12 Best PLR Sites 2023- Make Over $1000/Mo Selling PLR Products

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Are you looking for the best PLR sites to purchase high quality PLR products?

Well you have landed on the right blog post.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It is a license one acquires along various material that one can alter to customize their service or product to their theme / subject matter / content / idea of their business to better market themselves.

In a world where time is of the essence, and everything is online and change is a constant, one must present their product in the most creative and innovative way possible.

Moreover, where it concerns similar business ideas, one is prone to counterfeit or inauthentic work, and more so, high competition.


So, one must be very keen and PLRs are here to simplify one’s work in the least possible time.

With PLRs, one can create unique works or products through customizing / specifying / modifying / altering / editing / remodeling / adjusting / fine-tuning whatever material they have obtained, to fit their particulars in the shortest time possible.

Some of the materials one may obtain a PLR for include; software, articles, blogs, webinars, educational courses, videos, e-books, graphics, emails, podcasts etc.

These materials will give you a guide or template or an overview on your business idea, which you will then customize to your specifics in a short time compared to if you had to create everything from scratch or even hire an expert to create something custom for your business idea.

Some important PLR facts include;

  • You can claim Authorship of product
  • You can customize product in any way except for where you have been limited by the terms, which you should be keen to.
  • You can resell the PLR rights to someone else
  • You cannot claim Copyright of the PLR.

Please note that PLR is not Ghost writing, nor is it Resell rights and definitely not, Master Resell Rights.

With Ghost writing, you hire a professional writer to create material and content for you from scratch, no template, nothing to look at except for picking inspiration from your busine ss uniqueness and style.

You get to call the shots on everything. You also get to claim copyright of the product.

With Resell rights, one can resell the products to the end user, but the buyer cannot resell the product too.

You cannot claim authorship, nor can you claim copyright.

Also, you cannot alter /customize the product.

You must use it as it comes and also, should you resell, there is a price you cannot sell beyond.

With Master Resell Rights, one can sell the resell rights to a buyer, who can then also resell the product to the end user.

However, like the Resell Rights, you cannot alter /customize the product to your style and the person selling has a price limit allowed to sell the product.

Also, copyright cannot be claimed by anyone except the PLR membership site/ company, the initial creators.

Now that we know what PLR is and what it isn’t, let’s see how we can use PLR products to grow our businesses.

Growth is paramount to your business as to many other areas of our lives.

We cannot stay on the same level for long.

We cannot afford to stay stunted or to go backwards too. Our bodies attest to growth and we put in a lot from the time we are born, to keep growing; food, shelter, emotional support, education, travel etc.

Our businesses too have the capacity to grow, in size, in income, in quality, to mention but a few.

Private label rights (PLRs) are a ready and great tool we can explore to enable our businesses grow and keep growing.


Contents show

Below are some of the PLR pluses that give us reason to use them;

1. PLRs save time.

One doesn’t have to think of everything from scratch.

You buy a PLR product like an e-book. It already has information and structures.

All, you need to do, is alter the information to line up with your business and style and then, you have a book.

If you manage your time, this could take a shorter time than, if you can to start from nowhere, wrecking your brain for ideas.


2. PLR gives us the liberty to customize the products we buy to fit our business ideas and themes and purposes.

PLRs will most times give you freedom to do with the product as you will except a few that might have an exception, which you will need to be keen to take note of before you purchase the product.


3. PLRs can give us Extra ideas on certain topics or products / services of our businesses.

Some PLR might have expert knowledge in line with our businesses that we might not have as a starter business or so.

Even if we do not use all the information that comes with the PLR products, some of the information will enlighten us and make our final product more qualitative.


4. PLR Products are Affordable.

PLRs will turn out more affordable than Professional writers, thereby saving us some good money.


5.PLRs give us the permission to claim authorship.

Once we purchase the product and alter/ customize it, we can claim Authorship, which is a credit to the business.


6. PLRs are easy to use.

Since PLR comes with content, they will not take up so much thinking and energy compared to having to create from scratch.

All you need to do is customize it to fit your business ideas.


So then, how do we use the PLR products to grow our businesses?

Below are a few steps I believe are important for one to make the best use of PLRs;

1. Determine your industry /field /sector of business.

Is it education or commerce or financial or agricultural or chemical or food or health services, or Engineering or Media or tourism or communication or public service, to mention but a few.


2. Consider some PLR websites

Look for PLR in line with your industry /field /sector and review if they are what you want.


