15 Best Hiking Gifts in 2022

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Are you looking for hiking gift ideas?

Well here are some of the best hiking gifts you can find on the market.

Gifts are a great expression of love to the people we care about. However, to gift a person, you ought to give as per the receiver’s taste, talent, personality, dreams, likes, passions, and not necessarily your taste unless you share the same likes.

And if you are like me, it is not always easy finding a gift for someone if you do not really know much about their interests and passions.

I have found that it helps to get more information about an individual’s passions and interests before you decide on a gift to give them. Having this kind of information at hand usually helps me in finding them the perfect gift or a thoughtful gift for the people in my life.

So, let’s find a gift for a hiker we know but first, here’s a brief on hiking.


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What is Hiking?

Roaming, walking, backpacking, hillwalking, fell walking, rambling, tramping, bushwalking, trekking, wandering, strolling, trudging, marching, camping, to mention but a few; these are all names that could mean HIKING.

Hiking is a long vigorous walk in nature, the outdoors, the country side, the wilderness, along trails or off-trails (covered in dense forests, undergrowth,  bushes), footpaths, in hills, up a mountain, in glaciers or snowfields, stretching out on plain-lands, rocky landscapes and his is for reasons like pleasure, recreation, physical exercise, exploration, botany, geology, pilgrimage and more.

Yes, it can also get risky because it is the wild. There are risks/dangers like the possibility of getting lost, pre-existing medical conditions, avalanches, sunstroke/sunburn, hypothermia, altitude sickness, attacks by animals, poorly marked borders, fast flowing waters, sprains or broken bones, among others.

Some of the gear and equipment hikers carry will help them maneuver many of these.

Nevertheless, Hiking is ultimately rewarding within our souls and our bodies. It is living! It is healing! It is Revitalizing!

That said, given the various types, hiking can be done by pretty much anyone. And depending on where this hiker likes to engage their hiking, we can get them a thoughtful gift for whatever occasion or no occasion at all, just loving them.

Below are gift ideas for Hikers with reasons why;


15 Best Hiking Gifts



1. Jogger Pants and Tops

Grab them gear that easily absorbs moisture, is breathable and with some elasticity to ease motion.





2. Rain Jacket

A good raingear can make the hiking experience a lot memorable with the shielding one will get in the rain.



3. Hiker Socks

Depending on where one decided to hike; a really cold or even snow caped area to a warm or humid condition, one will require thick or thin socks but ideally, owning both will be great.

Thick socks will provide warmth and extra cushioning and thin socks might be more breathable and lightweight with the sock materials vary from wool, cotton to synthetic.



4. Hoodie

Ideally something lightweight but able to protect someone from the sun and at the same time a great wind barrier, breathable, easily dryable; this would be a great choice for a gift.



5. Quick Drying Towels

These will come in handy in times when a hiker takes a swim when out on a hike.



6. Hiking Boots or Shoes

Something light-weight, with great padding (for cushioning, comfort and support), breathable and durable is a great choice.



7. Micro Spikes

These are worn over the shoes to provide grip on slippery surfaces like ice and snow for stability on such a hike.



8. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an ideal item to have on a hike in the day because they’ll keep the sun of out your eyes at all times.

Look around for lightweight sun glasses with frames that give all-round protection on the face and most importantly with great UV ray protection.

UV400 protection is the best rate of protection you can find. The design and outward appearance of the glasses is yours to explore as long as the UV protection is high.



9. Gloves

Look for a pair of gloves that will be warm, waterproof, will protect someone from wind, durable and something that will enable your hands stay in control even while in the glove.




10. Hat/ Cap

These will protect your hair and skin from damaging UV rays that would cause a lot of harm. So, a hat/cap might sound simple but they go a long way.

Like many hiking items, they need to be light weight.

Any other particulars like color and design is actually up to you.



b) Packing Gear

A light-weight Hiking Day pack with rain cover can speak for itself; Protection of your items from the rain.

A good waterproof padded backpack which is light as well must be included in your list as well.




1. Local Trail Guide Books

These are a nice gesture for hikers who are new to certain areas and they give insight on hiking trails and opportunities available in the new place.


2. Map of the Trails

A physical map of the trail a hiker intends to take is an awesome hiking gift.


3. Binoculars

No hike checklist is complete without a pair of binoculars! These are an ideal essential to help you see any features, birds, anything eye-catching really that may be far away from you while you are on a hike.

Again, something light weight is always key.



