4 Best Tradeline Companies of 2022

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In this post. you are going to learn about the best tradeline companies to join for a better credit report.

You might have heard of tradeline companies if you are looking for a quick way to improve your credit.

Selecting the ideal tradeline company can significantly increase your credit score in the short term.

Nevertheless, you cannot know which of the tradeline companies are the best and most credible with many to choose from.

You may also have heard something negative about the tradeline companies themselves.

Are they as effective as these companies claim in boosting loans?

We have done enough research. Find and compare best tradeline businesses easily.

We make it very easy for you to decide, from low fees to proven results and tradelines to sales and so on.

Is bad credit preventing you from receiving the loan you desire?

Maybe because of your low credit, an employer has turned you down for a job, or you have never received the interest rate you believed you would get the loan.

If your score can still be obtained, consider a tradeline firm if you have attempted everything.

The tradelines are your credit report’s accounts. Excellent credit patterns mean that good trading firms can influence your credit history positively.

However, your credit rating may suffer as a result of your tradelines containing negative information.

Under the right conditions, buying businesses from one of the best trading companies can serve as a means to demonstrate your loan reports through years of credit record.


There are also several tradeline companies with whom people can work.

Most people here, if not all, heard or read about a business line and you can look forward to one.

Trading companies are an outstanding opportunity to boost to your loan history.

Most people typically choose to piggyback someone with a good credit score.

But you can use a tradeline business if you do not know anybody who has a high credit score.

However, first, prior to actually choosing the tradeline company with which you will work, you need to make appropriate investigations.

In this article, we will discuss more about different types of tradelines and when and why you will consider them.

We also researched and hand-picked our best recommendations from all the major retail companies.

Constantly read and find out how best tradeline businesses work, and whether this financial transaction is appropriate for you.


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What are tradeline companies?

You cannot really work quickly enough to increase your credit score sometimes.

It takes a lot of time and commitment to make late payments available and to pay down your balance.

The credit office takes a bit of time to get your score back on track.

What if something is needed now? A tradeline can be bought by a tradeline company.

It sounds strange, but you can essentially purchase your way into another’s credit.

You purchase your way to somebody else’s credit via a tradeline.

Tradeline companies sell on someone else’s account the right to be an Authorized User.

Whereas you can do so with a family member or close friend free of charge, it is not always an option that makes it possible for tradeline companies.

If you do not have the same charge capabilities, you might get the advantage of improved credit that will help you enhance your credit score if you are an authorized user for a family member or friend.

Please always put in mind that this is not assured. It might succeed or fail.

It is simple if you purchase a tradeline from a tradeline company, you consider purchasing the right to join another person as an authorized user for a limited period.

This adds a tradeline temporarily to your credit report and may increase your score.


What is a credit tradeline?

The accounts in your credit report are essentially known as tradeline.

For example, if you get a new credit card and take a car loan to finance a payment, your report will be supplemented with a new tradeline.

To have a fine business, you have to practice good lending habits, which will have a positive impact on your credit history.

On the contrary, suppose that your tradeline contains negative information.

This is badly reflected in your loan. You are good credit if you use your credit wisely, pay your bills on time and avoid defaults on loans, because your trading company reflects this.

There are ways in which you can repair it, if you have bad credit.

However, late payment and bad credit should be avoided if you can help.

Assuming you have got bad loan, you can help improve the quality of your tradelines.

You will first have to pay off all debts and make sure you pay all monthly charges on time, without insolvency.

If you really need a good credit score immediately, then a permanent tradeline is convenient.

Only when you can’t wait to establish your credit score gradually, you have to think about buying a tradeline.

As previously stated, you might not know anyone you can piggyback with an excellent credit score.

Consequently, in purchasing a trade you basically buy your name as an authorized user for a certain period on another person’s account.

In short, you pay for piggyback temporarily on the good credit of another person in the optimism of maximizing their credit history.


The Four Top Tradeline Companies

The following are the best tradeline companies:

  1. Tradeline supplies
  2. BoostCredit101
  3. Credit pro
  4. Superior tradeline

Selecting a company with the best trade is a struggle, particularly with the credit industry being scammed.

To assist you, we have summarized a list of the most popular four tradeline companies.

These four are prioritized by consumers because of their client service, public image and outcomes.


