14 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2022

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Are you on the look out for the best work from home jobs you can start today and make money?

Well then you are at the right place my friend.

The opportunity to work comfortably at your own home office and make money from it… who would not want that?

If you are highly skilled at multitasking, find it hard to report to work every day, cannot have time with your children because of the highly demanding job, then you will fit right in here.

You need to be self-motivated to really work from the comfort of your home.

This is more of a reason to get something you will enjoy doing.

There are plenty of options on the internet in 2021 except the same platform has its own darkness. Scams.

There will be jobs too good to be true and others will only con you but in both, you need to trust your gut.

This list is to make sure you fall in the right hands doing the right task for you.


1. Translator or interpreter


To be an interpreter or a translator, you need a certain proficiency in English or any other language you may wish to be involved with.

These gigs will be presented by companies, courts or even schools and will entail the translating and interpreting in either of the following ways;

  • In writing
  • In audio form
  • Sign languages
  • Speaking

Being fluent in English can earn you a lot. Likewise, an ability to speak and write in another language other than English is almost gold.

Students are studying abroad, companies are looking to hire from all over the globe and some looking for opinions from people all over the world.

The opportunities are endless considering the technology which is bringing everyone closer and creating connections with just about anyone.

Other dialogues that you have to translate, you find that they will also have documents for translation.

Legal and medical documents have the highest pay so if you are up to the challenge, jump right in by searching for sites that provide these kind of opportunities.

It is never too late to learn a new language too.


2. Tutor


All thanks to the pandemic (covid-19), schools and other learning institutions have diverted to virtual learning making it easier for students and teachers to work together from their own homes.

Whether you are good with kids, middle schools kids, high schoolers or college students, they all come looking for tuitions.

The slow learners will even need extra lessons and while the good old teacher-students meet ups used to work, they may not be ideal at such times.

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If you are committed enough and have the right skills, you will find job offers to coach business professionals.

The same teaching spirit is required from you.

You can even start your own site where you can offer knowledge on a certain subject at a price.

Whether written or in form of tutorials, people will always be on the look-out for tutorials and someone to guide them.


2. Proof-reader

proof reader

To ace in this, your mastery of the English language needs to be excellent.

You also need to have a good eye for spotting details and small errors.

You will be needed to check the grammar used, formats, spellings, and fact-check the whole document to ensure its originality.

If you want to know what other skills are needed to start the whole proofreading hustle including how fast you need to be, check out tutorials on YouTube, articles, and up to 7-day courses fully dedicated to the proofreading and writing  field.

This is one of those online jobs that can become your full time jobs in no time while you take care of your bills effortlessly.

You can sign up for Fiverr today and start earning money working online as a proof reader.


3. Virtual assistant

virtual assistant

To be employed as a virtual assistant, you need to employ your creative, administrative and technical skills.

This can get you employed in any service such the legal field, schools, corporations, etc. since any running organization needs one of these.

Likewise, the pay range is wide as it varies from field to field.

Most of these organizations will forward these tasks due to their busy schedules so payments will also vary on how big the corporation or organization is.

The other factor determining how big or small pay is, is your skills.

Administrative skills will get you the job but having web related skills will command a higher pay.

Examples of services done are;

  • Picking up phone calls
  • Handling the schedule of all meetings
  • Other digital services

Sign up on sites like Fiverr that is ideal for beginners, Upwork and a couple other sites to get these job offers.

I however recommend Fiverr as the best freelance website to start from as a Virtual Assistant.

You have to be organized to pull this off.


4. Bookkeeper

book keeper

Most organizations do not consider these tasks during employment nor do they have a full time use for them.

But needless to say, they are crucial to the smooth running of the company since financial records are handled here.

If you already have accounting experience, it will highly favour you due to the invoicing services and keeping track of the company’s cash flow while recording financial transactions.

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and  Flexjobs offer these remote bookkeeping positions.

These positions can be uploaded on a full time or part time basis.

There will also be articles and tutorials that will guide you on how to handle everything and command a higher pay.

The same tutorials will qualify beginners who have never been in the business before but are willing to start and commit to this hustle.


5. Graphic designer

graphic designer

These digital designers will easily find remote jobs online that they can work on from their own homes.

You need to be creative to be able to bring a new and unique look to all your clients.

It also needs to match what they want and sometimes their personality.

As a graphic designer, you will get to design logos and a catchy look an ads, clothes, book covers, design booklets, flyers and other informative materials of interest to the client.

Some corporations will however need graphic designers with previous experience.

They will need proof of the experience i.e. some of your previous works.

With this, you can take up more than one job to work on as you grow in your skills for much larger projects.

Just like other jobs, you can find this one on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Other sites like99designs are specifically designed for graphic and web designers in case you need a platform purely dedicated to your art.


6. Customer service representative

customer service

From the comfort of your own home, you can take orders from clients on behalf of the company, deal with complaints, provide answers to questions, or process solutions.

This job will be found in wide range of service.

Almost every other service there is employs customer service.

You will need good interpersonal skills to handle people and problems they need solved including showing concern.

To offer these services effectively, you need to be informed about the company you are going to work for from how they operate, services they offer, the procedure they follow when offering these services and how they deal with problems and complaints.

What you need to bring in as the new component is your excellent interpersonal skills since this is the face of the company.

How you treat clients is how the company is painted as.


7. Online surveyor

work online

Online surveys have become the talk on social media when it comes to online jobs you can make money from.

More people are taking up these surveys being that there are several sites dedicated to these surveys and they are getting out of it with just about enough money.