4. Compass Direction or GPS navigation Device

An important item to help hikers maneuver and navigate their way much more easily.


  • Suunto M-3 G Global Compass
  • Silva Expedition Global Compass
  • Silva Ranger S Compass
  • Garmin Oregon 750t



Yes! You can gift food as well. Here’s some examples of food items you could gift.

1.Energy Bars

For an extra bolt of energy on their hike.


2. Filter Bottle for Water Purification

For clean and healthy water for your hiker-friend to take on their hike



3. Water Bottle of Good Quantity

A pretty and strong one, maybe even personalized with their name or something special (a word, a quote, a name, a song line etc.), will go a long way.



4. Food Jar/Flask (Insulated Food Jar)

For hikers that will spend days or weeks or months hiking, this will be awesome. However, be careful to find quality, which could be pricey but again, worth it.



5. A Stove

A small and portable one to carry easily for long hikes that require camping in the wild for days.




1. First Aid Kit

These may seem a bit obvious but are a gift that will be very important to any hiker. The bare minimum first aid kit should have; Bug repellant, pain killers, band-aids, anti-bacterial wipes, diarrhea meds, space blanket, blister treatment.



2. A Needle and Thread

In case of repairs will be a thoughtful item.


3. Flash Light

Again, light weight and preferably solar rechargeable.



4. Trowel

Very handy for a hiker who is going on for a couple of days or months.

A trowel will help the hiker leave no travel of their waste in the wilderness. Choose one of light weight.



5. Fire Lighter



6. Knife

Portable and lightweight



7. Lip Balm

It is essential to carry at least one tube of lip balm on you for a hike. This will help you counter sun-burnt lips, as well as the pain of cracked and chapped lips.



8. Sanitation Kit

You can put together a sanitation kit including; Toilet paper, toothbrush, Quick-dry towel, Biodegradable toothpaste, Biodegradable soap, Biodegradable wipes, Biodegradable detergent, etc.


9. Emergency Blanket

For extra warmth when camping or in case of an emergency where you have to spend the night out in the wild.

These blankets trap warmth created by your body within the blanket and keep it from escaping.



10. Sunscreen

We always need sunscreen even without hiking. While hiking we are exposed to so much more harsh elements out there and so, more need for sunscreen.



11. Trekking Poles

To ease mobility especially on rugged land or iced land.




1. Power Bank

Because hikers will likely carry rechargeable lamps or cameras or cell phones or GPS etcetera, owning a power bank is vital; better yet if it is also rechargeable by solar.



2. Headphones

These are great for people that like to listen to something while on a hike; say a book or podcast.



3. Travel Journal

Hikes in nature often spark inspiration for various things say a writing or something medical or some theory.

Having a special journal to take note of those inspirations and also just recollecting our thoughts through the day is a great way to save these precious moments.




1. Inflatable Sit Pad or Sleeping Pad

These are usually self-inflating and light weight, which make it easy to carry around.

It will also be quite pricey but nonetheless something beautiful and useful too.



2. National Park Pass

If the hiker you know loves visiting National Parks, indulging them in a year-round pass will be exciting for them.


3. Camping Tent

A portable, light weight tent.



Conclusion: Best Hiking Gifts

Hiking has existed from ages past and is a very enjoyable activity. While outside, you will birdwatch or enjoy the beauty of nature and clean air, come across magnificent features like lakes, mountains, rivers or streams, hot springs, ridges, waterfalls, massive rocks, caves, unique flora and fauna and so much more.

By only thinking about it, I feel myself start to relax and at the same time feel ecstatic too. The experience of the outdoors, if you allow yourself to be outdone by it is life changing and eye opening for many, connecting you with nature and bringing you so much calm and excitement simultaneously.

We could go on and on and build in so much more detail, the various gift ideas you could get yourself as a hiker or for a friend or close person that hikes.

The list is endless and the list can get so much detailed. But I d o not want to get the fun out of the search for the gift.

So, if an item caught your attention and instinct, dig further into it; shapes, colors, brands, style/fashion, comfort and most importantly, your budget.

Ultimately, for a hiker, safety, and light weight items are key and almost apply to every item. And remember, since they are going out into nature, nature preservation is key too.

I hope you found this article on the best hiking gifts helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which of the above mentioned hiking gifts are you going to get?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share these amazing hiking gifts with your friends and family.

I wish you the best in your gift hunting.

I love everything about saving, investing, earning, and building net worth.

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