#1.Tradeline supplies

Tradeline Supplies company was founded in 2017.this is our top recommendation as the best tradeline company.

This is a relatively new company however; they are one of the first to have offered a complete online experience in the commercial sector when it comes to buying tradelines.

Tradeline Supply Company   maintains low prices through its simple online ordering system.

Due to the fact that seasoned tradelines can be too costly, a reason to look at them is an affordable price.

It aims to provide consumers with adequate financial training to help them build improved financial habits, while momentarily assisting them to increase their credit scores with trading companies bought.

Tradeline Supply is highly regarded as affordable and reputable experts in the field.


Advantages of tradeline supplies

  • Tradeline Supply Company lists all its large corporations and prices available for anybody to see. To view their tradelines lines you do not have to input any personal information. They are transparent for everyone.


  • They are very affordable. You can run into thousands from certain quality tradelines. Tradeline Supply company it is one of the most competitive prices on the market as it is purely online. It is hard to find a better deal elsewhere if you also consider packaging deal discounts.


  • You can add and buy a tradeline in a matter of minutes to your cart. If you don’t want or you don’t need to talk to a customer service agent. However, their response time for customer service is also relatively quick.


  • They offer great customer service and high efficiency. If a customer has a complaint, he or she will take care of it in good time and try to solve the problem, notably when it is negative.


  • Tradeline Supply does have a knowledge center that updates its credit related activities with free articles and resources.


  • It guarantees that your tradeline will be presented for at least two reporting cycles as an open account for your credit bureau.


  • While Tradeline Supply Company cannot guarantee and does not guarantee an upsurge in the credit score, it has a convenient tradeline calculator. In this context, you can see how the addition of a tradeline affects your average credit age and utilization, which is both essential to one’s credit score.


Disadvantages of Tradeline supplies

  • As we have discussed it is a relatively new firm. That means that they might not have the same experience as other major trading companies.


  • Please take care of the deadline for purchase. If you miss this, your tradeline may not appear until the next reporting cycle on your credit report.

In conclusion, Tradeline Supply Company is our best option for a trusted trading company thanks to its very positive credibility, reasonable prices and full transparency.


#2. BoostCredit101

In Denver (Colorado), Boost Credit 101 is where it is based.

Their blog is extremely educational and also has a FAQ on how traders work and how their credit rating can be improved.

They have an incredible customer service on google. Within 60 days of buying, BoostCredit101 guarantees to post your tradeline.

However, they say it takes usually an average of 2 weeks.

If the business does not report to two credit agencies, BoostCredit101 offers a full reimbursement or a substitute.


Benefits of Boostcredit101

  • Provides complete transparency to enable you to sort trading lines by price, loan, limit, and age and declaration day. Boost Credit 101 also provides a large number of tradelines.


  • Boost Credit 101 offers a free advisory service for traders. If you’re looking at one in specific, a consultant could help you reserve a tradeline on the phone.


  • Checks the risk of fraud extensively by all parties, buyers and sellers.


  • It is well kept and has adequate information and resources.


  • Using encrypted servers, all client data is stored safe and completely removed upon 90 days.


Disadvantages of Boostcredit101

  • You ought to make a call with a representative when you are free to browse tradelines on your site, to really go through an order. Compared to the entire online system, this can be a disadvantage.


  • The Boost Credit 101 trading firms are usually more costly than those of other enterprises.


  • Contrary to our other guidelines, Boost Credit 101 does not offer its tradelines special agreements or bundles. Occasionally businesses give discounts on the second and third trading lines you buy from.


#3. Credit Pro

In 2007, the company Credit Pro was set up. They have extensive experience and can also be trusted, as they are up and running.

Their process is fairly fast and they also have a strategy that assures money back if your credit card is disputed.

They also give free consultations to make an informed decision if you want to learn much more about procedure.

Their website is easy to use, and can be contacted easily.

Depending on the circumstances, how long it takes for your credit to be fixed may differ from each person.

They do not, however, guarantee that when you buy their tradeline, the credit value increases.

With good track record and tradeline stocks they are less appealing than Tradeline Supply Company with their lack of transparency.


Benefits of Credit pro

  • They have over 13 years of experience. They have been in business way longer that other tradeline companies hence people tend to trust them more.


