The Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards

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Are you looking for the best places to sell Pokémon cards?

Although quite a huge number of people love Pokémon TCG, it is a bit difficult to know everything about this game of all seasons.

For starters, the Pokémon card game is similar to most card games. It requires planning, choosing and placing the cards wisely; sounds simple, right?

Well, this game has been played for a good time now with the first listing of Pokémon TCG having been released on the 20th October, 1996 by Ken Sugimori.

The first listing contained 102 cards with drawings.

Within a short while, the game widely spread to the whole of North America, Europe and in no time, various parts of the world too received the cards.

Pokémon TCG is a multiple player mode game and it can be played by people of almost all ages although the little children sometimes find the game a little complicated and are even at times restricted by adults around them on how often to play.

The game is however so easy for relatively older people and I must say, even beginners can catch up within a very short period of time!

Having the game spread and played all over the world through selling Pokémon cards would be one of the coolest opportunities that one could grab on an instant but before doing so, you should ask yourself a few guiding questions like; what kind of Pokémon cards do you wanna sell? Their worth? How do you wanna sell them?

What is your target market? And where to find potential buyer? With these answered; you will be a step ahead in successfully selling your Pokémon cards.


4 Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards

Compiled below are some of the best places you can have your Pokémon cards bought within the shortest time possible.

1. Websites

There are various online platforms that can have your cards flowing out to the public steadily and at a remarkable speed and some of these include Mercari and eBay.

This can be possible because of the advantages attached to them, take an example of the quick listing of the cards and transparency in terms of payment.

In other words; one gets to know how much he/she is to earn at the end it all. Sounds really cool doesn’t it?

You should however be cautious of the websites you are to use because not all are as transparent; some are scammers!!


2. Facebook Market Places

Apart from the amazing social and entertainment benefits of Facebook, you can as well use it to fetch some dollars through the Facebook Pokémon card trading groups.

In this case you have to join the different Pokémon card selling and buying groups.

Always first verify whether the group allows selling and buying of cards before you have your sale list posted.

This is simply because some groups are meant to get people exposed and immersed in the different card ideologies, news, inquires, explanations, question and answers but not the actual buying and selling of cards

Putting the group issue aside, you can as well have your listing advert running on your personal Facebook page accompanied with some other relevant information about your cards and the overall business.

Both international and local Facebook groups are equally important.


3. Instagram

The other option which is equally good for both buyers and sellers is Instagram.

On Instagram, you can upload photographs of all your Pokémon cards and as well easily communicate with potential buyers.

Using Instagram and Facebook normally allows to seem fee-less since all you have to deal with is the PayPal’s transfer fee as opposed to transactions on eBay where a 10% consideration of the item seller fee, 10% shipping fee, along with generally about 2.9% + $0.30 PayPal Goods & Service fees which total up to a bigger number that you’ll have to incur.


4. Local card stores

There are a couple of local card shops out there where you can have your cards exchanged for gift cards or money either via their website or directly shipped.

Some of the most popular pokeman card stores are, safari zone, hydro pump pokeshop,TCG market place, DFW Pokémon, to mention but a few.

Different stores have different ways of selling cards out to their customers and this normally evolves around the mode of operation of the card store.

Some these stores prefer physical delivery of cards while others base on their websites to have almost everything done (there, all the relevant information about the cards can be obtained from the store’s online submission form).

Even though almost every store has its own way of operation, here is a general simple procedure that someone can follow before buying themselves a Pokémon pack; –

  • First and foremost you need to make a choice of the store you are settling for. It is definitely out of the question that you have to make intensive research about the store of your choice so as to avoid getting disappointed and wasting your dear time.
  • Check the store’s submission form to learn how exactly they have their transactions carried out or how they would recommend you to depending on the various circumstances for instance; some prefer having the cards piled up separately and hence having them in clusters of comings, rares, holographics, name it; all separately pilled.
  • Thirdly, you can have your bulk packed in 100s per category of cards. This can prove to be a little tedious especially when you have thousands of cards to sort. But for purposes of easy checking, arranging and record keeping, the effort is worth. You can wrap up your piles of 100s in a clean nice piece of paper and have it labelled for instance, “pile of 100 holographics”

An assumption that cards can never get heavy would be true if you have never had a bulk of about 7000 cards and above.

All am saying is, cards can really be heavy and expensive to transport in ordinary boxes.

So usps flat rate boxes can really work for you at a relatively lower price in case of a bulk shipping.

Actually most local card shops often have this communicated to their clients prior to delivery.

Although online sales are a highly recommended Pokémon card sales spot, you will need to go an extra mile and add in more tactics in order to get the incredible sales you are aiming at.


Here are a few tips to help you dominate the online market

a) Take a good picture of the card

No one would love to spoil a water or lightning card picture with the fingers captured in the photo, right!?

So, some care has to be taken while taking pictures of the cards. A simple background; preferably white or black could make it your cards a bit more clear.


b) Keep Online

Sometimes customers send messages inform of inquiries, comments, compliments and they would love to have your back about all that inform of answers and clarifications.


c) Be Patient

Just like that coffee shop business down the street, online card selling would as well require some ample development time, this would most probably get you on top of the game just give it time and try to rhym with it.


d) Stick to Your Goal

Having a picture of how you started, the achievements at hand and where you are heading is as much important as not losing the right track.

It’s equally key to ensure that you are operating towards the set goal.



Always do research about the cards you own as these are under normal circumstances not worth a lot though some of them would actually stand out and earn you a fortune.

It is always not easy to identify the high value cards and even when you get them, they can easily lose value due to minor imperfections.

Sellers therefore ought to grade these high value cards in order that their condition is properly documented!



I would say the whole point is about being passionate and committed to the business, sticking to creativity, using the different emerging trading techniques along with the physical shipping and carrying of cards.

Make it a point not to forget that it is not all about how hard you work but how smart you handle everything. Do not wait to have cards all-over the table, kitchen, washroom to know that it’s high time you made some money out of them.

I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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