6 Best Cameras For Beginners In Philippines

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Are you looking for the best cameras for beginners in Philippines?

Well you just landed on the right blog post.

So you’ve decided to get into photography, you’re probably really excited and now looking for the perfect camera to start off your journey with.

On the other hand, you may be a pro that’s looking to start small. Everyone uses their cameras differently and whether you plan to shoot quality photos or videos, I’ve got you covered.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of the best entry level cameras that are both user friendly and good on the wallet as well.

Whether you are looking for the best cheap camera for photography in Philippines or the best affordable dslr camera in Philippines, you will find the camera for your needs in this exclusive list of cameras.

Let’s dig right into it;


Best Cameras For Beginners In Philippines


To start with, the Canon T7 is an awesome beginner camera on a budget. This camera is extremely simple to use and is very affordable as well, not to mention it delivers high quality photos and videos for its price on the market.

Impressively, the Canon T7 has the same sensor that you would normally find on a more expensive pro camera like the Canon M50 or the Canon 80D all for less than half the price.

This camera also has great image quality and colors right out of the camera delivering 24MP raw photos with a continued shooting rate of 3 frames per second.

Canon has by far the best camera colors where your photos will look really good even before editing them.

So besides being a budget camera, this camera gives you stellar image quality as well. Aside from all these good qualities though, this camera is far from perfect.

One of its down sides is that it does not shot fast. It actually shoots only 3 frames per second in photo mode, which is definitely not fast enough for shooting sports or action but may be good enough for vacations, parties and any other important moments you’d want to capture.

The other down side is that much as the Canon T7 can shoot videos at Full HD for up to 30 frames per second, it doesn’t have any slow motion options and the video auto focus is just poor.

I wouldn’t recommend this camera if you’re looking to use it primarily for shooting videos. One more thing I do appreciate about this camera though is its design and ergonomics.

Made of polycarbonate plastic, it is a surprisingly durable camera which you can carry in your back pack as long as you don’t drop it or get it wet.

Everything is neat and simple to understand on it and this will make it pretty easy for you to get well conversant with it in a short span of time.



  • High picture quality
  • Very simple design that makes it really easy to use
  • Affordable for its quality



  • It doesn’t have an articulating screen, making it hard to take high angle or low angle shots because you can’t clearly see the screen.
  • It doesn’t have any slow motion options.
  • Video auto-focus is poor.
  • It does not have a headphone jack for external audio.

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2. NIKON D3500

My second camera is the Nikon D3500. If you’re not only looking to shoot photos but also shoot videos, this camera might just be perfect for you.

The D3500 is the perfect recommendation for people interested primarily in making videos as well as shooting photos faster all while being on a budget.

In terms of technology, the Nikon has a 24 megapixel sensor which can shoot at 5 frames per second continuous, 2 frames per second faster than the Canon T7.

This comes in handy when shooting fast moving objects like cars, sports and pets. The Nikon also does both 24 frames per second and 30 frames per second full HD videos and up to 60 frames per second for two times slow motion with the autofocus being fast and reliable in both photo mode and video mode which is phenomenal and very rare to see for a budget camera like this.



On a lower note though; the D3500, just like the Canon T7, has a fixed screen on the back which makes taking high angle or low angle photos and videos difficult.

In addition, Nikon doesn’t employ the minimalist philosophy, so there’s a lot more buttons and the menus are pretty clunky as well.

In case you plan on using it for video recording, the D3500 doesn’t have an input for external audio from, say, a recording much as the internal audio is quite decent on its own microphone which may be a turn off for some people.

On the bright side, this camera is one which will do the job for you if you’re someone with serious intention of growing your photography career and investing more time into it.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to use.



  • Fixed screen which makes shooting photos and videos at high and low angles difficult
  • Lack of an audio jack for connecting a microphone when recording.
  • Many buttons and pretty clunky menus.


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3. SONY A6100

The Sony A6100 is an impressive camera as well. The A6100 has much color rendering than the last models with more natural color and skin tones.

It also handles low light better with less noise visible across the entire ISO range. When it comes to speed and auto focus, the A6100 is untouchable among entry-level cameras.

You can not only shoot at 11 frames per second but also do that with continuous autofocus enabled. This is important when taking photos of cars, sports or pets in motion.

You can also track a subject using the touch screen, as well as faces and be sure that they will remain in focus.

This will work flawlessly making this camera one of the most technologically advanced camera on the market.

Sony’s 24MP sensor and 14 bit RAW codec also give more editing options should you over or under expose a shot. The A6100 is a big step-up over the last model when it comes to videos.