3. Purchase PLR


4. Alter PLR to fit your business purpose /theme /style /heart.


5. Share customized PLR product on your website or social media platform or blog or YouTube channel or newsletters via emails etc., going out to your potential clients/audiences.

Like mentioned at the beginning of this article, the PLR material will vary from videos, blogs, articles, e-books, educational courses, emails, podcast etc.

These will give you a good push.

They will assist in wrapping your product in attractive ways, add value/quality to the content and ultimately draw clients to your business, growing your business!

Important to note is that inasmuch as PLRs can assist in growing your business, if you

  • Are not keen in your altering /editing /customizing,
  •  Are not balancing your time in the altering well,
  • Haven’t noticed restriction in editing
  • Have not run a plagiarism check to eliminate plagiarism possibilities

PLRs, can certainly be the downfall of your business.

So, be keen and do the extra work to make your business ideas stand out.

Growing your business using PLR as discussed above focusses much on the size of the business, below let us expound on it and see how to grow financially with PLR products;


How to make money with PLR Products.

1. Sell your PLR products in your own store online.

This is an easy one. Buy PLR, alter the content to fit your niche or theme and then sell it on your website store section. You could sell things like e-books.


2. Buy PLR and resell them immediately, without making any changes.

This is as easy as it sounds. If you get many buys from your resell, you have a lot more profit.


3. Buy PLR, adjust the content and then sell the altered product.

This will add some value to the product and your selling price will also be a bit higher, hence more profit, plus the more the buys, the more profit.


4. Sell your PLR rights to the buyers of your PLR products.

Here, you must ensure the initial producer has allowed for the rights sell.

If so, then go ahead and sell the rights too.


5. Resell PLR to other marketers.

Buy PLR and target a given niche or industry and sell the PLR products to them if they don’t already have access to PLR.


6. Make PLR package deals and sell them.

This will take analysis on your part. Put together PLR that is related, say something on HEALTH, different bits on Health, say diet, then managing weight, balancing hormones etc.


7. Give away free PLR products as bonuses when they sign up for your emails or blogs etc.

This way, you get a list of contacts and they eventually can buy other products from you as the first one came free but valuable.


For your already existing products which could be a blog or an online class, add PLR products that will add value to your already existing product.

Say you sell tennis products, get tennis PLR to add value to your products and sell them together.


9. Get inspiration content from PLR to enhance your own platform content, say blogs or videos etc.

Use PLR as an inspiration. Most of the PLR content has been researched and carefully put together before you buy it.

So, you can use the content therein to create your own thing say, get ideas on how to make your own videos or books or audios etc.


10. Create Membership sites.

In as much as this might be a bit of a long process, it’s a good one for the long run.

Set up a membership site where you upload various PLR content that can only be accessed by clients that have signed up at a fee to access your products.

Ensure that your content is of great quality hence you will have more sales coming in and also you are bound to have loyal customers should they find your content legit.

Also, you have to keep uploading newer works, keep it valuable.


11. Create Newsletters using the PLR content.

You can use it without adjusting or you can alter a few things and you can advertise your own products in the newsletter that keeps going out to your clients.


12. Create Online courses using the PLR products on educational videos.

From the PLR products, create your own or make some changes and even hire some freelancers in videography to assist here and there and have the videos up and running.


13. Create Reports.

PLR products provide templates you can use to create reports that will capture all vital information without you having to rack your brain for it.


14. Create Videos or Audios using PLR products and share them on your site or social media or other platforms.

There are people who would rather listen or watch things other than read about it.


15. Sell e-books.

Using PLR articles on a given topic for a given time, compile the articles and create an E-book you can sell in your newsletters, or on Amazon or your website or through your affiliates.


16. Make book series

You can also use PLR to make e-book after e-book to continue the topic or story, thereby creating various e-books in a series and sell on your various platforms.


17. Put all series in one.

Over time you can compress the series into one bigger e-book which some people might prefer to buy as a whole instead of individual books in a series.


18. Build Flip sites.

Create a web site. Upload PLR product content depending on the niche you want.

Let the site run for a while, getting followers, growing and then sell it when its value has gone up.

You can make this your thing. Create websites and sell them.


19. Make Dime-sales.

Here you can put together a number of PLR products and sell them for a lower price than they would actually have costed.

Eventually the many sales will bring in a profit.


20. Make direct advertisement on sites that actually run adverts.

This might cost you a bit but if you get more clients visiting your site as a result and buying your products, then it is a worthwhile investment.


