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Who Owns Safaricom?

Who Owns Safaricom?

Safaricom PLC is a Kenyan mobile network operator with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. It is currently the largest telecommunications company in Kenya. It offers a wide range of services…

who owns fanta

Who Owns Fanta?

Fanta is an orange soda drink available for sale worldwide. It was created in Deutschland(Germany) in 1940. It was created by the German based coca cola bottling company. It was…

How Much to Tip Valet

How Much to Tip Valet

Tipping is universally known for appreciating or showing gratitude for the other person’s service. It encourages them to keep offering quality services and sometimes gives preferential treatment for a good…

best online shopping sites

13 Best Online Shopping Sites

What are the best online shopping websites in the world? Online shopping is a quick convenient way to buy almost any product you could possibly imagine. While there are some…

who owns nike

Who Owns Nike?

Nike, Inc. is an American multinational company that is involved in the design, development, manufacture and worldwide marketing of sports apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Its products are available worldwide….

Who Owns YouTube

Who Owns YouTube?

Are you wondering who owns YouTube? Continue reading to find out.   Brief History of YouTube. YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform with its headquarters in San Bruno, California….

Who Owns Coca-Cola

Who Owns Coca-Cola?

The Coca-Cola drink is a famous drink worldwide. It is that soda that most enjoy because it has an amazing taste that lingers. It is available worldwide so I bet…

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