You can capture 4K for up to 30 frames per second capture with a full pixel readout plus full HD at 120 frames per send for buttery smooth five times slow motion meaning the video will be really sharp.

The A6100 does have a microphone input but unfortunately if you choose to use a hot shoe microphone, it will block the screen.

In addition, the body is small and compact with a complex menu system which is hard and tiresome to learn how to use making it easier to use by professionals and the kind of people who like to read pages and pages because they want to be able to go in and tweak every little thing about their camera.

I recommend this camera for someone who is an early professional or someone who is really passionate about shooting photos and videos.



  • This camera is a beast in low light up to 20,000 ISO, producing high quality photos and videos.
  • It has the best 4k you can get right now for its price.
  • It has an amazing auto focus which is both speedy and responsive.



  • Its menu system is so cumbersome to toggle and learn as well.
  • The screen is upward articulating and when a microphone is mounted on the camera, it will be blocked by that microphone.

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4. SONY ZV-E10

Built perfectly to suit any beginner, the Sony ZV-E10 is not only arguably the best beginner camera for video but also the best budget camera on the market right now.

In terms of specifications such as frame rate, sensor design and autofocus, this camera is very similar to the Sony A1600 but what’s different about it is its physical design and ergonomics.

The ZV-E10 is designed for vloggers and content creators. It has a side articulating screen which makes vlogging a whole lot better and easier and its built-in microphone is so robust that it is almost as good as an external shotgun microphone.

It also has fewer buttons, with one button that switches between photo mode and slow motion mode instead of a mode dial as well as a large record button which is easier to use compared to the previous smaller button on earlier versions.

The ZV-E10 has added to it a USB type-c. This will charge your batteries way faster and allow you transfer your photos and videos much faster.

It also has a digital shallow depth of field button similar to that of iPhone or android phones but even better and this will make a huge difference to your videos overall.

This camera is surely not only my recommendation for best beginner video camera but also my recommendation for the most robust and affordable camera.



  • Best budget camera on the market for its quality.
  • Pretty easy to use.
  • Fantastic ergonomics.



  • It is flimsy and doesn’t have a robust grip.
  • Its battery life is so short as well so you will need lots of spare batteries.


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5. CANON M50

The Canon M50 is one of the best start-out YouTube and Vlogging cameras out on the market. It combines all top features you would love about canon cameras and the T7.

Furthermore, it goes on to add many of the new modern features available technology-wise and design-wise which many photographers felt were missing.

Just like the T7, the M50 is light, compact and extremely easy to use. Its ergonomics are great and it also has a side articulating screen, which is a really good feature that will allow you to take photos and videos at high or low angles with ease.

The canon M50 has a 24MP APS-C size sensor which will give you awesome results.

In addition, it will allow you to take photos at 10 frames per second with continuous autofocus which is pretty impressive considering the price point of this camera.

When recording videos, the M50 does full HD up to 60 frames per second and 120 frames per second at 720p with four times slow motion which is good to have.

The M50 also has the ability to add a speed booster, a device which gives you the ability to not only use professional L-series lenses on this camera but it also expands the field of view to close to a full frame size, a professional sensor size, rather than an the APS-C size sensor, the standard size sensor on the camera.

This will allow you upgrade this camera with just about $200 down the line rather than buy a new camera altogether.

This camera does have 4K although it isn’t ideal. When you switch over to 4K mode, you will end up having a 1.7 times sensor crop preventing you from filming your face and environment at the same time when vlogging.



  • The auto focus on this camera is amazing and does a great job in tracking faces and objects in real time.
  • It is cheap and falls within the budget category.
  • It is light in weight and really simple to learn.



  • No cinema profile or flat profile.
  • Its battery life isn’t so good and will require you buying a couple spare batteries in case you’re doing long gigs with it.


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6. NIKON Z50

With similar specs as the Sony A1600, the Nikon Z50 is the best casual camera you can get. It is super easy to use and the user experience is wonderful as well.

It has a 20 megapixel sensor, 4k video 30 frames per second and full HD up to 120 frames per second.

The noticeable difference though is the design and autofocus. The Nikon Z50 isn’t at fast when it comes to autofocus and it’s definitely not AI powered but it does do a good job.

In regards to design, the ergonomics and design are fantastic, with every button exactly where you would want them to be and multiple dials for shutter and aperture, something you don’t normally see on a mirrorless camera.

The downside to this camera though is while it does have a flip-up screen, it unfortunately flips down to the bottom of the camera and while in this position, you cannot mount the camera to a tripod.



  • Easy handling and simple to use.
  • Light weight and easy to carry.
  • Fantastic design and ergonomics.



  • Cannot munt it on a tripod when the screen is flipped downwards.


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