  • The largest selection of trading companies is Credit Pro. They say that they have more than 2,000 trading companies with many top-quality accounts.


  • They do offer free consultation with their staff.


  • Credit Pro can rent trading companies for up to 90 days, significantly higher than other companies’ standard (60 days).


Cons of Credit Pro

  • There is no tradeline transparency- No tradelines are publicly listed in CreditPro. Before you can see them, you must register with them in an account.


  • Some of the data on the CreditPro website aims to be a reseller instead of a trading company.

Moreover, their FAQ area is quite limited and clients can be confused about the way their system operates.


#4. Superior Tradelines

Superior Tradelines is a Cocoa Beach, Florida-based company that was founded in 2010.

It is important to note that the firm does not provide credit repair services.

You can either sell your credit or purchase a tradeline, which allows you to use somebody else’s perfect credit score to your advantage.


The company’s website provides useful information about tradelines.

If you require any specific information, you must contact them.


Advantages of buying a Tradeline

Here are a few benefits of buying a tradeline;

1. High chances of getting a loan

To apply for loans, some lenders may require a minimum credit score.

If your existing credit score falls short of this criterion, purchasing a tradeline could make a huge difference of either being turned down or being acknowledged.

You have a better chance of getting a loan approved if you have a high credit score.

For instance, if you are buying a car, keep in mind that your creditor will check your credit report unless you’re paying cash.

You will almost certainly be disqualified if you have a low score.


2. Increases the chances of renting an apartment

Often these landlords will run your credit as part of the screening process when renting an apartment.

This usually gives the landlord some trust on how dependable you are when it comes to paying your bills on time.

You may be rejected for the apartment you want if your credit score is low.

Buying a tradeline could be a good idea if you’re moving soon and need to rent a new apartment.


3. Getting a lower interest rate

Most likely you have probably come across ad campaigns for loans with extremely low interest rates, which are quite appealing.

You should keep in mind that  low interest rates do not apply to everyone.

The only people who benefit from low loan interest rates are those who have a good credit score.

As a result, if you want to pay a lower interest rate, particularly on a mortgage, you must have good credit.

A tradeline can help you get one if you don’t have an existing one.

Low-interest rates are guaranteed if you have a good credit score.

Even if your credit score is low, you may be able to get a loan.

Nevertheless, your interest rates will be significantly greater, implying that you will be paying for that loan for a long time and spending far more money than you would if you had a high credit score.


4. Great deal when it comes to car insurance

You will have to deal with auto insurers in addition to getting a creditor to approve your loan.

They will automatically use your poor credit history against you.

As a result, if you want to have good credit, you should buy a tradeline.

You do not need to be concerned regarding them looking into your case.

Insurance companies will charge you more if you have bad credit than if you have good credit because people with terrible credit file more claims.

As a result, improve your credit by purchasing a tradeline to avoid paying higher fees.


5. Better opportunity to get a job

It’s important to note that your credit score is not accessible to a potential employer.

They can, however, access and view your payment history, which is essentially a version of your credit report.

Employers prefer personally liable employees.

This implies that if you are not overextended, use your credit card wisely, and pay your bills on time, you will be a responsible employee.

If you have bad credit, this is where purchasing a tradeline comes in handy.


6. Limited work on your side

Yes, it is more expensive, but you get a good tradeline without having to do any work.

You would have to constantly monitor your credit, correct errors, lower balances, catch up on payments, and wait to see how your credit score responds if you did not have it.

A tradeline eliminates the guesswork; you get the ‘good tradeline,’ and your credit score should improve automatically.


Is it Legal to Use Credit Tradelines?

Purchasing tradelines is legal if you are striving to increase your credit score.

It may appear to be a too good to be genuine deal, but it is a valid way of improving your credit history.

There have been no state or federal laws prohibiting people from purchasing tradelines.

Purchasing tradelines, on the other hand, has some drawbacks.

That is why it is advisable before purchasing a tradeline, you must conduct thorough research and reading.

It is important to make sure you are collaborating with a legitimate tradeline company.

Individuals establish their credit scores in order for financial institutions such as banks to ascertain whether or not they can lend you money.

While buying tradelines is legal, it could get you in trouble, especially if you don’t have parents who can help you establish good credit.

