12 Best Credit Cards for Freelancers in Philippines (2022)

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In this blog post you will learn the 12 best credit cards for freelancers in Philippines.

Credit cards are payment cards issued to make purchases of goods and services.

The money used from the credit card is borrowed from a bank and should be paid within a month.

If not, you are charged extra fees or additional fees referred to as interest.

It is very convenient for emergency situations and allows you time to get money to pay back.

With time, they give rewards to credit card users, encourage discounts, bonuses and award points that can also purchase something once redeemed.

In general, freelancers have a hard time accessing the credit cards or any other legal processes.

Due to the lack of an Income Tax Return that has information on your income and taxes to be paid that year, freelancers cannot easily get credit cards.

The following however, are the best credit cards that freelancers can access without much complications in Philippines, 2021.


1. RCBC Bankard Gold Card

Income: 19,167 pesos per month

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is regulated by the central bank of the Philippines.

When applying for this credit card, you need to be 21 years and above to qualify for the principal card and 13 years of age to be a supplementary card holder.

Maximum age to qualify to be a cardholder is 100 years.

Choose the RCBC bankard credit card of your choice, fill in the application form which is available online, meet their requirements and submit the documents.

Once you have verified yourself online, RCBC will give you a call to verify more information about you and notify you when the credit card is generated and finding its way to you.

If you are sure to need help during the application process, you can do it at any RCBSC branch.

First year membership fee is waived while they provide you with other fees and charges.

RCBC Bankard Gold Card has no expiration date on the awarded points and the unlimited rewards which is ideal for you to use it as often as you want.

Travel insurance is free and no instalments allowed when paying for purchases abroad.


2. HSBC Platinum Visa

Income: 41,666.67 pesos per month

This one is much more convenient for cardholders who might use the credit card in another country.

It does not charge anything to join nor does it charge the annual fee, offers up to 4 bonus reward points when you make qualified transactions, 10% cashback for purchases within 60 days of card issuance, 15% discount when dining at the selected restaurants and a surcharge waiver on fuel transactions which makes it a lifestyle credit card.

After applying for your first HSBC Platinum Visa, you will receive a cash rebate whose amount depends on the period or whatever amount they are willing to offer.

Other benefits include exclusive travel privileges at over 27,000 establishments in 160 countries worldwide, three times bonuses point for every 20 pesos you spend dining or shopping, fuel savings on Caltex fuel purchases, flyer miles, cash advance and auto charging.

It is viable for online and mobile banking so you can access the services whenever and wherever.

Minimum age of applicants should be 18 years and 65 years as the maximum age.

Validity of the reward points is three years which means the point expire after three years if they remain unused. 4 bonus reward points are awarded whenever you spend 20 pesos.


3. AUB Easy MasterCard

Income: 252,000 pesos per annum

AUB Easy MasterCard does not charge anything for annual membership as they rely on the loyalty of their clients. The fee is waived for life.

It is also the first credit card that allows you to choose when to pay, how often in that month and how much you want to pay at the chosen time to consider your budget at a certain period. It is like having a credit card at your own terms.

It awards you 1 reward point for every 20 pesos spent with the AUB credit card

You need to be 21 years of age to qualify for application and 55 years as the maximum age.

Due to the freedom it offers from its usage, it is much more ideal for first time users and those with a constrained budget.

Just as the name suggests, owning a credit card has never been made easier.


4. Citi Cash Back Card

Income: 180,000 pesos per annum if you have another card 250,000 pesos per annum if do not have another card

You need to be a resident in Manila to qualify when applying for Citi Cash Back Card.

This makes Citi credit cards the easiest to receive approval for in Philippines.

Cash back credit cards are the most recommended for shopping lovers to maximise their shopping experiences and still save.

It awards you with cash backs and cash rebates on specific spend categories like 6% cash backs on supermarket purchases, 2% cashbacks on Meralco bill payments through Citibank online and 0.20% cash back on all other purchases.