21. Submit PLR content to sites that allow content submission.

This works like a directory. Placing your information somewhere that people usually check for information.

You can use PLR content to market yourself and clients will find you.


22. Build yourself a website using PLR products.

If you don’t already have a site, you can create one and use PLR content to fill it with valuable information which you will edit here and there till you build your niche and grow your online business with other PLR products that will come in handy, say articles or videos or audios etc.

You can also see our in-depth and step by step guide to create your website for less than $2 in under 10 minutes here.


23. Use PLR Products in your writing career.

Since PLR content is work that has been thoroughly researched and put together by professionals, you can use their content to advance your writing career.


24. Brand your PLR and resell them with the rights.

Buy PLR products, make some alterations/changes and sell the new rebranded product as resale rights information products.  

Be sure to take note of any important legal information regarding selling your rights before you do.

If the PLR you bought doesn’t allow selling the rights, then you can not do this.

So, look out for PLR that is liberal with the rights.


25. Create PLR software, and sell it without branding.

Offer or sell unbranded version of the PLR software you have created for a fee.

If you have the skill and experience to create software, then you can offer it as a Private Label Right product to interested marketers or users.

You can create different versions that are not branded with your name, logo or link.

Sales from this product can be high as you are offering unique product and you can also create a system of selling it to different interested buyers.


26. Partner with other marketers to create and sell PLR products.

There are things you can do that others can not do as well as you and vice versa.

Partner with other marketers in creating PLR and selling it.

You will have high value products and an income.


27. Teach others how to use PLR.

If you have been into PLR for a long while and you know it like the back of your hand, you can teach others for a fee, how it all works because you have a lot of experience and knowledge from the years.


28. Sell Teaching videos on how to use PLR content to make money and grow your business.

Put together your knowledge and expertise in form of video or audios or books on how to use PLR and sell it.

There ARE many more ways to make many using PLR products.

These are just a few. It’s not enough to only read through.

Look into whatever points caught your attention, read a little more into it and DO IT!

At least give it a shot!

Now that we have covered all information from what PLR is to how to make money with PLR products, below, I am going to list the 12 best PLR membership websites or best PLR sites I would recommend based on my personal experience using some of these PLR sites and the many reviews I have seen in regard to them and I will list them from what came best onwards;

1. PLR.me



  • It’s a Product store.
  • Has Quality products.
  • The products cover a vast range of niches.
  • Has useful tools and learning resources.
  • Uses authentic writers for the best quality and makes the prices a bit high but reasonably so.
  • Has content marketing automation tools that make using it easy, giving a great user experience.
  • It’s a great tool for those that want to create their own products.


  • The price is rather expensive.
  • Private Label Rights can’t be transferred.
  • PLR products can not be resold as your own.
  • One is not allowed to sell products on auction sites.
  • No membership available. You must pay for what you download every time you visit the site and download products.


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For example…

  • Buy 100 credits and get 50 one-time bonus credits
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  • Sign up for 400 credits/yr and get 200 one-time bonus credits
    (Total of 600 credits today!)

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Here’s how it stacks up:

plr.me credits

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You can also download Up To 10 FREE Brandable Coaching Resources such as beautiful ready-to-use coaching handouts, products, marketing materials, and content for your coaching business.

The standard free account is just 2 credits/mo (no 10 credit bonus)… so it’s a much better deal for you.

You can also see our comprehensive review of PLR.me here.

Visit PLR.me



2. PLR Database



  • It is a membership sites charging about 10$ per month and has alternative membership prices and periods to allow different persons access for different times, say a month, 3 months or a year.
  • Subscribed clients have unlimited access to products.
  • Site has PLR, MRR, RR etc.
  • Has an academy section to readily avail information on PLR for newbies.
  • It also has a free membership offer but this limits the products those members can access.
  • A client can preview a product before purchasing it.


  • It’s best used by those that will need to use many products at a go instead of one.
  • Customer service is a bit slow

You can also check out our in-depth PLR Database review here.


Visit PLR Database







  • It’s a membership site costing about 13$ monthly for subscription, with $89 a time fee for life and there are options for shorter time frames too depending on how long one may need to use it.
  • The price is good.
  • There is an unlimited download limit for subscribers.
  • There is an option for non-members too but fewer products are available.
  • There are handy bonuses like trainings, web hosting etc.
  • One can request for Private label rights to be changed in certain ways.
  • You have to send in an email and wait for a response which can be positive or not but some have had the request granted


  • Its still pricey in comparison to some other PLR sites.