In theory, when you piggyback on someone else’s credit, you aren’t the one who is establishing credit.

When purchasing a tradeline, you must provide your credit information, which is risky since you do not know the people involved.

Unfortunately, not all tradeline firms are trustworthy.

Sadly, the credit repair industry is riddled with con artists who charge exorbitant service fees they won’t even provide.

Introducing an authorized user raises the possibility of excessive spending, which makes it likely to collect more fees.

The authorized user, however, is not permitted to use the credit card by tradeline companies.

This implies that perhaps the authorized user benefits from “good credit” without incurring any of the risks associated with spending.

Creditors are well sure that people try to improve their credit ratings by using the accounts of others who have good credit.

A creditor may avoid giving you a loan if a tradeline has mentioned you as an authorized user but has not stipulated what relationship you have with the account holder.

Given that you will have paid for the tradeline, this might be somehow difficult.

Finally, as previously stated, you must work with a reputed and reliable and professional firm that has been in business for a long time.

You cannot work with the first company you come across before even verifying their legitimacy.

You are more likely to work with a scam company if you do not do your homework.

You will be charged exorbitant fees, and they will not provide the services they promised.

This means you have spent your time, and there is a good chance you probably would not be able to get your money back.

Doing your research wisely will make you never regret your steps.


What Should You Look For in a Good Tradeline Company?

1. Customer service

A tradeline company’s customer service can reveal a great deal about it. It is important to consider how quickly they reply, their professional competence, and their knowledge.

To contact customer service, most good tradeline companies provide an email address or a phone number.

It is a good company when it takes the time to learn about your needs and what you want.


2. Time in service

Working with a firm that has been in business for a long time is essential.

This indicates that they have prior tradeline experience and will provide the service you have paid for.

It would also be beneficial to conduct some study to discover how many individuals they have worked with since their inception, as well as how happy and content their customers are.

It is also a good idea to look at their website’s testimonial page.


3. Physical address

Regardless of the fact that most tradeline companies provide all of their services online, decent companies will always include a physical address.

You can double-check this address on Google just to make sure the company is who they say they are.


4. Affordability

It is only natural that good tradelines would be more expensive.

However, because tradelines are intended to be temporary solutions, you should look for one that does the job and is not too expensive.

Check various tradelines offered by different companies to determine which is the most cost-effective for you.


5. Open to their clients

When looking for a good trading company, honesty and transparency are important factors to consider.

For example, a company that posts its prices on its website is beneficial because it informs new buyers about how much they will be charged and what they will be paying for.

Generally, existing tradeline companies are open about their services.

This gives you the confidence to work with them because you know they are running a valid and law-abiding business.

Honesty is a key aspect that enhances trust hence it is very important.


6. Variety of options

The leading organizations will provide you with a variety of tradelines from which to choose.

They can differ in terms of credit limit, credit history, and credit utilization rate.


What to keenly look at when buying a tradeline?

1. Giving preference to quality over quantity

Many seriously question if buying several good tradelines is preferable to buying one great tradeline.

In general, the quality of a tradeline surpasses the quantity purchased.

Some people may choose multiple more affordable options due to the high price tag of some high-quality tradelines.

Lower priced tradelines, on the other hand, are unlikely to improve your score quite so much.


When purchasing tradelines, keep in mind that quality, not quantity, is what matters.

You may have a number of low-quality tradelines, which will have little impact.

You may purchase an unlimited number of tradelines.

Simply make certain that the tradelines are of high quality.


2. Making sure you have gone through the contract carefully

Before you sign the contract, make sure you read it thoroughly.

It could include crucial terms like how long you will be an authorized user on the tradeline.

If something does not seem right, this is your last possibility to back out of the agreement.


3. Account History and Maximum Credit

Credit limit and account history are the most important features of a tradeline.

In general, credit cards with higher credit limits and longer credit histories will improve your credit score the most, but they will also cost you more to purchase.

Frequently, one of these will have to be sacrificed for the other.

If you need a lower credit usage, for instance, it’s best to find a tradeline with a strong credit limit, even though it has a relatively short account history than other tradelines.

This will improve your score significantly. A tradeline with a high account history always turns out to be the best.


4. Check the credit score and credit report after buying a tradeline

You will need to check your credit report manually to see if your tradeline has been added.

