7 Best Kitchen Knives Set

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Are you looking for the best kitchen knives set?

It is arguably said that the most important cutlery in the kitchen is a knife seeing that having a poor quality knife or a blunt can lead to a lot poorly prepared ingredients, let alone unnecessary frustrations.

The only other frustrating thing is having to buy a knife for each job everytime according to the functions they are supposed to perform.

Knives work best if they are used for the culinary task they are supposed to. Whether you are working professionally or just at hone, the right knife is crucial since it is like a helping hand in the kitchen that actually determines how your cut food looks like.

The three essential knives in a knife set is:

  • Chef’s knife – used for almost every cutting need like cutting meat, chopping fruits and cutting vegetables. It can prepare everything in one meal but it also means the hustle to rinse it after every use.
  • Paring knife – it is sizeable making it the perfect knife for small tasks like peeling an apple. It can be used where the chef’s knife feels too bulky.
  • Serrated knife – it’s serrated edge on the blade is its distinctive feature. It is the perfect knife to cut bread and other textures that are tricky to cut into with a normal knife. These textures are like the slippery feel when peeling a tomato. It is made easier with this knife.

All knife sets are characterized between western and Japanese design.

When starting over, it is only sensible that you begin with a set that saves you a lot of work and money.

If you already have a bunch of knives and only need one or two specifics, getting them individually is okay. Other than that, a set is preferable.

These knife sets include groups of knives of different functions from 3 to 20 something. Some of them have appealing offers like an extra board or extra blades.

For those with a budget, it might seem like a good offer but they come with extra coins. Buying a set though, can be tricky since buying a poor quality set or from an unreliable company, will mean having a whole poor quality set of knives.

So how do you know which set is reliable and of good quality?

First off, there are factors you should consider first even when you find and have to pick the best knife from the best knife sets in this list and they are as follows:

  • The cost of the knife set of which it is probably to invest in a good and quality knife set if you are a professional chef or cook a lot to avoid additional and unnecessary expenses along the way like repairing or purchase of another knife set after a short period. If a knife set is ridiculously expensive with so many knives that you won’t use as much, then you should probably look elsewhere for less pieces in a knife set to cut down on costs. Needless to say, there are quality knife sets that don’t cost as much and would be perfect for anyone on a budget.


  • The sharpness of the knives in the set is one of the indicators of quality and the main way to determine how well a knife functions. It is also a safety measure since a dull one needs so much effort to cut something therefore resulting to slipping and other risks.


  • The weight of the knife deduces how comfortable it is. There is no set standard on how heavy a knife should be since it all just depends on personal preference. Although lightweight knives are mostly recommended for easier and faster functioning in your culinary tasks.


  • The balance of the knife is a facet of weight where one side should not weigh so much more than the other side if you weigh it from the middle, on your finger. This also means you have to be present for the purchase of the knife but if you are purchasing online, check the reviews to help you. We have considered reviews from people before the making of this listicle.


  • The making of the handle is more of a personal preference in that the size merely depends on the size of your hands. The material which it is made of also depends on what you are comfortable with. The knife sets listed come in different materials and colors all depending on you. The final factor to look at is the riveting on the handle since it is a great safety measure that will ensure a safe grip during usage.

Keep in mind even with the best brand there is with high quality knives, the comfortability of the knife lies in your hands and what you deem comfortable cannot be what another deems comfortable.

So if possible, hold your knives to test how well it fits in your palm and test that grip. With all the factors mentioned above in mind, let us look at some of the best kitchen knife sets based on the reviews of people and purchase rates.

