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Making Sense Of Pennies is a blog I started to help people learn how manage their finances better, make money online through internet marketing and achieve financial freedom.

This blog also covers topics about blogging, making money online, saving money, investing and building wealth.

The digital world is a mysteriously wide space that offers you connections, information, and even a path to earn without leaving your couch.

If you are passionate enough to initiate your online business, I am skilled enough to guide you the right way.

I aim to provide proven tactics and strategies to engrave your digital success at Making Sense of Pennies.


Who Am I?

Making Sense of Pennies is an online learning space where you can get your hands on a plethora of knowledge and information to succeed in the online business field.

I offer proven insights into the science of earning online and warn about the easy pitfalls to avoid.


My Story

The story of Making Sense of Pennies starts with a passionate graduate, Ewayu Bruno, who believes in pure faith and hard work.

I started my blogging journey with a niche blog, but destiny had some other plans for me.



After a heartbreaking failure of my blogging debut, I started working on the factors that caused the failure, and came back strong with a new blogging site Making Sense of Pennies.

By establishing this blog site, I have curated a path to provide digital marketing enthusiasts and online business aspirants with first-hand knowledge to achieve success.


What I Offer

Making Sense of Pennies is a platform that will equip you with important insights about the digital world and provide you with the required tricks and tips to ensure your digital success.

Through my informative and insightful blogs, you can learn how to succeed in the digital space and what mistakes to avoid while doing business online.


Mission Statement

To provide my readers with authentic, latest, and proven information to make their digital mark successfully.


Vision Statement

To transform my blog into a brand that equips the readers with the required knowledge and tools to clinch their digital success with a persistent approach to growth.


My Core Values

Here are some of the core values that guide my path to success;



I am passionate about my job, and this is evident from the results.



I believe in maintaining integrity and fulfilling commitments in all circumstances.



I am a result-driven and goal-oriented person who strives to attain success and excellence.



I believe in leading the world through example and initiating change from within.


What Makes Me Stand Out?

Below I have mentioned some of the features that make me stand out in the competition, providing me a competitive edge.


My Passion

If you love your job, it isn’t your job anymore, which is true in my case.

At Making Sense of Pennies, I believe in providing aspirants with authentic and helpful information to establish their online businesses.

My passion is the driving force that makes me go above and beyond expectations to search for authentic and proven methods for digital success.



I have been in this business for a long time, learning from my mistakes and experiences. Thus, the information I share on my blog is purely based on my experiences (both wins and failures) with my online career.


Spreading Knowledge

Along with acquiring knowledge, it is equally important to share and spread it to better others.

So at Making Sense of Pennies, I am all set to share my experiences, insights, and knowledge with my readers to assist them in their online endeavors and give them the right cushions to survive.


Convenient and Authentic

The blogs I provide on this platform are crafted keeping in mind the audience of all backgrounds and are thus highly convenient and easy to read.

I believe through my blog; you can have the required information without getting tumbled by difficult dictionaries.


So what are you waiting for? The gloriously wide space of the online world is waiting for you to explore and get the right income source without the hassle of leaving your home ever again.

Head straight to the blog section to read highly insightful blogs on online marketing, digital business success, and many more.


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The digital platform offers you the freedom to choose your money stream.

If you are an online earning aspirant, a business, or a blog owner, contact me today and be a part of the Making Sense of Pennies family for a better future.