You can also read our in-depth IDPLR review here.



4. Big Product Store



  • It’s a membership site with $9 monthly fee.
  • It covers a vast range of niches.
  • It uploads new products on a daily and therefore there is new content daily.
  • There is a lifetime membership available with one-time payment of $98.5. However, there are shorter spun offers and there is a refund policy in place.
  • It has a great support system for its members.
  • You can resell products


  • Some have found the website difficult to navigate, not user friendly.
  • Some complain about the quality of products

You can also see our BigProductStore review here.



5. PLR Products



  • It’s a digital product store.
  • Clients pay for every product downloaded.
  • They have 100%unique and high-quality products.
  • They give personal niches.
  • It has a vast range of topics covered.


  • You can’t view the product in depth before buying it but they give a detailed description before your purchase.
  • No refund policy.
  • Its products are expensive.
  • No membership available.
  • You must pay for what you download every time you visit the site and download products.


Get 10% OFF PLR Products



6. Best Deal PLR



  • It’s a membership site.
  • They have great customer support.
  • The prices are fair/ great.
  • For the first month, you can sign up for 1$. The next months after are 9.99$ per month and 99$ for a lifetime subscription.
  • There is a refund policy in place.
  • It offers Private Label rights products and Master Resell Rights products.


  • Your downloads are limited by your subscription package, a month or 3 months or a life-time.


Visit Best Deal PLR



7. Content Sparks

content sparks


  • It’s a Product store.
  • They design and develop online courses you can sell to your audience or select market or target group of people.
  • Every product here is editable and re-brandable which makes it very flexible.
  • Its mostly used by bloggers, teachers, consultants, coaches and educational professionals.
  • The content in here is very high quality  


  • This site is limited to Business professional development, sales and market niches.
  • It is expensive.
  • No membership available.
  • You must pay for what you download every time you visit the site and download products.


Visit Content Sparks




8. IndigitalWorks



  • It is a membership site.
  • It has high quality digital products for online businesses in vast niche ranges.
  • They have thousands of products.
  • There are trainings available for beginner clients.
  • It has Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Give-away Rights etc, each with specifications and limitations here and there cited in the agreements of the products.
  • One ought to be keen to the particulars to avoid unnecessary legal suits.


  • Once in awhile some clients did not get the support they needed.


Visit IndigitalWorks



9. Buy Quality PLR.com



  • It is Product store.
  • Besides the common PLR categories common in most product sites or membership sites, Buy Quality PLR.com has rare types like PLR funnels and brandable coaching courses.
  • Prices are fair and they normally offer discounts that increase the number of clients visiting the site.
  • They regularly update their content


  • They do not provide a review of product before purchase though give a detailed description of product.
  • No membership available.
  • You must pay for what you download every time you visit the site and download products


Visit Buy Quality PLR




10. PLR Mines



  • It is a membership site.
  • PLR Mines has useful information on how to grow your business.
  • The site uses Private Label Rights and Resell Rights which you can flip and resell.
  • They offer paid membership and free membership though the latter do not get very valuable products.
  • They offer lifetime memberships and also, they offer one-off deals to for people without membership.  


  • The price is high.


Visit PLR Mines



11. Master Resell Rights.com

master resale rights


  • It’s a membership site.
  • Offers High value content.
  • Master Resell Rights.com is a great tool for entrepreneurs curious in nature.
  • Once you are a member to Master Resell Rights.com, you gain access to their sister member sites too at no extra fee at all.
  • The site has daily updates which keeps it exciting and fresh


  • Only members can access the site.


Visit Master Resell Rights



12. Download PLR products



  • It is a membership site.
  • Many consider it a very good site for Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights.
  • They cover subscriptions for times as short as 7 days / one week to life time offers, which is great for people working on a budget.


  • Apparently the information available is limited in niches.
  • It doesn’t cover many niches.
  • There are complaints about the website not being very user friendly.


Visit Download PLR Products



The above 12 PLR websites are great sources for finding high quality products but can easily be a waste of time too.

Below are some of the cons that are likely for every one of the websites one way or the other;

1. It is likely that many sites, especially the ones with loads of subscribers, will have outdated content.

The world and information are constantly changing and if a site is not continually updating its content and products, you are bound to find yourself with Products that are so outdated.

So, it is important that you probably have more than one source and are also able to individually keep updated on the changes going on in your industry or niche or theme so that you know what information might be relevant for your current times.


