Awesome 5th Birthday Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Are you looking for 5th birthday gift ideas?

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a 5 year old boy or princess gift ideas for a 5 year old you are at the right place.

At the age of five, kids let their imaginations go wild and are quite active compared to the other ages. There is lots of social play and a lot of motor skills where they use movement plenty.

At this age, most things are basically new, from new interests that are more specific, new milestones to new social needs.

Therefore toys from beforehand may not invoke their curiosity or involvement anymore. As mentioned before, their interests are then more specific since they are starting kindergarten at that age, learning new things including things they love for example art and crafts, sports or music which makes it easier to know what kind of toys they may prefer.

But since kids develop at different degrees, their needs may vary. This article will be diverse enough to cater to all those needs and knickknacks and most important of all, both genders.


5th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

1. A Karaoke Machine

Everyone loves a good sing-fest especially a five year old since at this age, they portray a very impressive sense of rhythm.

There are however factors to consider when purchasing a karaoke machine for kids.

  • Volume control and key featuresfirst off, this feature is crucial to control the volume at which the child listens to due to their sensitive hearing system. Second, you do not want to have your alone time and suddenly have your little one driving you out of your mind being loud.


  • Via Bluetooth karaoke machineskaraoke machines come with inbuilt songs that are more likely to start sounding boring to your kid the more they listen. Make sure to purchase one that can be connected to Bluetooth or an mp3 player for more song options.


  • Is it fun?the whole point of a toy is to have fun with it. Make sure it has features your kid will enjoy working with as she lets out her inner rock star. Features like disco lights to set the ambience and fascinate your kid, different and funny sound effects, pretend play instruments, or a light up keyboard.


  • Additional benefitsfor example if you’re getting a karaoke machine that you can connect to the screen for the display of the lyrics. Your kid will enjoy singing along as she read the lyrics and better yet, improve her reading and speed skills.

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2. Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

The Ballerina Music Jewelry Music Box has a popping ballerina spinning to the swan lake tune. What’s even better, it has kids treasure box with 4 pull out drawers that can be used for storing her tiny secret treasures, a glass mirror and water color art which is however optional on various ballerina music boxes.

They come in different bright colors that you can choose from depending on your child’s favorite color and different styles that would include more drawers if it is bigger for storage of more stuff.

They also come with varied detailed artwork with lovely shades that are an unmistakable artistic treat to the eye.

It can make a beautiful art piece in the little girl’s room as much as it will make the perfect gift for a birthday occasion and a wonderful possession in the little one’s heart.

Trust me, if your five year old is a dance lover or a ballerina, she will go crazy for this one. The tune it self can be loved by anyone.

The ballerina musical jewelry box is bound to be a treasured possession for quite a while.

Other than it’s appealing look, the drawers placed on the back, front and both sides will encourage your little one to be more organized.

There is enough space to arrange her little possessions like notes, charms and other accessories.

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2. Kids Washable Make Up Set

Girls love dolling up stuff including themselves. They will watch you do various stuff and will want to try them out.

For example watching you applying on your make up and I can attest to the bugging they can deliver till you have done the same to their tiny faces.

This kid’s make up kit will take them away from your own make up kit. It is also non-toxic and safer compared to your own due to their sensitive skin.

The make-up will unleash her creative side and cultivate to her imagination while having fun at the same time.

The washable make up kit comes in the prettiest make up bag you will ever see.

The accessories and the cosmetics will be stored up very nicely inside and allow your girl to carry it around without creating a mess.

  • Other than organization and portability, the little bag is designed to look like the mom’s cosmetic kit.
  • The make up uses a water soluble formula that is not irritating to the skin. Adult make up uses a lot of chemicals and it definitely safer to buy your girl one with no preservatives and chemical elements.

Watch her engage herself in the fun role plays and make herself up to the little princess she is.

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3. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

You know anything Disney will get your kid’s attention. This Disney princess dress up trunk has four classic Disney princess outfits: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and Belle.

They are not the only princesses though. Different Disney princess dress up trunks will have other Disney princess.

It all depends on your girl’s favorite princesses.  What’s even better is these Disney princess outfits come with matching accessories that are all royal-like.

The storage trunk alone is enough to catch her attention. It is big enough and versatile with charming royal decorations.

The matching accessories come with additional stickers that allow the five year old girl to customize them.

This 5th birthday gift idea will keep your girl occupied and playing for hours. Especially with her friends.

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4. Fashion Head Bands Kit

The fashion head bands kit is more of a mini craft kit. It houses all the accessories needed to make beautiful head bands, for play and for style such as feathers, rhinestones, ribbons, etc. so your girl will be sure to come up with something unique every time while she portrays an unlimited imagination and creativity.

It will develop their imagination, color coordination, creativity and self-expression whilst having immense fun.

What’s amazing is, the kit is a wonderful kit for sleep overs or a group of friends having fun creating different blings and also promoting a healthy competition.

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5. Kid Craft Princess Table and Stool

You girl will definitely love this vanity set where she can sit and do her make up the way you do too.

It is also perfect for dress up games and role play games.

It will also add to the touch of elegance to your kid’s room that will make her proud of her room and love the little royal space.

As mentioned, it includes a table with a very nice finishing, a stool fit for royalty, storage drawers to store her make up kits and other accessories and a three way mirror depending on the style.

The whole package comes while disassembled requiring you to assemble it from scratch with instructions attached.

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6. The American Girl Doll

Following the stuffed animal popular trait, the girls doll are next in line in being famous among young girls.

Every girl owns or has owned one at some point in their life and that point in life is best marked by five years.

These girl dolls come with accessories or custom and hand made pieces like clothes, hair brush and are made to represent different characters.

