest and comprehensive review online? Are you looking for answers to questions like “Is worth?” Well you have come to the right place. In this post you are going to learn everything there is to know about … Read more

Can You Cash a Check if Your Name is Spelled Wrongly?

Can you cash a check if your name is spelled wrongly?

This is a common concern question to many individuals. Luckily, this article will be of great help. Yes,it is possible to cash a cheque if your name is spelled wrongly as long as you can establish that the cheque was written for you and the bank can assess its value. There are some errors, however … Read more

Can I use White-out on a Cheque?

Can I use White-out on a Cheque

No, you shouldn’t use white out on a cheque. There are many other different ways to correct mistakes made on a cheque. We have travelled through various trading modes in the history of money; from barter trading, to use of gold or silver or other precious stones or metal or items, to use of minted … Read more

4 Best Tradeline Companies of 2022

best tradeline companies

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If a Deposit is Pending, Can I Use the Money?

If a Deposit is Pending, Can I Use the Money

It can be extremely aggravating to see a deposit that has been pending for a long time. There’s usually no way around it except to wait until the money is completely transferred into your account. This is due to the fact that the pending funds are yet to be verified. You cannot use the money … Read more

Do Credit Cards Have Routing Numbers?

do credit cards have routing numbers

Routing numbers are only necessary for wire transfers, checks, and other transferring payments between accounts. Routing numbers are not found on credit cards since they are not required. It is simple to see where the idea of credit cards haing routing numbers initiated. A 16-digit number is assigned to all credit cards. They might appear … Read more

What Happens When Your Debit Card Expires?

what happens when your debit card expires

Are you wondering what happens when your debit card expires? With the world evolving every passing second, transactions have become easier and faster and many do not require anyone carrying large sums of money with them anymore. One of the inventions we have now is cards, making transactions with cards; debit cards, Credit cards, prepaid … Read more

12 Best Credit Cards for Freelancers in Philippines (2022)

best credit cards for freelancers in phillipines

In this blog post you will learn the 12 best credit cards for freelancers in Philippines. Credit cards are payment cards issued to make purchases of goods and services. The money used from the credit card is borrowed from a bank and should be paid within a month. If not, you are charged extra fees … Read more

32 Frugal Living tips from the Great Depression

frugal money saving tips from the great depression

Are you looking for awesome frugal living tips from the great depression? Well then continue reading. The great depression was the worst downturn in the economic world. The industrialized world crashed from 1929 to 1939. People were either starving to death, getting evicted from their homes or both which led to debts piling up. Farmers … Read more

What color pen should you use when writing cheques?

what color pen should you use when writing cheques

Want to jump straight to the answer? A dark pen is the formal pen used to sign checks A cheque is a formal document that helps the bank to pay a certain amount of money from the drawers account that is usually written on a unique printed form. This article will answer the question what … Read more