If you don’t see it, companies will frequently request your report as proof of purchase in order to receive a complete refund.

If it has been posted, respond swiftly to apply for that loan or rental apartment before you are removed from the authorized user list.

It is important to note that tradelines typically appear on your credit report as an open account for two reporting cycles (60 days). If necessary, most companies will allow you to extend your tradeline.

The tradeline may still appear on your credit report as a closed account after 60 days.

This is beneficial because closed accounts still affect your credit score.

However, almost all of the tradeline’s effects should wear off after the 60-day period.

It is good to be very keen on the days.


5. Purchase the right tradeline

Do not purchase a tradeline simply because it is attractive or inexpensive.

Such a decision is more likely to be regretted.

You may have trouble finding a legitimate seller because tradeline companies operate in the same way as other traditional industries.

To make an informed decision, you should conduct research and check multiple feedback.


6. Do not fall for fake promises

You should work with a tradeline company that is open and honest about their services.

It would be ideal if you worked with a firm that produces tangible results.

It’s possible that you will be able to improve your credit or have shorter reporting periods as a result of this.

Avoid tradeline companies that claim to specialize in certain types of tradelines since they can really be disappointing.


Addition of Authorized Users: Is Piggybacking Credit Still Effective?

Credit piggybacking, also known as adding yourself as an authorized user on someone else’s account, can help you improve your credit score.

It’s also usually a lot quicker than attempting to rectify your credit on your own.

There is a distinction between becoming an authorized user through a friend and purchasing a tradeline.

If you piggyback on someone accounts, you can do so for as long as they let you.

You can come into an agreement with your partner and know the way forward in regards to the account.

Once you purchase a tradeline you are basically temporarily renting someone else’s good credit.

This only lasts a short time, and you no longer have access to their account.

Regardless of which option you choose, make sure the person you’re piggybacking on has good credit. It would also be suitable if they used their credit wisely.

This is why purchasing tradelines can be a good way to improve your credit score.

If you work with one of them, you depend heavily on their vetting process to ensure that the account holder has good credit and that you will be able to borrow some money from them.


Tradeline alternative

1. Secured credit card

Because your credit line is equal to the deposit you make on a secured credit card, there are fewer qualification requirements.

The credit card company will take your deposit if you are unable to make your payments.

You must, however, make on-time payments in order to build credit.

To demonstrate good financial habits, use the secured credit card to purchase items that you would normally pay cash for and then pay off the balance in full.

Secured credit cards are a better long-term option for those just getting started with credit than tradelines.

Credit limits are ideal for developing the habit of making monthly payments on time and in full because they are low.

For those who need to enhance credit rapidly and for a short period of time, tradelines are a better alternative.


2. A credit builder loan

A credit builder loan improves your credit by allowing you to take out a loan. But here is the thing: there’s a catch.

This is not a loan. You take out a loan from yourself. Your loan payments are deposited into a savings account.

You will get the balance plus interest at the end of the loan’s term.

If you are willing to take part, Self-Credit Loan Builder is a great place to start.

They are an industry leader who has assisted thousands of customers in responsibly building their credit.


3. Looking for mistakes in the credit report

How long has it been since you checked your credit report?

Simply going over it and trying to obtain that any errors should be corrected can help you improve your credit score.

Obviously, you will have to put in some effort because you will need to pull your credit report and then notify the credit bureau and creditor of the error immediately.


4. Get a relative or a friend as an authorized user

Consider having a family member or friend with good credit add you as an authorized user on their account.

This is similar to credit piggybacking, but it is done with someone you already know and trust.

Aside from saving money, another significant advantage is that you are not removed from the account after 60 days.

Just make sure the account you are joining is well-established; otherwise, you might be better off investing in a top notch tradeline.


Conclusion: Best Tradeline Companies

This article is very informative and it is very important for each individual to do proper research before buying a tradeline.

I really hope this article will guide you when it comes to making up a decision.

We have discussed what makes a good tradeline and what makes a good tradeline company in this article.

We have talked about many benefits that comes with purchasing tradeline, do not miss out on this chance.

Put in mind that the key to having a positive experience and getting the results you want is to find the best tradeline companies.

It is time to make a difference with your credit score!!



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