The most popular one may have been the Barbie doll but currently, they are everything your girl would want.

She would describe a character and you wouldn’t have a problem finding a girl doll that represented that.

They are extremely customizable, especially the accessories and better yet, they are made to look like an actual human being making girls everywhere treat them like one.

They role play with them, walk around with them and even talk to them.

They have had quite the impact considering that every year, a new American doll is released representing a certain real life character who has had some impact in the world.

I can assure you, your girl will go crazy over a new tiny best friend.

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7. Doll House

A doll house is like a miniature toy house which usually contains dolls and tiny furniture to play with.

It is yet another loved, timeless and popular gift among young girls.

At this age when young girls love to role play so much, a doll house would simply be an amazing gift to them. They vary in different sizes, even your little girl’s size, big enough for her big imagination.

There is enough room to play together with other kids, a bunch of movable objects that can be moved around in different rooms and various furniture and accessories to give your child a chance to arrange and design the house how she wants to.

She can basically do everything she watches you do at her glamorous tiny mansion with her tiny dolls and literally take hours playing with it.

She will most definitely enjoy being the head of a certain house.

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5th Birthday Gifts for Boys

1. A Bicycle

Five years old is literally the best age to get your child a bicycle. A child develops agility and a sense of coordination and balance between the age of 3 and 8, depending on how fast the kid grows.

Most children younger than this do not have the strength to control the hand brakes.

For safety however, purchase a bike with both hand brakes and coaster brakes.

Other factors to consider are:

  • Size getting the right sized bike for your child is key. Your child should be perfectly comfortable and should be able to move the bike with both feet on the ground. Getting on the bike should not be a struggle either as she should be able to mount the bike with one foot tipping on the ground for support and elevation.


  • Coaster brakea coaster brake, also known as a back pedal brake is a braking system that is activated by peddling backwards. They are mostly found in kid bikes since most of them do not have the strength to press the hand brakes with their small hands since they are still developing their coordination skills. Once they show strength and dexterity, hand brakes can be used.


  • Head protectionmake sure you do not forget the helmet when buying a bike for your child and let her fit it to make sure it fits well for comfortability.


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2. Remote Control Toys

These are self powered and the whole point is to control them from afar by usage of a remote that works using radio waves.

Remote controlled (RC toys) are most popular among boys. They could either be cars, planes, trains, control boat, motor trucks, toy drones and so forth.

It also improves their motor and cognitive skills giving them a sense of control.

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3. Light Up Dance Mat

The light up dance mat will help unload your boy’s energy since they can be quite rambunctious. It has corresponding arrows that light up to lead his steps as you it plays his favorite tunes via Bluetooth.

It will help his movements, be fun, aid in exercising and make him fall in love with it.

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4. Stuffed Animal and Plush Toy

Stuffed animals and plushies will always be a classic and timeless gift to kids. They will always be our first friends that taught us love and security.

Most of us, in our later year, still have that special plushie that we probably pass down to our children to give you the same comfort and security they once gave you.

For young girls, stuffed animals like unicorns with bright colors or their favorite colors, is perfect but for young boy, get one with his favorite color or representing his favorite cartoon character.

He will love it! Teddy bears are the famous stuffed animal gift and cuddle buddies for most.

Kids get easily attached to plush animals that they end up having a sentimental value on top of their warmth and softness.

Some stuffed animals come with an in built singing machine that will talk or sing to your little one when pressed.

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5. Long-Range Walkie Talkies

Now, a combination of this gift to your young boy and his best friend, will have him going nuts.

They can literally communicate even when each is in their respective homes and have role plays as spies or talk and about anything and everything.

It has a control lock that you can use to control when he uses it and who he is talking to.

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6. A T-rex

Not just a T-rex toy but also one that can roar, and move and be controlled. Young boys take time to outgrow their T-rex or rather their dinosaur phase and if he is in it, make sure to get a bunch of dinosaur action figures to play with.

It will mainly be the best gift for your boy if he loves dinosaurs.

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7. LEGOs

LEGOs build a concentration span and give your kid something that will get his brain thinking.

The company LEGOs has action figures and the best part, Lego sets that you put on each other till you have built something.

They do not require glue or anything to hold them together which has made them pretty popular in the toy world.

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8. Children Writing Desk

At five years, your little boy is starting kindergarten and something he will love and encourage him to study more often can not be such a bad thing.

There is nothing he will love more than his little workspace. This children writing desk is adjustable to match his height, lamps and storage spaces to keep his school and home possessions.

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9. Art and Krafts library

It is as educative as it is fun considering that they learn it as a subject in school. If you want to start a whole crafting center for your child, this is the best place to start as it has everything you need to get creative.

This library has over 1000 pieces that will spark his imagination and keep him from that device.

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Conclusion: 5th Birthday Gift Ideas

In summary, get your five year old child toys that complement their new age and their new curiosities with the help of this article.

It is easy to spark the curiosity of a five year old and are particularly appreciative so it is not necessary for you to spend so much money on a gift.

Some of the gifts mentioned on this list are not specific to the gender of your kid. Most of the gifts can be enjoyed by both genders e.g. a bicycle or a karaoke machine since they all can show singing prowess from an early age and it something they both can enjoy immensely too.

As long as it keeps your child engaged, excited and safe, it is perfect for him or her.

Make sure your child is engaged more physically and mentally at this age since they tend to more influenced by screen time.

I hope you found this blog post on the best gifts for 5 year olds helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What gift will you be getting your 5 year old child?

Is there any 5th birthday gift idea you would like added to this list?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share these 5th birthday gift ideas with your friends and family.

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