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In this article we shall look at a review of Audible basing on my personal experience as well as the experiences of many Reddit users on the internet.

A lot of people love reading books. The busy schedules make it hard to enjoy some free time with a book. An audio book is the easiest alternative.

When you go online, you shall come across several websites that sell audio books and Audible is one of them. Audible is one of the best audio book streaming service on the internet.

It has been around for over 27 years. The time in the industry has enabled it to grow as an audio book platform. As I mentioned earlier, in this article, we shall cover Audible and how Reddit viewers think of the platform.


What is audible?

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service that allows users to purchase stream audiobooks and any other spoken word content. The company was founded by Don Katz in 1995.

It is currently a subsidiary of Amazon headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, United States. It can be accessed using Fire OS, Android, IOS, MacOS, windows and web browser.

This means that it can be accessed using the web or with a downloadable application.


Audible features

The main category of products sold on the platform include:

  • Audible originals. This product covers all of the books written originally by writers. You get access to exclusives that can only be found on Audible.


  • Audio books. These are books that have been read out loud and recorded for people to listen. Each book has a different price and can easily be redeemed by using a credit or purchasing a subscription package.


  • Audible podcasts. This allows you to connect with your favorite online radio personalities. They cover most of the podcasts available on the internet and you can subscribe to listen to them online. You can also download and listen to them offline.


  • Audible sleep. This product brings you unparalleled access to audio tracks that make it easy for you to sleep.


  • Audible Latino. Audible designed this version of the platform to cater for the Latino speakers. You can get access to all the other products in the Latino language.


How does audible work?

The categories available on the platform include:

  • Arts and entertainment
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Business and careers
  • Children’s audio books
  • Computers and technology
  • Education and learning
  • Erotica
  • Health and wellness
  • History
  • Home and garden
  • LGBTQ+
  • Literature and fiction
  • Money and finance
  • Mystery, thriller and suspense
  • Politics and social sciences
  • Relationships, parenting and personal development
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Romance
  • Science and engineering
  • Science fiction and fantasy
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Teen and young adult
  • Travel and tourism

You can start using the platform by following these steps:

1. Create an account.

Audible is an associate of Amazon. Therefore, you create the account on the Amazon platform. You have to enter your name and a valid email address.

You shall receive a one-time password to confirm your email.

When you enter this, you have officially confirmed your email thus completing the account sign up process.

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2. Purchase a subscription.

When you log in to your account, you shall realize that there are audio books that are free. When you select an audio book, it will only become available after you enter your credit card information.

You can also enjoy the products by purchasing a subscription suitable for you.

You can view them by checking out the plans and pricing section on your account.

For more information, you can make contact with Audible’s customer support.


3. Start browsing and using products.

After purchasing a suitable subscription plan, you can start browsing through the various categories of products available.

You can visit the website’s catalog by visiting You can also check out the products by exploring authors in genres.


How much does it cost to use audible?

Mega PLR Mega Bundle
Mega PLR Mega Bundle

For its numerous products, the platform has different subscription packages that suit your needs. The packages include:

a) Audible plus

This plan costs you $8.50 per month. You can start with the free trial to see how it works and then you can proceed to the monthly payments.

You get access to an unlimited selection of originals, audio books, sleep tracks, meditation programs and podcasts.

The basics of the plan are:

  • Listen or access anything with the included tag.
  • Stream instantly from the app.
  • Listen offline by saving titles to your library.
  • Follow podcasts and stay up to date with your favorite speakers.


b) Audible Premium Plus

This is the advanced plan available on Audible. It costs you $14.95 per month. You get access to everything offered by Audible plus along with 1 title per month from an extended selection of bestsellers and new releases.

This title is downloadable and yours to keep even if you cancel your subscription.

The basics are:

  • Get 1 credit per month for any title you like.
  • Titles added to your library with a credit are yours to keep.
  • Monthly credits can be rolled over for a year.
  • Stream anything from the plus catalog with the included tag.

The audible premium plus plan has the option of annual purchases.

It is split up into three categories.