7 Best Kitchen Knives Set

1. Cuisinart C77BTR-15PG Classic Forged Triple Rivet.

This 15-Piece Knife Set with Block, has full five stars on Amazon. The Cuisinart brand is also already trusted for its high-quality kitchen appliances. This specific set comes with:

  • 8 inch chef knife.
  • 8 inch slicing knife
  • 7 inch santoku knife
  • 5 utility knife
  • 5 inch paring knife
  • 75 inch Bird’s beak paring knife
  • 5 inch steak knife with 6 pieces
  • 8 inch sharpening steel
  • All purpose household shears
  • Wooden block

The blades are made of stainless steel to heighten your chances of precision when cutting through food stuffs and for quality.

The handle depends on the owner and the size of the hands but these blades are most definitely comfortable to most because of the material.

The handles are lightweight for ease in lofting and cutting. The best part about the handle is the securing rivets that make it firm and therefore safe.

The whole set is of high quality with an extra wide safety bolster for excellent stability and control at a fair price.

Cuisinart C77BTR-15PG Classic set is not dishwasher friendly as it may ruin the knives.


2. Marco Almond KYA36 12-Piece Knife Set

The Marco Almond set comes with 6 knives with a rainbow titanium stainless steel which is quite a plus if you are an aesthete.

The aesthetic creates a rainbow effect as you use them setting them apart from other kitchen knives. They are literal art pieces, assured to amuse your guests with the glamour and amuse you with its quality.

The best part and the distinctive feature is that the set comes with 6 blade guards that ensure that the blade is taken care of and prevents accidents, especially with your children.

The knives in this set include:

  • A chef knife – an all purpose knife that can be used to slice, cut, mince, dice and chop any ingredient or food stuff.
  • Slicing knife
  • Bread knife – the edges are serrated and ultra-sharp to cut even through the toughest loaves.
  • Santoku knife – it can chop or cut vegetables and other smaller food stuffs.
  • Utility knife
  • Paring knife

This set can both be washed by hand and by machine but either way, they need to dried after rinsing to maintain the quality of the blade.


3. DALSTRONG Knife Block Set

Dave Dallaire started this series while working alongside motivated chefs with poor quality tools and asked, “where are the culinary tools to match their intrepid spirit?”

He founded DALSTRONG to push culinary boundaries and equip cooks with limitless creativity in form of a knife set. Each piece here has proven its resilience and efficiency true to his words.

It is a gladiator 5 piece series made with German high carbon steel. The craftsmanship of the blades is just outstanding with a dramatic design for both the blade and the storage kit that is made of elegant polished oak that the set comes with.


It has the perfect sharpness that allows easy cleaning and is rust and corrosion free. The handles are made of luxury polymer that are triple riveted to ensure easy maneuvering, safety and comfortability.

The high performance and premium quality matches the money you take out.

The knives included in this set are:

  • 8 inch chef’s knife
  • 9 inch slicing knife
  • 7 inch santoku knife
  • 9 inch carving knife
  • 9 inch bread knife
  • 6 inch utility knife
  • 5 serrated knife
  • Honing rod
  • 75 inch paring knife

With a full five star rating on Amazon, high quality has never looked so good.


4. Farberware 22-Piece knife block set

Farberware 22 piece set is ranked number 1 as the Amazon best seller with an almost 5 star rating.

It is best for any new chef still learning the ropes in the kitchen and with kitchenware, or anyone starting over like students moving to college or moving to a new house.

They stay sharp for a really long time but need to be dried every time after washing by hand (no washing by dishwasher) to ensure a long lasting usage.

The set comes with an attractive wood block for storage.

The pieces in this knife block set are:

  • 8 inch chef knife.
  • 8 inch bread knife.
  • 5 inch Santoku knife.
  • 5 inch serrated utility knife.
  • 4 inch utility knife.
  • 5 inch paring knife.
  • 5 inch steak knives.
  • All purpose kitchen shear.
  • A set of 5 measuring spoons.
  • 3 spatulas.
  • A wood storage block.


5. Home Hero kitchen knife set

The Home Hero knife we have selected for a mention here has 17 pieces. Sharp and sturdy with a convenient storage box for an aesthetic display and for safety, the Home Hero knife set has nothing but great reviews on Amazon and a few other platforms.