The sites are Swagbucks, Survey feeds, Survey junkie, Inbox junkie, among others.

They are flexible and will always have a gig ready for you making them convenient for your low times.

Some sites will reward you with reward points that you can redeem to anything else they might offer and others will reward you directly with cash.

A few of these sites have apps that you can log in to start tasking on the go.

You will only need to share your opinions with a company or organization about the product in question.

You have to give honest and unbiased reviews.

This can be done either online or in-person where you have to travel to do it with other candidates


8. Data entry operator

data entry

A data entry operator or specialist will input information on paper or anything physical such as reports, records, checks, and transactions, bills to a database or computer.

You will be required to collect this data, ensure it is correct and key it in a spreadsheet or preferred platform ensuring that it is also correct and matches the one on the physical records.

Most of you will probably be thinking right now that there are so many automated processes out there and this is one of them but a lot does need to be done manually and require a human to cross check with everything.

They are mostly presented as work from home jobs too.

You will get these job offers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Craiglist and a bunch of other legitimate sites.


9. Online writer

online writer

With these technological times, freelance writers are on the rise and earning a lot from this gig. It is one of those gigs that are more legitimate and can be a full time job enough to fund your living and basically every other need.

There are also articles everywhere that will assist you to know what exactly the client needs and how to meet that need and ask for the right price.

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, Skyword, PeoplePerHour, Guru.com offer so many writing gigs for freelancers.

Some sites will need professionals only signing up with evidence of previous works and skills to start getting jobs but others welcome beginners.

If you are a newbie then I would recommend you start with Fiverr since it doesn’t have a steep learning curve and has high payouts. .

Signing up to these sites is free of charge and once you do, start looking for a task that is right for you.




As a blogger, you need to have a strict plan, know how to present what you are writing about, and be consistent to grow.

Only when people know about your blog, do you get to earn from it in various ways.

Your content should also be interesting or covering a certain niche not many cover as long as it is eye-catching.

If you decide to have your content similar to another person’s niche, approach that niche from a different angle to make your content unique.

Similar to editing skills, you will need to have an eye for details, and able to fact-check.

Blogging has a competitive market so the choice of your niche and how you present it is crucial.

Once you build up traffic on your blogging site, you can start earning from the advertisements and getting revenue for being an affiliate.

You can even promote products for companies and corporations and get paid when a reader of your blog purchases the item through your advertising or link.

If you haven’t yet already, check out our step by step tutorial to create a money making blog in under 10 minutes.


11. Transcriptionist


Being a transcriptionist means listening to audios or spoken words and recording what you hear e.g. an organization will send an audio to be transcribed so as to include subtitles for those who need them.

This means you need to have patience and be very keen to not let anything pass you by since accuracy is key.

People will have different jargons, accents, paces which might make it difficult to keep up.


However, as time goes by as you practice, it gets easier

The transcription jobs can also involve transcribing written content that will need you to have an eye for details to spot mistakes.

You will also be reviewing reports given to you by a client and correcting errors.

If anything, you need to be fast and accurate. The least words should be 75wpm (words per minute) for some jobs but can be more for some other jobs.

You can sign up for a free account with Fiverr and start earning money for transcribing.


12. Social media evaluator or manager

social media manager

Most youths and some of the other age sets are becoming social media savvy.

It is literally where most of us spend ¾ of our time posting lifestyles from travelling, day to day routines, events among others. It is either a pass time, a hobby or our whole life.

Either way, it is something we greatly enjoy and are good at.

Might as well get paid doing it. Most of the gigs young people are getting are in or through social media.

You just have to do the same thing you do for you to these companies or corporations.

You manage their social media accounts and other pages online to grow their fan base and market their brand, products and services.

All businesses are finding it crucial and sometimes even mandatory to have a social media presence to connect to all age sets.

Since most of us, as mentioned earlier, are appealed by social media, we get our curiosity triggered this way.


13. Travel agent

travel agent

This is most definitely more appealing to those who have a knack of travelling and love as well as enjoy helping others share the same experience.

To be a travel agent, you will either have to join an already existing travel agency to work for it or start your own online travel agency.

Most people tend to reach out through social media and the services offered can be entirely virtual.

You will get to make travel arrangements to clients search as planning their itineraries, arranging their accommodations, their modes of transport and places or sceneries they will visit.

You have to know about these factors hence the love of travelling to know about what you are offering.

These services offered come with their perks as most agencies present offers that can even include your family.


14. Marketing manager


In marketing, you will promote products and services by creating an outreach on every other available platform.

You will be expected to drive traffic towards a certain brand or even a product.

Being persistent, consistent, and knowing how to deal with people are some of the skills required.

You will also need to know your target market, where to find them and how to reach them online.

Being a marketing manager will include many other positions such as being a content coordinator, SEO strategist and using several platforms such as social media, branded clothes, cards, advertisements on publications and posters etc.

To work from home, the various social media platforms are going to be ideal for you and since it is the most convenient form of marketing these days, it will most likely be an option.


Conclusion: Best Work From Home Jobs

Decide on what you want to try today. You can always quit if it is not for you because, hey, there are like a million opportunities online you can make money from as long as it is legitimate.

You can even take up two or three jobs but some will constantly need your discipline to grow.

They are not all get- rich-fast opportunities but they definitely have their perks and once you start and commit, they can surprise you.

On top on earning your money easily, they save a lot of time, money, reduce your exposure to anything dangerous or break outs like the on-going covid-19 virus and increases you productivity due to the reduced pressure.

I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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