It also has a monthly cap on rebates of 1,000 pesos per month.

Citi Cash Bank has a mobile app you can install to track your accounts and do other credit card related activities.

You need to be 21 years of age as the minimum age to be eligible for Citi Cash Bank Card.

If you wish to be a supplementary card holder, you need to be at least 16 years of age.


5. HSBC Red MasterCard

Income: 200,000 pesos per annum

HSBC Red MasterCard rewards you with 4 points on online shopping, dining and overseas transactions and a rebate of 3% every day.

It also waives your first annual fee if you wish, unless you have so many other priorities that you would rather spend on.

These rewards can also be redeemed to get your air miles to have the air experience you have always wanted.

There is a list of other various items you can redeem from your points.

Upon submission of completed application forms and required documents, it will take 5 to 10 business days to approve you.

Once approved, they will offer welcome gifts promotions that you have to choose from a list.

You also get a 6% Caltex fuel rebate after your first application (new cardholders) and 3% for the rest of the year.

The maximum spending per month is 40,000 pesos which is also the maximum amount to earning points.

To apply for the HSBC Res MasterCard, you need to be between 21 years and 65 years of age.


6. EastWest Platinum Card

Income: 150,000 pesos per month

If you travel abroad very often, EastWest Platinum Card is ideal for you.

The offers and rewards are also set to appeal the global traveller mostly, the food lover and lovers of shopping.

When you purchase an item, you get cash rewards.

You get awarded 3% cash rewards at department stores and when dining.

Other establishments not mentioned get 0.3% cash rewards when you purchasing using the card. Almost like you get paid to spend.

The only way to redeem your rewards is to call the customer service hotline provided for you.


No annual fee needs to be paid meaning a life membership for free just like travel insurance, and you will earn reward points for every 40 pesos you spend.

Once the platinum reward points accumulate, you can redeem them to different items of interest at the platinum rewards catalogue.

After a successful application, you will receive a virtual card together with your EastWest Platinum Card.

You can use it for online purchases, telephone order transactions and mail purchases.

It also offers supplementary cards and has a mobile app you can install on your smartphone for easy access and fast services.

Minimum age to qualify for this credit card is 21 years and the maximum age is 65 years.


7. BPI Family Credit Card

Income: 180,000 pesos per annum

For frugal spenders, this credit card is ideally for you due to the low interest rates.

It will help stretch the cash flow in your family and make needs more affordable therefore maximising your family’s budget.

It however, does not offer discounts at hotels, restaurants or malls like other credit cards but you can still earn and redeem points.

Benefits from the BPI Family Credit Card include multiple instalment options, low forex rates and getting cash anytime which also includes availing to cash advance to get up to 30% of your available credit limit.

Minimum age to get you to be eligible for the BPI Family Credit Card is 21 years and the maximum age is 70 years.

First year fee is waived, but after that, you get to pay 1,350 pesos as the annual fee.


8. Security Bank Complete Cash Back MasterCard

Income: 360,000 pesos per annum

Security Bank Complete Cash Back MasterCard will give you up to 5% cash back on your most important spending categories.

Unlike most credit cards, Security Bank Credit Card will have you paying 3,000 pesos as the annual membership fee.

For supplementary card holders, the annual membership fee is 1,500 pesos.

Despite that, the first year for new card holders is free.

You will get one reward point for every 20 pesos you spend on your card.

It also has worldwide acceptance, no foreign transaction fees and several exciting rewards such as airline miles, electronic gift certificates and so forth.

The reward points used to redeem these items are reflected on your monthly statement of account.

Security Bank Credit Card has a supplementary cards feature that, as the name suggests, gives your five more cards for your family.

This way, you can manage your family finances with ease.

Another important feature from Security Bank Credit Card is the cash advance.

Cash advance will let you withdraw money at Philippines or abroad.

Maximum amount that can be availed depends on the available credit limit on your account.

Minimum amount that can be availed is 500 pesos.