They are ideal for all your kitchen needs, all cooking updates and all culinary creations which are made easier with the presence of the right knife for each function.

You do not have to make do with just one or two knives in the kitchen that are being used for all functions.

The items included in this knife set are as follows:

  • 13 professional chef knives.
  • Carving knife
  • Utility knife
  • Pizza knife
  • Cheese knife
  • Bread knife
  • Chef knife
  • Paring knife
  • Steak knife and so forth.
  • Kitchen scissors
  • A quality 2-stage knife sharpener
  • A modern knife stand
  • Bonus peeler.

All these blades are coated with non stick paint with no rusting, staining or pitting and precise cutting.


6. HENCKELS premium quality 15 piece knife set

HENCKELS is known for the professional-level sharpness in their German engineered blades that assures you of precise, paper thin and nice cutting while using minimal effort.

The minimal effort used is not only because of their sharpness but also because they are light weight which triples up your speed.

The set includes:

  • 5 inch serrated utility knife.
  • 3 inch paring knife.
  • 7 inch santoku knife hollow edge with small indentations to prevent the sticking of food.
  • 8 inch bread knife.
  • 5 inch steak knife set of 6.
  • Professional honing steel.
  • Kitchen sheers.
  • 8 inch chef’s knife.
  • Hardwood knife block.

The blades are rust free and can be washed by hands or by a washing machine without getting ruined.

If you are a professional chef, there is a wide range of knives that you will need and this set comes with a variety.


7. Amazon basics 9 piece premium kitchen knife block set

This Amazon 9 piece set includes:

  • 8 inch chef’s knife.
  • 7 inch Santoku knife.
  • 8 inch slicing knife
  • 8 inch bread knife that is serrated.
  • 6 inch boning knife
  • 5 inch utility knife
  • 5 inch paring knife
  • A pair of kitchen scissors
  • Knife sharpener

They are all light weight for maximum maneuverability, easy control and effective use while the handles are triple riveted to ensure a comfortable grip and safe usage.

The blades are made from high carbon stainless steel are hand wash only, not to be cleaned using a dish washer. The whole set comes in a beautiful pine wood block.

It is the perfect knife set for anyone seeking an inexpensive yet quality knife set and those looking for only the basics in a knife set hence the 9 pieces which will do just fine and perform literally all the functions in the kitchen.


Conclusion: Best Kitchen Knives Set

The best knife set that fits you will really depend on the works you perform on the daily that require a knife and personal preference when it comes to the weight of the knife, color, the comfortability of the blade of which the rubber one is the most comfortable, and the hand you mostly use i.e. are you left handed or right handed?

If possible, try them out when purchasing them when they mention certain qualities like being dish washer friendly.

Your hands need to be compatible with the handle since we all have different sizes, shapes and preferences and what you like will not be what I prefer even though it’s of good quality.

The joining of the knife is its weak point so make sure you check its joining and its welding at that certain point.

It is easily susceptible to breaking if its welding at the joint is not up to par.

Other than the joint, the handle is also a vital part to inspect. Its material matters the most since some materials and the join of the material maybe weak in such a way that the handle crumbles while cutting food stuffs, especially hard ones.

The hard foods need a much heavier knife as much as it is not comfortable. Your knife should not be heavy to make your work faster and add to the speed of your hands.

For solid or hard foods though, as mentioned earlier, a relatively heavier knife is ideal.

All in all, even the best knife there is a need to maintain with care to maintain its quality.

Whatever set you choose from this listicle, once purchased, needs to be stored in a good and sharp location.

Some knife sets, like most of the ones mentioned above, come with their own storage box.

Professional chefs however, store theirs in separate cloths to avoid contact with each other which is a very vital tip.

Do not use these knives for other household tasks like opening things to conserve their quality.

I hope you found this article of the best kitchen knives set helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which kitchen knives set are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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