2. It is also likely that any of these sites will have Technical issues.

Everything is running online and online is volatile. Sites might undergo upgrades or have too many subscribers using it, hence slowing it down here and there, which will frustrate clients every now and again.

Some PLR sites will minimize these technical issues but sometimes it is totally out of their hands.


3. Some PLR Websites, especially those that do not allow clients to review products before purchasing them, might have poor descriptions of the products.

Clients will eventually be disappointed if the product they download and pay for is not anything like the description said and it is worse if the website has no refund policy in place, totally frustrating and disappointing.


4. Like in physical businesses, support for customers might be tricky on these sites too.

It can be slow or because of too many complaints, some could be skipped and some might be delayed yet you might have a personal deadline to work on a given project.

It is vital that the customer support system is running smoothly and is effectively handling the complaints.


5. Overtime the originality of products might be questionable.

Many sites with time will only care about numbers of subscribers and the money they are making, and their attention will drift from producing quality work to making more sales.

This will eventually need the clients to make more alterations, hence taking a whole lot of time than they hoped.


One of the reasons clients opt for PLR products and the like is the fact that one doesn’t have to do so much editing to have a product up and running, compared to when a client must think or a product from scratch or hire expensive experts who will still take plenty of time. So, be on the watch especially with sites that have loads of subscribers.

Do they update their content regularly and id is authentic in comparison to other sites?


6. Because PLR aid online marketing, everything is online.

However, with many advancements in technology, some sites might not be user friendly.

If clients have a hard time navigating these sites, then it’s going to be difficult to get what one wants and it’s going to take up so much valuable time.


Nonetheless, it is imperative when choosing what PLR site to buy PLR products or other marketing products from, to make wise choices and below are a few tips that will be helpful;

1. Price of the products on the site.

Different sites offer different prices. Some very high, some affordable.

According to your budget, go with a site that can fit your budget or not so far off your target price.


2. Sometimes the price indicates the value of the products.

Some sites have high prices for their products because it is high quality content.

So, if your care much about the quality of content your clients eventually receive, you can go ahead and pay a little extra in price, if it is going to make your work stand out.


3. Any Specialization in products available?

Some PLR will cover all sorts of niches. However, there are sites that will focus on a particular niche.

These save a lot of your time that you could have spent searching for the products in your niche.

Also, the specialized sites will give extra and detailed information on a given niche, making it extra valuable to you and ultimately to your audience.


4. Try them through the Test trials if available.

Some sites, especially PLR membership sites will offer trials for products.

Take advantage of such offers and see if their products can do what you want.

If not, move on to another site or choose another product.


Reviews of other people that have used these products and sites might come in really handy.

Where there is so many complaints will open your eyes to lookout for what is complained about.

Hence, you will probably make a more informed decision.

I can personally tell you PLR.me is by far my favourite PLR website and I use it to purchase all my PLR products.

In case they don’t have what am looking for then I turn to PLR Database that has equally high quality and updated PLR content.


6. What is the type of site; product site or membership site?

Product sites tend to be more expensive in comparison to membership sites.

Also, Membership sites tend to offer so many more products with a small initial pay.


7. Does the site offer any bonuses or discounts?

These will save you unnecessary extra expenses.


8. What products are available?

Some sites offer just Private label rights and others have variety, stretching to Master Resell Rights, Resell rights etc.

These could be helpful, should you decide to expand your business one way or another.


9. How long has the site existed and how many followers does it have?

The longer the site has existed, most likely the more valuable it is. Weak sites die out fast. Also, the more the subscribers, the more likely it is to find valuable works.

This might not entirely be true but it could be a pointer. Why is everyone using this site? Maybe they are actually really good at what they do.


10. Are the exclusive rights favorable for what you intend to use the product for?

This is vital. Before you purchase a PLR product or so, check the exclusive rights in the agreement as breaching some laws will lead to legal repercussions.

If you follow these guidelines to the letter you will be in position to choose the best PLR membership site for all your PLR needs.


Conclusion: 12 Best PLR Sites 2022

In conclusion, to grow your business through digital marketing, you must be decided and using PLR products is a great start and is very rewarding if you invest in quality products and also, take care to edit/ taylor your product keenly.

This will enable you create top quality work that will encourage your clients to come again and more so to recommend you to others.

PLR will assist you in delivering high value in an increasingly competitive marketing environment.

I hope this will help in giving you insight into the best PLR sites for your online business.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which of these PLR membership sites are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Also share this article on the best PLR sites with your friends and family.

I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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