They include:

  • Audible premium plus with 2 credits. The plan costs you $22.95 per month for the extra credit.
  • Audible premium plus annual with 12 credits. The plan is paid for annually at a cost of $149.50 per year. The 12 credits can be used for a year to get access to any premium selection titles.
  • Audible premium plus annual with 24 credits. The plan costs $229.50 per year. You get an extra 24 credits a year for any premium selection titles.

The free trial membership is available for both plans and you are required to pay the monthly charge as soon as it ends.

Credits are used to purchase any audio book or audio selection in the catalog regardless of its retail price. They can only be eligible for a year from the time of purchase.

You can also gift an Audible membership. You do not even have to be a member to gift someone an audio book.

The gift memberships include:

  • One-month subscription plan. It costs you $15. It comes with Audible plus catalog and 1 credit.
  • Three-month subscription plan. The plan costs $45. It comes with 3 credits and the Audible plus catalog
  • Six-month subscription plan. The plan costs $90. It comes with the Audible plus catalog and 6 credits.
  • 12-month subscription plan. This plan costs you $150. It comes with the Audible plus catalog and 12 credits.

For Amazon Prime members, you can get 2 premium selection titles with a 30-day Audible premium plus trial. All plans can be cancelled at any time.

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Amazon Associates Program.

As a subsidiary of Amazon, Audible uses the Amazon associates program for its affiliate activities.

Using Amazon associates program, you can refer your site visitors directly to Amazon so that they can conveniently and securely purchase the Audible products and memberships that you advertise on your site.

You are eligible to advertise the following products and services:

a) Audible gold digital membership.

Some of the product’s features include:

  • An audio book per month for $14.95 per month
  • 30% off the price of additional audio book purchases
  • Retain the books bought even when their subscriptions are canceled.


b) Audible audio book.

This is the main product of Audible. It is a recording of a book or other work being read out loud.

The affiliate program covers the purchase of an audio book on including purchases made using Audible membership credits.


c) Audible free trial digital membership

This product is the first product available to all users of the platform.

It is normally used to check out how Audible works.

The features include:

  • An audio book per month for $14.95 per month
  • 2 free audio books to start.
  • 30% off the price of additional audio book purchases
  • Retain the books bought even when their subscriptions are canceled.


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d) A La Carte sale

This refers to audio purchased at retail prices as opposed to credits or a membership plan.

For every sale made, you earn $0.50. They are also paid for new and returning A La Carte customer.


How Amazon does associates program work?

  1. Advertise. After setting up your account with the platform, you can start promoting Audible through Amazon associates. You shall have access to the necessary promotional material do display on your website.


  1. Drive traffic. With the promotional material, you can drive traffic to using Audible links, banners, and product images among other tools.


  1. Earn. For every purchase or membership sign up that you refer, you earn a fixed advertising fee. The standard fee structure includes Audible Gold digital membership for $10, Audible free trial digital membership for $5.00 plus Audible audio book for $0.5 per sale made.


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Audible creator program

The program allows you to make money with free offers for your listeners. The platform allows you to generate $15 for each trial membership.

The 30-day trial membership is free to all with payments starting after the trial ends.

With your account, you have a dashboard from which Audible tracks your hits (on your behalf).

The best thing about this program is that the product you are selling is free.

The money earned from program is cashed out at the end of every month once you reach the $30 threshold.


How does the program work?

You can earn using the program by following these steps:

  • Sign up with the platform. You can only be eligible for the program after you create an account with the platform. You are also required to submit an application for the creator program. When you accepted, you shall receive a confirmation email from


  • Promote a 30-day free trial of Audible. With your account verified, you are provided with your own promotional material. They can include banners, customizable widgets, custom URL links and product images. This is the material you have to promote to your viewers so that they can use the Audible free trial. You can also include the free audio book in the advert.


  • Earn money. For every free trial registered using your custom URL link, you earn $15. The good thing is the trial does not have to be completed for you to earn your money. So long as they register using your custom URL link, the trial can be as short as 1 day, 15 days or even 20 days. You still get paid nevertheless.