Minimum age required to get you qualified for this security bank credit card is 21 years and the maximum age is 65 years.


9. Maybank Credit Card

Income: 260,000 per annum

There are over 20 million branches for all cardholders so they can be used anywhere in the world.

To apply for a Maybank credit card, you can go to the nearest Maybank branch and fill out and application form, call the Maybank customer service whose numbers are displayed on their website, send them an email or fill an application online, on your smartphone.

You must be between 21 and 65 years to qualify for applications.

Maybank will allow you to own up to four supplementary cards on top of the main credit card that will take 10 to 15 banking business days to generate.

It is convenient for those travelling in and out of Philippines as it provides a lot of advantages when it comes to travelling such as mile points.

Maybank credit cards are made with an EMV chip for protections


10. BDO Blue AMEX

Income: At least 180,000 pesos per annum

It is also known as the first transparent credit card in Philippine market.

Apart from its gorgeous look, it also comes with other benefits that include a free first year membership, instalment offers, retail purchase insurance and global acceptance.

The retail purchase insurance insures your purchases from theft, loss or damage on any trip you make within 30 days.

The insurance is for items up to 50,000 pesos each.

The Blue American Express card is linked to BDO making them the same which makes it usage easier due to the instant access to BDO banking services and ATM services.

You can complete your application by logging in the American Express Philippines site or the BDO site or you can contact the numbers posted on their website to speak to a representative.

Minimum age to be eligible for BDO Blue AMEX credit card is 21 years whereas the maximum age is 70 years.


11. BDO American Express Cash Back

Income: At least 420,000 pesos per annum

Using the BDO American Express Cash Back credit card is a money-saving experience. It is mostly ideal for cardholders who make purchases abroad with a 2% rebate and a 1% rebate for local purchases.

You however get a 5% rebate on both during the first months after getting the card.

Like most cards in Philippines, the first year membership fee is waived.

After the one free year, 3,000 pesos is paid annually for membership.

Supplementary cardholders pay 1,500 pesos per year.

BDO American Express Cash Back has exclusive discounts and privileges all year-round with up to 50% savings on dining, shopping and leisure activities.

To apply for BDO American Express Cash Back, you need to be of 21 years as the minimum age and 70 years as the maximum age.

Those who wish to own supplementary cards that come with the principal card, can be 13 years minimum.

Maximum age for supplementary cards remains the same; 70 years.


12. PSBank Credit MasterCard

Income: At least 180,000 pesos per annum

This card will waive your membership fee meaning a free membership for life.

It presents you with the cash rush feature that you can use to make cash advance for emergencies. Call to inquire about the cash advance pin.

It offers flexible payment schedules, instalment programs and other privileges.

To apply for this credit card, go to the nearest PSBank branch and fill the application forms or call the customer service hotline to speak to one of the representatives.

PSBank Credit MasterCard has an ingrained chip card to protect you from fraud especially cloning.

It also offers supplementary cards for your family so you can also manage their spending. Other features include, balance transfer to improve your cash flow and ideal payment channels.


Conclusion: 12 Best Credit Cards for Freelancers in Philippines

Getting approved for a credit card can be quite challenging due to a lot of processes and a bunch of requirements you are needed to meet.

But applying for the credit that is just right for you and what you do can make it a whole lot easier.

Therefore we have made that easy by providing the above listed credit cards which we believe are the right and best credit cards for freelancers in Philippines.

To get approved for a credit card in Philippines, you need to prove to them that you have the ability to pay meaning having a stable income, keeping and maintaining a good credit profile so banks can easily qualify you for loans and other banking services and avoiding frequents follow-ups. It only pushes them farther away.

Wait for them to give you the call-back.

Whether you are employed, self-employed or a freelancer, you can enjoy the perks of owning a credit card when you pay your dues on time and use it wisely.

Analyse your financial health and plan out your priorities before you get one for you to use your credit card wisely.

Credit cards allow us to be much more financially flexible and everyone, whatever field they are in, deserves that.

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