You are encouraged to be creative when running your adverts by recommending an audio book for your viewers.

Keep in mind that there is always an interesting book for each individual out there.

There are various genres that can be matched to your viewers or listeners.

For any help with the program, you can send an email to [email protected]


Pros of Audible

The benefits of the platform have been pointed out by various users on the internet.

They include:

  • Access to all audio books in the “included” library. Every subscription you purchase gives you exclusive access to all audio books tagged as “included” in the library. You can browse various categories to find these audio books.


  • You can buy summaries. You have the chance to purchase summaries of a book. Audible gives you previews of a novel. Along with the previews, you can get a summary of the entire book so you won’t have to listen to the entire audio book.


  • Great selection of books. You get access to great categories of books ranging from art and literature to history. You can also search for books by the name of the authors. That way you get all the books from your favorite writer. You also get access to original stories that have not been released anywhere else.


  • Free trial. Before you start using any subscription, you are entitled to a free trial for 30 days. This gives you ample time to get used to the particular package before you actually make a selection. You can cancel any time before the 30 days elapse. Otherwise, you shall be automatically billed once the trial period ends.


  • They have a great application. You can also get access to the platform using a mobile application downloadable on to your tab or mobile phone. It also has the same awesome features including integrations with Siri and Alexa, narration speed control, Amazon kindle, Mega boom and Amazon fire TV. This improves user friendliness of the platform.


  • 30% discount on any audio book so long as you keep the subscription. This discount applies after you buy a subscription. You can get 30% of the audio book’s original price slashed. The discount is enjoyed on all audio books regardless of how expensive they are.


  • Affordable streaming service. The platform bundles up its products to provide you with a lot of value at a small price. With the memberships, you can listen to all the podcasts available. Even when you end your subscription, you can still listen to a few podcasts for free.


  • Better sleep. There is a section on the website dedicated to help the insomniacs. It is equipped with audio books that will help you overcome your sleeping disorders. You also get access to podcasts that are entirely dedicated to helping you overcome the disorder.


  • Retain some of the books. With a credit, you can purchase an audio book for free. The credits are priced according to the subscription you signed up for. However, all packages come equipped with credits to help you purchase any book despite the relative price of the credit to that of the book. Goes without saying that you retain all books purchased using a credit. Even when the membership is terminated, you have can keep them.


  • Great customer support. You can contact the customer care center by email to address issues like subscriptions, refunds, and all you need to know about the platform. Getting accustomed to the platform is the ultimate goal.


Cons of audible

According to various customers on Reddit, there are a few issues that they do not appreciate about the platform.

They include:

  • Not all audio books are available. You only have unlimited access to audio books tagged “included” in the library. All other audio books have to be purchased using a credit or any other payment system suggested by Amazon. Plus, the library is extensive but it does not cover all book categories.


  • You do not get to keep all the eBooks when you lose subscription. A lot of customers complain about how they cannot retain the audio books in their Audible library when the subscription is ended. This is a bit disappointing since you cannot retain your favorite books and custom built libraries compiled over time.


  • It is only available in Latino and English. A few users would like to have the platform available in languages they are comfortable with.


Audible Reviews from Reddit users.

There are a lot of comments about Audible on Reddit. However, I shall only include screenshots of reviews posted less than a year ago.



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Final Thoughts: Audible Review Reddit – Is it Worth it?

The platform is worth your time. You have all the audio books in the same place. In addition, you have access to podcasts.

All the major subscription services give you exclusive access to an extensive library of free audio books.

The platform can be used on the official Audible website and a mobile application.

The application can be downloaded on the App store and the Play store.

In addition, you have access to exceptional all round support from customer care available to all subscribers 24/7.

The website added Audible for Latino to make the platform easily accessible to Latino speakers. I think that they can keep improving the platform to suit other languages.

All in all, you have great value for money on the platform.

So I hope you found my Audible review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

If you have any questions or concerns at all with this Audible review feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this review of Audible with your friends and family.




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